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You know, I thought about why people jump all over Hydra Cap and fist pump Injustice Superman. Sadly the only thing I can think of is Captain America is blonde American while Superman is an alien(both literal and figurative) with dark hair. Sadly, media still loves the white society in peril of the foriegner/other. That’s why when we see Superman portrayed as a villian they go aha see!? Aliens can’t be nice!! While cap is blonde and white so they already have a problem with just the visuals.

omg that’s really a great observation and makes a lot of sense! *0*

i’ve never thought of it like that before but now that you said it…hm…


Maybe my cape doesn’t fly
And bad men win - even good men die
But one small spark can light the whole night
So one small life can fight the good fight

So it’s out officially now. Jason Chu’s official music video for “MARVELS” starring Hudson Yang from “Fresh Off the Boat.”

I heard the video, I knew about the video, but the emotional impact of actually witnessing the words birthed anew on the screen.

Jason and I had once, heh, marveled about the lives we’re living where we get to hang out and work with people who’ve inspired us and we admired. “Heroes into homies,” he laughed. And now, my homie has become one of my heroes. What a powerful message. I’m glad he felt led to share it.

One Direction Preference #54: If You Were a Superhero/Villain Couple

Harry: Hawkeye and Black Widow

Louis: Superman and Lois Lane

Niall: Cyclops and Jean Grey

Liam: Batman and Catwoman

Zayn: The Joker and Harley Quinn