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Feast your eyes on the spectacular Superman suit from Batman Vs Superman. With Henry Cavill impressively filling out the suit after a year of hardcore bodybuilding, Superman never looked this good.

Update on Superman's Suit from Batman v Superman

New updates on Batman v Superman film! The costumer designer, Michaeil Wilkinson was on Brazil’s CCXP talking about the suits he has designed for the movie… in particular, Superman’s suit that will be used when Superman flies. The director, Zack Synder wanted the suit to be influenced by the quote, “Where we had thought to stand alone, we will be with all the world.” by mythologist Joseph…

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La mejor foto que he visto del disfraz, por fin de frente y con la capa puesta… que por cierto me gusta mucho como sale a los lados del cuello, se ve muy bien… ahora a esperar a ver un teaser/trailer para verlo en movimiento.

Nota: Ojala y las escenas de “vuelo” sean mucho mejores que en Superman Returns… prefiero la pantalla verde de Reeve que los CGIs que usaron con Routh.

George Reeves was the first man to play Superman on screen, he was one of the most popular actors to play Superman and it just might be because of his mysteries death rather than his acting abilities.

One of the facts about George that a lot of people get wrong is they think he’s his Superman successor Christopher Reeve’s father or at least a brother but truth be told they didn’t even know each other.

When George Reeves played the man of steel in the 1950’s, He wears the typical superman suit; red cap, yellow belt, symbol on the chest. The main color is a quite pale blue.

Something Odd Today

So next to the anime/comics convention I was at today there was a park where most cosplayers went to take photos. I went there with my friends and on the way back we were approached by a guy wearing a baggy superman costume and a bunch other men- they asked us what was happening, why there were so many costumed people and was going on with the music and all.

We explained it was comic book and japanese animation event going on and the people in outfits were cosplaying fictional characters. They seemed surprised but thanked us and complimented our cosplays.

Five seconds after we left it dawned on me- If those guys weren’t related to the event and didn’t know what was happening… Why was one of them casually strolling around in a superman suit?!