superman sign

The Signs as Superheroes
  • ARIES: Wonder Woman
  • TAURUS: Captain America
  • GEMINI: The Flash
  • CANCER: Green Lantern
  • LEO: The Incredible Hulk
  • VIRGO: Spiderman
  • LIBRA: Wolverine
  • SCORPIO: Ironman
  • SAGITTARIUS: Superman
  • CAPRICORN: Batman
  • AQUARIUS: Cat Woman
  • PISCES: Elektra
Signs as.... uhm.... comic book stuff
  • Aries: Hal Jordan's failed relationship
  • Taurus: Bruce Wayne's fear of bats
  • Gemini: Hulk's nipples
  • Cancer: Damian Wayne's pet cow
  • Leo: Aquaman's severed hand
  • Virgo: Ultraman's kryptonite addiction
  • Libra: Dex-starr's hair ball
  • Scorpio: Roy Harper's drug addiction
  • Sagtitstarius: Alfred Pennyworth's paycheck
  • Capricorn: Peter Parker's tears
  • Aquarius: Arkillo and Saint Walker's implied bromance
  • Pisces: John Constantine's punk band
The Signs as Justice League

Aries: Green Arrow

Taurus: The Flash

Gemini: Captain Marvel

Cancer: Wonder Woman

Leo: Red Tornado

Virgo: Elongated Man

Libra: Superman

Scorpio: Batman

Sagittarius: Cyborg

Capricorn: Green Lantern

Aquarius: Martian Manhunter

Pisces: Aquaman


the signs’ superpowers

SAGITTARIUS;  Fire Transmutation - Power to transform matter into fire.  

LEO; Memory Manipulation - The power to control memories.

ARIES; Regenerative Healing Factor - The ability to heal rapidly from any physical injury.

CAPRICORN; Ergokinetic Cloning - The power to create duplicates of oneself out of pure energy.

TAURUS; Earth Infusion - The power to infuse earth into objects (usually a weapon), beings or powers.

VIRGO; Technology Manipulation -The ability to manipulate electronics and machinery.

PISCES; Enhanced Jump - The power to achieve great rocket-like jumps, while having hassle-free landings.

SCORPIO; Water Generation- The power to generate water.

CANCER; Emotion Manipulation - The ability to manipulate emotions.

LIBRA;  Super Speed - the ability to run at a high speed.

AQUARIUS; Air Generation - The power to generate air.

GEMINI; Persuasion - The power to control people with your voice.
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the signs as super powers

aries- superhuman strength
taurus- telepathy
gemini- flying
cancer- communicate with animals
leo- teleportation
virgo- telekinesis
libra- invisibility
scorpio- time travel
sagittarius- astral projection
capricorn- future vision
aquarius- elasticity
pisces- shape shifting
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Okay last one for the night.

At one point or another, Danielle gets hurt while Superman’s around. Bank robbery, mugging, whatever, she gets hurt before Superman can stop it. When it’s all settled, Superman tries to get her to the hospital. She objects, but he insists she needs to get looked at. They go back and forth a couple of times, and Superman is about to pick her up and take her to a hospital whether she wants to go or not, and Elle just starts sobbing. It’s not from pain or frustration, but from fear. Usually people reserve that kind of crying for before he shows up.

Finally, Superman gets at eye level with her, trying to figure out why Elle is so panicked. She’s babbling about experiments and him finding her and dissection. That’s the moment when Superman realizes his daughter isn’t human, but her injuries are bad and she needs a doctor now.

He doesn’t really have a choice in taking her to the hospital, but he promises to stay by her side the entire time, as long as she needs him. She still fights in the emergency room, screaming and crying and trying to get away but too weak to transform. The doctors try to tie her wrists to the gurney and operate there, but she tears through the leather. Superman has to hold her down long enough to get anesthetic, and now he’s close to tears too because his little girl is in pain and scared and he’s part of the cause.

The doctors manage to convince Superman to at least put scrubs and gloves on over the suit, but he will not leave her side. He tells them an obviously fake name for her, and one by one, her doctors realize they’re treating Superman’s daughter (even though they think she’s his biologically, not through adoption).

The entire floor is cleared in fifteen minutes, and Superman stays by Elle’s side even after the doctors have finished operating and gotten her into a room in the pediatric ICU. He hasn’t been this angry and sad and scared in a long time. He hasn’t felt this helpless in a long time. At one point, a nurse comes in to check Elle’s vital signs, and Superman bursts into tears when they come up low. It’s the first time anyone’s seen Superman cry.

Naturally, it leaks to the press that Superman has a daughter and she’s in the hospital, and Lois and Richard know it’s Elle but can’t get in to see her, which makes the whole situation even worse. It takes three hours for Clark to finally call them and tell them that Elle will live, but it was touch-and-go for a while.

Elle wakes up crying again, afraid and in pain, but at least she’s got her Pa there with her.

The signs as DC characters
  • Aries: Wonder Woman
  • Taurus: Black Canary
  • Gemini: Harley Quinn
  • Cancer: Superman
  • Leo: Catwoman
  • Virgo: Cyborg
  • Libra: Poison Ivy
  • Scorpio: Raven
  • Sagittarius: The Joker
  • Capricorn: Batman
  • Aquarius: Starfire
  • Pisces: Aquaman (see what I did there hehe)