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“You led us here, Kal. And now, it’s within your power to save what remains of your race. So that Krypton can live again…on Earth” - Man of Steel (2013)

“I’m not the God of war, Diana. I’m the God of truth. Mankind stole this world from us. They ruined it, day by day. When you first arrived, I was going to crush you. But I knew that if only you could see what the other gods could not… - Wonder Woman (2017)

DCEU and the common message so far

MoS: Humanity is worth saving and should be able to live out their life. Krypton had their chance and now it’s time to let humans have theirs.

BvS: There’s still light in the world. Through all the hate and crime, there are still people out there trying to do the right thing and in times of need we rally together. (Bruce Wayne’s restored faith in humanity after being inspired by Superman’s sacrifice.)

WW: Humanity isn’t perfect but they are capable of great things and should be able to forge their own path.

Not that hard of a concept to grasp.


↳ [5/15] Clark Kent  You will give the people of Earth an ideal to strive towards. They will race behind you, they will stumble, they will fall. But in time, they will join you in the sun, Kal. In time, you will help them accomplish wonders.

Man of Steel changed the way I look at movies, not just superhero movies, but movies in general. It gave me the Superman I’d wanted to see since childhood. A Superman that I not only related to, but could really look up to. He wasn’t just a grinning boy scout with little character depth, he was a Superman.
In a movie that had heart and soul. A movie with pain and love, dark and light. A villain that really felt scary and I couldn’t predict how it was going to end.

And it gave me hope. Not just in my personal life, as I’ve discussed before, but it gave me hope in art. Movies as art. Superhero movies didn’t need to be high-saturated, popcorn movies with nice, neat, closed plots. They could be big, epic, meaningful artistic narratives! Something that reflected how important the mythology of superheroes is to the fans.

And then Batman V Superman came out and enriched everything that Man of Steel established. It built on the foundations and not only gave us a universe where Batman and Wonder Woman can fight alongside Superman, but it gave us some understanding of WHY these heroes do what they do and why they are teaming up. We saw Wonder Woman get slowly dragged back into heroism, and we knew why. She didn’t just suddenly, inexplicably drop out of nowhere onto the roof of a jet and start beating up another hero with absolutely no explanation. She hesitated, she fought her instincts and tried to be impartial, but the hero in her wouldn’t let her. And let’s not get into the extraordinary depth of character and development of Batman in this movie. Because that’s an essay into itself.
And then we saw the sacrifice of the hero who started all this. Whose sacrifice inspired these weathered, wary heroes into action again.
What a beautiful way to end a movie but start another! The dovetailing of this writing is genius.

After this we got Suicide Squad. A bit of a frantic, hectic, off-kilter movie about villains. It did a lot for world building, but most importantly it showed us what kind of people our heroes have faced before, and will face again. It showed us how strong and capable the villains can be, and this added so much to this universe that it is an invaluable movie.

Now, we have Wonder Woman! Adding more exposition to Diana’s motives in the modern day, this beautifully layered movie provided us with the first Wonder Woman movie, and yet but another incredible chapter to the DCEU. Never losing track of the themes and ideals of the shared universe, but maintaining its own unique voice, this movie delivered the finest superhero origin movie to date. While I still personally feel that it shares the stage with Man of Steel in terms of quality, it stands out on its own merits, because it is the first Wonder Woman movie, the first Wonder Woman origin story on the big screen and the first time a superhero movie has had such widespread, universal appeal.
It still considered the sense of realism established in the previous movies, showing the reality of war, a hero that will put the needs of others above her own and it kept a sense of doubt and confusion in the face of responsibility.

These movies have all been amazing in their own ways, and stand out as their own entities whilst keeping the universe cohesive. No other franchise has done this yet.

And it’s far from over.

This November, we get to see another huge milestone as Justice League hits the big screen. And I for one can not wait to see how this builds on what we’ve seen so far, and what will be built upon it.

It is a phenomenal time to be a DC fan, but it’s also a great time to be a movie fan and a superhero fan, too.

Bring it on.

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Part one.

A/N: I hope you like it :) Ya know, Clark deserves more attention and kisses and cuddles and fluff. 


“In the living room!” You shouted back, looking over your shoulder when Clark walked into the room. Immediately, you noticed he didn’t look well. “Hey, Clark… you look anxious? Did something happen at work?”

He let out a deep sigh. “No, everything is fine. But, I have to talk to you.” 

Your heart made a jump. “Now, you’re making me anxious.” 

Clark sat down beside you on the couch, but left some space between you. “Don’t worry, it’s just something I need to tell you. It’s important. It’s important that you let me explain first, before you get angry at me.” For a brief moment the thought crossed your mind that he had cheated on you. You shook it off, Clark was not the type to do something like that. “You know h-how I’m sometimes away? At night or sometimes for days, i-it’s because-” 

“You’re Superman.” You bit down on your bottom lip,supressing a smile.

“What- How- When-”

“On my first day at work, when you took off your glasses to clean them. I swear, it was so obvious, but no one seemed to notice you.” You shrugged your shoulders. It was no big deal to you. At first it had been weird talking to Superman but then you realized he was just a normal guy. A normal guy who had super powers and a normal guy who had asked you out after two month of flirting around with you. 

“Why didn’t you tell me? Why didn’t you tell anyone? You could’ve had your page-one-story…”

“Oh hun, it was your secret and I’m not cruel.” You cocked your head. “And I like you, like really, really like you, if you haven’t noticed.” 

“And you were never afraid?” 

“Of what? Your cuddles and your kisses?” You snorted. “Clark, you always were such a sweet guy, I’ve never doubted you.” Scooting over to him, you took his hand in yours. “And now come, cuddle with me. I need attention.” 

He opened his arms with a big smile and you cuddled up against him, burrying your face into his neck. 

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“You just have to decide what kind of a man you want to grow up to be, Clark; because whoever that man is, good character or bad, he’s… He’s gonna change the world.”

Man of Steel (2013) dir. Zack Snyder


“The city battle scenes in it (Birdy the Mighty) are so good, they have a huge impact. Also, because in Man Of Steel the fighting is mostly one-on-one hand-to-hand stuff, rather than in, say, The Avengers where they’re fighting a huge force, the movie’s much more like the fantastic style of anime than other movies.”

- Zack Snyder

Man of Steel - Birdy the Mighty fight scene comparison

Misc. BVS thoughts bc it’s been a year and a half and I’m not over it:

  • “A man like that? Words don’t stop him.” vs. Bruce being stopped dead in his tracks by just one word: Martha.
  • IDK why we were surprised Snyder & co. made Martha Wayne so significant after they also gave Lara a much bigger role in MoS than she usually gets.
  • Lex, Bruce, and Clark are all struggling with feelings of powerlessness. (”That’s how it starts…”) Lex has already been turned cruel by it. Bruce is heading that way, but repents. Only Clark does not give in.
  • Senator Finch is the voice of reason. Her death is the point in the narrative where rational discourse breaks down and passions take full charge. She also wears almost exclusively white and other light colors.
  • The dirt rising in the grave at the very end reprises Bruce rising in his dream at the beginning, only now we know that what falls is not fallen. It’s no longer a “beautiful lie”, but a sign of hope. Men are still good. Superman will fly again.
  • Also notice how effectively Bruce saying that being brought to the light is a “beautiful lie” tells us that he’s starting off the movie with no hope at all.
  • Lex and Clark are haunted by their deceased fathers in opposite ways. Clark misses his father and longs for his guidance. Lex resents his father and seeks vicarious vengeance on him. Ultimately, each is still acting very much under his father’s influence, Clark for good and Lex for evil.
  • Everything really comes back to children losing parents and parents losing children. Clark and Jonathan. Bruce and Thomas and Martha. Lex and his father (who was “lost” to him long before he died). Bruce and the dead Robin. The little girl whose mother died in Metropolis. The little boy whose father was killed in prison. Clark’s fear of losing his mother, and Martha burying her son. Even the woman who testifies before the senate tells a (false) tale of having lost her parents.