superman joe brooks



Pairing: Liam x Reader

Summary: Hey love, can I request a Liam Dunbar imagine based on the song Superman by Joe Brooks?? Have a great day 😊

Side Note: Sorry this took so long to do and sorry that it’s short! Hope you like it. And it’s from Liam’s POV, it just made it easier to write x

There are no words, to paint a picture of you, girl. Your eyes and those curves, It’s like you’re from some other world.

She was my best friend that’s all we would ever be, but I always hoped for more. Y/N and I had been friends longer than me and Mason, she knew everything about me and vice versa. We were currently in the library and my eyes would not stop staring at her.

“Hello, earth to Liam” she waved her hand in front of me, immediately getting me to snap out of my gaze.

“I sorry I just zoned out, did you say something?” I asked her completely getting lost in her eyes.

“I asked if you had a spare pen, mine suddenly decided to run out on me”.

I quickly went through my bag and found a pen, handing it to her she happily took it before smiling at me. As she went back to her work, I was memorized with how she bite her lip when concentrating really hard, or how she smiled whenever something was working out right. Everything about her was perfect, if only she knew that I wanted to be more than friends.

If I could be your superman, I’d fly you to the stars, and back again. ‘Cause every time you touch my hand, and you feel my powers, running through your veins.

We finished up at the library and each went back to our lockers.

“Is everything okay with you Liam. You seem distracted today” she asked as she was placing her books in her bag.

“Yeah I’ve just had a lot on my mind” I replied, which wasn’t a complete lie.
She closed her locker and lightly grabbed my hand, “You can talk to me, you know that right?”

As cliche as it sounds electricity run through my whole body as soon as her hand came in contact with mine. “I know Y/N, everything’s fine”.

She seemed to buy that excuse and let her hand go from mine, disappointed rushed over me and all I wanted was to be her superman. In any shape or form, I wanted her to look at me like I was the only guy that mattered.

No it ain’t no lie, I have to tell you how I feel. But each time that I try, It gets a little more unreal. You say my name, oh, God, I can’t stop shaking.

She drove me home and the entire ride I was trying to come up with ways to tell her how I feel, which was pretty difficult considering she was sitting right next to me. We paused at the front of my house, and that’s when nerves kicked in.

“Liam?” she called out my name and I couldn’t stop shaking. Putting my hands in my jacket pocket I kept my eyes in front of me. “Liam?” she said once more.

“Sorry I zoned out” I said.

“You’ve been zoning out quite a bit lately, are you sure everything is okay?”.

Facing towards her, our eyes met and I deiced that now wasn’t the best time to let my feelings out. So instead I said, “I’m fine..thanks for the ride Y/N. See you tomorrow”. I quickly got out of the car and made my way to the front door.

'Cause I’m no superman, I hope you like me as I am.

I looked back and her car wasn’t there anymore, I sighed and mentally kicked myself for screwing things up. I wanted her to notice me as something other than her best friend, I want her to like me. But thinking about that now, was that even possible?

Running my fingers through my hair, I opened the front door and stepped in determined to forget about today’s events…there was always tomorrow to try again.


infallible: a commentarius fanmix for lily evans. for the girl with red hair, who loves rice and is moving to guam, who is afraid of change and afraid to love  [listen]

i. toes - lights // ii. everything has changed ft. ed sheeran - taylor swift // iii. heart attack - demi lovato // iv. addicted to love - alex and sierra // v. movie loves a screen - april smith and the great picture show // vi. bubbly - colbie caillat // vii. please don’t say you love me - gabrielle aplin // viii. i wouldn’t mind - he is we // ix. pompeii - bastille // x. just give me a reason ft. nate ruess - pink // xi. skinny love - orla gartland // xii. november - gabrielle aplin // xiii. don’t forget - demi lovato // xiv. youth - daughter

intolerable: a commentarius fanmix for james potter. for the boy with hazel eyes, who loves lily and is dashingly clever, who is afraid of rejection and afraid of a broken heart. [listen]

i. can’t say no - april smith and the great picture show // ii. get out - casey abrams // iii. ho hey - the lumineers // iv. superman - joe brooks // v. give me love - ed sheeran // vi. tell me again - my name is you // vii. i’m yours - jason mraz //  viii. change of seasons - sweet thing // ix. cold coffee - ed sheeran // x. all about us ft. owl city - he is we // xi. ours - taylor swift // xii. heavy things - memphis high // xiii. ignorance - paramore // xiv. say something - alex and sierra

[art by anxiouspineapples]

A Lownly’s “Like a Drum” fanmix from Jean’s POV

(If Jean were to put his story with Marco (so far) in songs, this is what I think it would be like:)
[listen here]

1.Live your Life||MIKA ~ 2.Love at First Sight||The Brobecks ~ 3.I Will Follow You Into The Dark||Death Cab For Cutie ~ 4.A Walk Through Hell||Say Anything ~ 5.Somewhere in Neverland||All Time Low ~ 6.Alone Together||Fall Out Boy ~ 7.So Much Love||The Rocket Summer ~ 8.Accidentally in Love||Counting Crows ~ 9.Crazy||Struan Shields ~ 10.The Magic Position||Patrick Wolf ~ 11.Superman||Joe Brooks ~ 12.Mindset||Every Avenue ~ 13.The Great Escape||Boys Like Girls ~ 14.Blue Skies||Landon Pigg ~ 15.Need You Now (cover)||Sparks The Rescue ~ 16.(If You’re Wondering if I want  You to) I want you to||Weezer ~ 17.Take Me Home Tonight||Every Avenue ~ 18.I Touch Myself||Blondie ~ 19.I Feel Again||One Republic

im persona loving trash and souyo has destroyed me


  1. I Wanna Get Better - Bleachers
  2. My Best Friend’s Hot - Dollyrots
  3. Feel Again - OneRepublic
  4. Must Have Done Something Right - Relient K
  5. Like or Like Like - Miniature Tigers 
  6. Ticking of Your Bicycle - Ben Talmi
  7. Tim I Wish You Were Born A Girl - Xavier Rubetzi Noonan (cover)
  8. Maybe I Love You - Lenka
  9. Superman - Joe Brooks
  10. 1, 2, 3, 4 - Plain White T’s
  11. Young Folks - Peter Bjorn and John
  12. I Wanna Be Yours - Arctic Monkeys
  13. When You Were Young - The Killers
  14. Happy - NeverShoutNever
  15. Lucky - Jason Mraz feat. Colbie Caillet
  16. Falling In Love At A Coffee Shop - Landon Pigg
  17. Rather Be - Clean Bandit feat. Jess Glynne



the small town don’t like it- a jed and octavius fanmix

✿ Fill My Little World-The Feeling ✿ You’re The Only One- Maria Mena✿  5 years time- Noah and the Whale✿  I wanna hold your hand- ortopilot✿ Gay Pirates-Cosmo Jarvis✿  I Was Made For You- She and him✿ Cowboys are frequently, secretly fond of each other- Ned Sublette✿ Cowboy love-John Michael Montgomery✿ Forrest Gump- Frank Ocean✿  Superman- Joe Brooks✿ Like Ships- Elijah Wood✿  Hood- Perfume genius✿  Love, love love- of monsters and men✿  architect- the decemberists✿

you’re the sweetest thing - a suga® sweet mix for the most married couple in haikyuu

Superman - Joe Brooks // I Do Adore - Mindy Gledhill // Another Day - Carousel // Teenage Dream - Boyce Avenue // By My Side - David Choi // Endlessly - The Cab // I Wouldn’t Mind - He is We // You and I - Ingrid Michaelson // All About Us - He is We // Candy Store - Faber Drive

art credit

going, going, gone: a sadstuck davejade playlist

001. demons - imagine dragons || 002. superman - joe brooks || 003. silhouettes - of monsters and men || 004. how to save a life - the fray || 005. let her go - passenger || 006. never let me go - florence + the machine || 007. get you out of my heart - nikki flores || 008. my immortal - evanescence || 009. memories on the ground - tim halperin || 010. everything went down - kate tucker & the sons of sweden || 011. without you - rosario dawson and adam pascal || 012. say something - a great big world ft. christina aguilera || 013. for the first time - the script

[listen] [cover art]

the purple heart ♥ a ravio fanmix
[a fanmix with a bit of happy, a bit of sad, and a bit of hildavio. these are the songs i listen to when in need a espresso shot of Ravio inspiration. i hope you all enjoy them!]

[ || L I S T E N || ]

i.ordinary human one republic // ii. live like a warrior matiyashu // iii. perks ashe // iv. love me katy perry // v. there, there the wonder years // vi. soldier backstreet boys // vii. you got me gavin degraw // viii. go the distance omar caban // ix. i am human brian buckley band // x. teenaged dirtbag wheatus // xi. im alive (life sounds like) michael franti // xii. vivi road // xiii. la da dee cody simpson // xiv. superman joe brooks // xvi. stay alive jose gonzales


sing me to sleep - here

5 seconds of summer-amnesia // you me at six-crash // jimmy eat world-23 // birdy-tee shirt // 5 seconds of summer-i miss you(cover) // demi lovato-catch me // dodie clark-she // ed sheeran-little bird // coldplay-fix you // sleeping with sirens-iris // joe brooks-superman // parachute-she is love // one direction- fool’s gold // the 1975-sex // miley cyrus-summertime sadness(cover) // the cab-endlessly // paramore-the only exception // we the kings-sad song // maroon 5-beautiful goodbye // calum hood-windows(cover)