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What's your favorite moment from Supergirl's season 2 so far ?

Alex’s coming out speech to Maggie at the bar. I’ve always had a love for this show ever since it premiered, but this scene brought it to the obsession levels you see from me today. 

I love a lot of the story elements this season - Superman, Cadmus, the Luthors, alien amnesty, the Martians, Kara making punching bags out of blocks of concrete, etc. - but let’s be real. Alex’s journey is probably the crown jewel of Supergirl season 2. 

The timing and context have personal significance to me. I came out at almost the exact same time that season 2 started airing. I had no idea this storyline was going to happen, let alone with my favorite character on the show. 

The relationship with Maggie was teased for a few episodes, but the scene at the bar was the first real indication of just how well written and well acted this story was going to be done, and how seriously it was going to be treated on the show. It blew my mind. Most people reference the following episode where Alex formally came out, but this is the moment that will always stick out to me. As someone a little bit older who is just coming out, and who has spent much of her life taking care of her sisters and putting a little too much energy into trying to be perfect, this speech hit very close to home. 

Wow, that turned out to be a way more loaded question than I expected. 

If Kara and Ray Palmer interact at any point, I really hope she says something along the lines of, "You know, you remind me of my cousin."

My new 52 Clark and Diana how I miss you both. The alien and the amazon, who felt different and a sense of isolation and found a soul connection with each other. 

The versions that replaced them with Rebirth this year are too conservative and insipid for my liking. Clark White or Smith or whatever he is called is just uninteresting to me and confused Rebirth Diana is just wishy washy. And I won’t get into the convoluted mess of Rebirth and the jumping of the shark DC is using to bring back retro versions who had their time and should have like other versions before said their goodbyes and moved on.

My new 52 Superman and Wonder Woman are currently both  dead in DC canon. They live on in my imagination and I will have fond memories of them and am thankful to the writers who worked hard to bring them to life.


AU in which everyone’s gay and happy.

“Isn’t it a weird, yet beautiful world we live in. A girl who was raised to hate aliens falls in love with one. Superman gets a boy who happens to be a vigilante. An alien jock falls for a nerdy human and two girls get shot and both of them survive.“

explicitly mentally ill superman > superman that just smiles 24/7

superman who struggles to save a world who is afraid of him and hates him and rejects > superman who has the world falling over in adoration of him

superman who indirectly learns the good of humanity through the people closest to him > superman automatically knowing what is Good™ and Bad™ and what is Justice™

superman whose inner conflict and self doubt comes from his low self esteem/depression/mental illness > superman who questions his self only when he temporarily loses his powers

superman whose lois lane doesn’t love him “despite” his mental/emotional debilitation but loves him WITH those struggles > superman whose lois lane is a one-dimensional love interest

superman who feels so alienated from human beings but couldn’t be more human, whose perspective is told from that of an immigrant’s > superman who is shown perfectly adjusted in society

superman whose social awkwardness is actually a result of his social anxiety > superman whose social awkwardness is part of a ruse to keep people off his scent that he’s superman

millennial superman > silver age superman basically


Kandors by Mike Kelly is a series of recreations of the capital city of the planet Krypton, where Superman was born. 

According to the Superman legend, the super villain Braniac shrunk and bottled the city of Kandor in a bell-jar-like container, stealing it just before Krypton’s explosive demise. When Brainiac came to Earth looking to harvest more cities, Superman wrested the miniature city away from him, and stored it safely in his secret hideaway, the Fortress of Solitude. As Kelley once explained, the shrunken city “functions as a constant reminder of Superman’s past,” as well as “a metaphor for his alienated relationship to the planet he now occupies.”

(Also- these might be the largest glass vessels ever blown by hand)

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