superman grounded

  • Batman: You thought a pair of glasses could fool the worlds greatest detective?
  • Superman: Oh, and you thought Zod could fool the worlds greatest neck snapper?
Another Upside Down-Justice League Imagine

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Warnings: Violence and some sensuality

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   My breathing was hard and my heart was bounding as I tucked and rolled away from another one of Enchantress’ attacks. It was the first time I ever had to fight the witch and I didn’t know how the Suicide Squad had ever defeated her. At least I wasn’t fighting her own my own; Clark was flying overhead, trying to attack her from an aerial view and Bruce was helping me on the ground.

    “Superman, do you have a clear shot?” Bruce asked.

    “No, and even when I do, it doesn’t effect her enough,” Clark said.

    “Great,” I muttered.

     That night, Bruce saw Enchantress lurking in the forest circling Wayne Manor and we immediately jumped into action. Unfortunately, Superman was the only available Justice League member when we called for back up but it was better than nothing—-almost. Enchantress was a powerful, ruthless being, the complete opposite to June Moon, who seemed nice enough when Waller introduced us. 

     Wait a minute.

     “June!” I whisper hissed to Bruce, as we circled Enchantress.

      “What?” Bruce whispered back.

      Enchantress cried out as Clark hit her with his laser vision.

      “Enchantress possessed June’s body; if we get through to June, she could regain control of her body,” I said.

      Bruce nodded solemnly. “We can try it.”

      I smirked to myself. It wasn’t like I never had ideas to take down villains, it was just that Bruce’s or another hero’s ideas were better. That might be one reason why I, Y/N Y/L/N, was not a member of the Justice League…yet. Maybe this plan would get me there.

     Enchantress staggered before narrowing her eyes at us. “Your pathetic attacks are doing nothing to me. I am queen and I will destroy you.”

    “Dr. Moon wouldn’t,” Bruce said. “She’s still in there, you’re just keeping her quiet.”

     “Dr. Moon is no longer here, Bat,” Enchantress hissed.

     “June, it’s Batgirl. I know that you are a lot stronger than you think and you can keep this witch in line. It would be really nice if you could take over right now before she kills Batman, Superman, and me.”

     Enchantress blinked and for that split second, she was June. “Y/N, get out of here!”


      But June was quickly turning back into Enchantress. This was when the villainess was at her weakest.

     “NOW!” Bruce yelled.

      Clark, Bruce, and I charged her at the same time. Somehow, I got to her first, pulling back my right fist and socking her in the face. She hissed out and staggered backwards, only to have me tackle her and pin her down.

      “Looks like good beats evil yet again,” I said with a smirk.

      “Good work, Batgirl,” Clark said as he landed next to me.

      “Thanks.”  I refused to get off Enchantress until Bruce and Clark had good holds on her. They stood up. 

     “It’s time for someone to go back to Belle Reve,” Bruce said in his gravelly Batman voice.

      It was all going so well, too well in fact. Unfortunately, I didn’t realize this until Enchantress looked at me eerily. 

     “You are going to regret this,” she said.

      She muttered something under her breath and made black mist appear all around me. It felt as though they were hands as I tried to fight them off, but it began crawling through every orifice. Enchantress was suffocating me.


      Then, I felt as though I was falling but I didn’t hit the ground. However, no one caught me, all I knew was the world turned black.

     When I woke up, everything was white. The walls were white and the accents were off white. There was one medium-sized French window framed by thin curtains. This made no sense since the walls in my room at Wayne Manor were han purple and there were two large French windows in my room. This couldn’t possibly be a clinic because Alfred would always help patch up Bruce and me in the Batcave. The Watchtower was out of question since it wasn’t close enough. 

     So, where was I?

     Then, I realized how bloated I felt and curled further into the white sheets, hugging my stomach. I wasn’t supposed to get my period for another week. I felt my stomach and felt a hard, small bump on my lower stomach.

     Pregnant? But, that’s impossible, I haven’t had sex recently and by the size of the bump, I was at least two months along.

    I jerked up into a sitting position and that’s when I realized that there was someone sleeping next to me. They were muscular and masculine. All I could see was a tuft of messy black hair. Suddenly, they groaned as they rolled over blinking at me.

    “Geez, Y/N, I know you’re pregnant but you can’t go one day without waking up super early?” they moaned.

    My heartbeat picked up and I stiffened. It couldn’t possibly be who I thought it was. This…this had to be a dream, but dream’s never felt like this.

    “Jason?” I whispered hoarsely.

    Mine and Bruce’s former partner blinked his light blue eyes and smiled sleepily at me. He was as handsome as I remembered and I could’ve cried right there. I supposed I wasn’t as good at hiding my emotions as I thought I was because Jason frowned as he sat up.

   “Y/N, what’s wrong?” He cupped my face in his large hands. “Did you have a bad dream?”

   “Um, yeah, I had a bad dream.”

    “Well, you’re safe with me, Mrs. Todd.” He grinned as he kissed me.

     It felt the exact same as it did before he died. His lips were warm and I could feel his love behind it. I kissed him back and wrapped my arms around his neck, terrified that he was going to disintegrate from me in seconds. Then, he pulled me into a hug and I lifted my left hand in front of me. 

    On my ring finger was a gorgeous gold wedding band and a rose gold diamond engagement ring. My heart was beating faster as I processed this information. Somehow, I was married to Jason Todd and pregnant with our child. 

   How was this possible?

   I slowly pulled away and pecked his lips. “I know, Jase,” I said with a smile. “I should get ready.”

  “I thought we agreed that you wouldn’t work while you were pregnant with my son?” Jason arched his eyebrow in the way he did when he meant business.

  “And I thought you knew that I’m not always gonna listen to you?” I teased. “Besides, I’ll take it easier in the second and third trimesters.”

   Jason frowned playfully. “Fine..”

   I laughed and pecked his lips again before wandering into the ensuite bathroom. I closed and locked the door behind me, trying to remain calm. There were too many thoughts and emotions running through my head that I felt dizzy. I steadied myself against the counter and looked up at my reflection in the mirror.

   My long y/h/c hair was not cut to just above my breasts, which were a couple sizes bigger due to my condition. My body was not nearly as muscular as it was just yesterday, even though I spent most of my life training with Bruce. However, I was still in shape, my stomach was relatively flat in spite of my pregnancy. Other than that, I looked the same in whatever weird universe I was in.

   I closed my eyes and forced myself to breathe. “Okay, think, Y/N. The last thing that happened was you were fighting Enchantress with Clark and Bruce.”


    She had done something to me just before Clark and Batman took her to Belle Reve. Enchantress had sent me to some sort of alternative universe as punishment. I had to figure something out or the Justice League had to find a way to get me out of her unless I was dead in my universe.

     In the mean time, I’d have to figure out Y/N Todd’s daily routine and hopefully not mess anything up. I rubbed my hand against my baby bump and bit my lip.

    “Why couldn’t this have happened in my reality?” I whispered.

     I could only wonder what Bruce, Clark, and the rest of the heroes and the League were doing right now.

The Watchtower

      After learning of Y/N Y/L/N’s condition, all members of the Justice League dropped or finished what they were doing before meeting at the Watchtower. Bruce had placed Y/N’s body in an anti-sensory tank that was in the basement of the Watchtower with high security so no one could break in and steal her. All the members stared at Batgirl with solemn expressions.

    “Do you know what’s wrong with her?” Barry asked, breaking the thick silence.

    “We believe that Enchantress’ attack placed Y/N into some sort of coma,” Bruce said. “She used some sort of spell to do it and there’s so far no medical solution.”

    “What are we supposed to do? Just wait until she wakes up?” Diana demanded.

    “Well, June has regained control over her own body so we could ask her. She has been researching Enchantress and the area she is from for the past couple of years,” Clark said. “But, we are open to you all doing your own investigations.”

     “I can go to Themyscira and see if we have any books on such things like this occurring,” Diana offered.

    “I can help,” Barry added.

    “All right, you two do that,” Bruce said.

    “I can go to my home and do the same,” Arthur said.

    “I’ll talk to the Guardians and see if they know anything about it,” Hal said.

    “Very well,” Bruce said. “You’re all dismissed.”

    Everyone went to complete their separate tasks and Clark turned to Bruce.

    “Are you doing okay?” Clark asked. 

    “Yes, I’m fine. Waller said we can meet with June tomorrow so I’ll do some research before we ask questions,” Bruce said.

    “Okay. You know you can talk to me, right? I was there too.”

     Bruce glanced at Clark before beginning his exit out of Watchtower. Without question, he was most affected by Y/N’s condition than anyone else. He had practically raised her and she had been attacked before he could do anything to stop it. Silently, he vowed that he would find the cure to Y/N’s problem no matter what it takes.

yet another thing i love about bvs: lois lane is never pushed to the side so clark can go be superman.

she is constantly present, she is the one who does almost all the heavy lifting in terms of uncovering what lex luthor is actually up to, she is the person who keeps clark kent– and by extension superman– grounded. she is the person he goes to for guidance. she is the person he goes to in order to confess his sins. she is the person who gets the kryptonite far enough away from him that he can function and explain to batman what’s going on with martha, and she is the person who then realizes the importance of that kryptonite five minutes later and goes to find it on her own. she gets shit done. she is not just the superhero love interest. she is not a separate part of clark’s life that competes against heroism for his attention. she is the reason he’s a hero. she is his world.

lois doesn’t have superpowers or tons of gadgets. that’s not the kind of hero she is. but god DAMN, she is such a hugely important character to this story. she moves the plot along on her own when everyone else is busy having a pissing contest and refusing to let others help them. she puts the pieces together on her own and helps to save the day as much as she possibly can. and there’s no competition between her and clark’s identity as superman. there’s no “i can’t be involved with you because it’s too dangerous” “but i love you!” scene. there’s no “i have to go be a hero now so you stay on the sidelines where it’s safe” scene.

it’s not that lois proves herself worthy as a protagonist over the course of the movie– it’s that everyone already knows she is.

                        BUT WE KEEP ON COMING BACK FOR MORE.
                     a slightly angry, but mostly pining )  murphamy mix

  1. harder to breathe // maroon 5 
  2. r u mine? // arctic monkeys 
  3. collar full // panic! at the disco 
  4. right for me // dave days 
  5. rock bottom // hailee steinfeld 
  6. friends don’t let friends dial drunk // plain white t’s 
  7. don’t you go // all time low 
  8. sex on fire // alex cornell (cover)
  9. fight for me // heathers OST 
  10. let me in // gabrielle aplin 
  11. hit the ground (superman) // the big pink 
  12. sort of // ingrid michaelson
The Signs as my Favorite Songs
  • Aquarius: This is What Makes Us Girls - Lana
  • Pisces: Ghost - Halsey
  • Aries: Rejects - 5SOS
  • Taurus: Loft Music - The Weeknd
  • Gemini: We Don't Believe What's On TV - Twenty One Pilots
  • Cancer: Is There Somewhere - Halsey
  • Leo: Bubblegum Bitch - Marina and the Diamonds
  • Virgo: Missing You - All Time Low
  • Libra: IDFC - Blackbear
  • Scorpio: Electric Feel - MGMT
  • Sagittarius: Don't Let Me Cave In - The Wonder Years
  • Capricorn: Hit the Ground (Superman) - The Big Pink