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Series of iPhone 5 Tyler Hoechlin Wallpapers. Set One

They’ve been made for iPhone 5/5s but would probably work on most other devices with little to no cropping. The original pictures are obviously not mine and I’m not taking credit for any of them just moved them around and added some sections to the top.

Enjoy <3

I’m also taking requests if anyone has a specific image they’d like wallpaper-ed send it my way and i’ll see what i can do :) 



Girl of Steel (A Supergirl AU)

Peggy Carter knows how to blend in. It’s become second nature to hide behind her lead-lined glasses, to control the strength of her grip, to keep her feet planted on solid ground. She never speaks of her childhood before the Martinellis, she rarely dreams of the Phantom Zone, and she never mentions the one blood relative she has left, who flies around in a red cape, saving the world (when he isn’t doggedly pursuing the truth as ace reporter James Barnes). Instead, she works as a personal assistant to Pepper Potts, the queen of media and the most powerful person in National City. She debates the existence of aliens with her friend Sam, has lunch dates with her sister Angie, and only uses her powers to listen for her boss calling her name.

Everything changes the day Angie boards a flight to Geneva. When her sister’s plane is sabotaged, Peggy risks everything to bring the plane to safety, only to discover that Angie is actually an agent for the DEO, an organization that exists to monitor alien activity on Earth. Peggy makes it her mission to aid the DEO, particularly in neutralizing the threat from the convicts previously imprisoned on Fort Rozz, the Kryptonian detention facility that followed her ship out of the Phantom Zone fifteen years before.

With the help of her sister, DEO director Nick Fury, her friend and resident IT expert Sam Wilson, and Steve Rogers (the Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist and best friend of the Man of Steel), Peggy learns to navigate the challenges that come with being a superhero.  

Because the world needs her to fly.

(special thank you to @lotsofthinkythoughts, without whom this idea would not exist)


How Attainable are your Favorite Hero’s MUSCLES? COMIC BOOK/ANIME MUSCLES are they worth it?

NEW VIDEO for those who happen to give a F*ck. Every single one of us has been inspired by a Fictional Character. 

Whether it be their Charisma, Personality or Never Give up Attitude but one thing a lot of folks look at is the Character’s Physique. Their RIDICULOUSLY OVER JACKED MUSCLES!! 

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Some of us look at and say thats too much, Others look in awe and DREAM to possess a Body that looks Crafted Out of Marble and we work on our Fitness Gainz daily to achieve something close. 

BUT would it really be worth it to attain your favorite character’s body in Real life? 

Well today we take a look. 

 this video took days of editing and research to be honest so REBLOGS ARE GREATLY APPRECIATED

Sketch request for teen stans in cosplay :D
For @princeasimdiya12

I choosed superheros instead of manga heros, cause I though in the 60/70s mangas wasn’t a big deal in america. First I wanted Stan as Wolverine, but the character needs to wait to the 80s to get a real story… so I choosed Batman. Mighty and rich, Stan could like him :D
(And there was a batman manga back in the 80s! Japan liked batman too!)
Superman would fit to Batman, but he is kind of boring… so it’s Dr. Strange for Ford :D Looks a little bit like a magical girl, but cosplay (for me) is “having fun in costume“, it hasn’t to look perfect.

‘nuff said ;D


“…but I have to admit, his chest and shoulders are impressive.”

“I may have noticed. Once or twice.” Diana (Superman/Wonder Woman Annual #2)

We know Diana loves Clark’s soulful eyes but here is a Clark Chest and Shoulders appreciation post. I think she noticed more than once or twice.

Henry Cavill’s training pic  from IG earlier today seemed super suited to edit and add to my super chest/shoulder’s post. lol.