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transspirk  asked:

Hi, so you totally got me into batjokes but I really haven't read much of batman, can you recommend where I should start?


Considering there’s like 78 years of content and the canon gets rewritten or tweaked every so often, you can pretty much just pick up any of the trade paperbacks/graphic novels that say #1 on them and find something interesting to read. Like for the current storylines, reading the New 52 Batman run would be a good start, then on to the Rebirth story after that. That being said, there are also standalone trades/titles that would be good to read. Like for batjokes content you’d probably want to read Batman: Europa, it was a relatively recent four issue series that is… pretty damn gay. It also has really cool art from several European artists (and Jim Lee, who is a Legend in the industry).
Other stories you may want to read:
The Man Who Laughs
The Laughing Fish
The Dark Knight Returns
Death In The Family
The Killing Joke
The Long Halloween
Haunted Night
Dark Victory
The Judas Coin
Superman: Emperor Joker
The Batman Adventures (set in the batman animated ‘verse)
Under The Red Hood
Batman Earth One
The Court of Owls
Death Of The Family
(Those last three are compilations of New 52 story arcs that include tie-ins with other DC titles.)
Also if you watch YouTube playthroughs/play the Batman Arkham games there’s a lot of good batjokes content in that (i watch the origins joker cutscene video a LOT haha)
But hopefully that’s a good start?