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5980. Seven prominent members from both the Titans International and the JLA form a small group which makes major decisions that affect the Metahuman-Public relations and formulate near fool proof contingency plans for “end of the world/universe” situations. They are called the Illuminati. The members include Batman (Wayne Enterprises), Raven (Representative of Azarath and Mystic metas), Wonder Woman (Amazon Island), Nightwing (Leader of the Titans and representative of youth metas in general), Superman (Leader of the JLA, Representative of Adult metas and the Illuminati moral compass), Aquaman (King of Atlantis) and believe it or not Starfire (representative of Tamaran and alien metas)

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Did you know The Punisher made the Joker Shit himself

Was reading the Batman vs Punisher Crossover Deadly Knights and I REALLY FRIGGIN LOVED THIS. The Joker never gets scared or rattled but when facing the Punisher who doesn’t play that shit

The Joker never gets rattled. When his plans are foiled Joker barely doesn’t curse aloud and shake his fist. He just laughs. 

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and Batman has rarely managed to make the Joker flinch. the Joker keeps laughing because he knows that Batman will never do what it takes.

But the Punisher isn’t Batman. 

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Not many things can wipe the Joker’s shitty grin off of his face, but Frank Castle The Punisher isn’t known for doling out second chances, especially for a homicidal maniac that has probably killed hundreds and will go on to kill thousands more. Joker recognizes the conviction in the eyes of the man holding the gun, and for once realizes the finality of his situation. He’s thinking: This man might actually close the DO THE DEED and it  aint funny.

Then Batman comes along, right on time.

Usually when the Joker gets away, it’s because of some BS and no matter how he escapes, the Joker is always laughing. But when he gets the chance to scamper away from the Punisher, there’s no trail of “HA HA HA"s; the Joker just feels lucky to get out of there alive.

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Another point to Punisher for making the joker piss himself

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  • DC Movie Fandom: Batman v Superman is such a complex, deep film. The critics are like, "it's humorless." Not everything is a freaking Marvel movie, guys. This stuff is solemn, dark subject matter- two iconic heroes colliding is hard core.
  • MCU Fandom: Civil War is already dividing the fandom. We gotta stay cool, even if this is gonna be so intense. Aw man, we're all gonna cry. Tony and Steve are fighting, Bucky is on the run and hurting, and it's so bleak and thoughtful and aaaaugh, this is gonna hurt US! Why Marvel?! Why you gotta be so hard?

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Imagine being Castle’s daughter and introducing Bruce to the family as your boyfriend.

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Between you and Alexis, you were the one Castle had never had to worry about when it came to dating. You were his stress-free little girl. Making his life easier at every turn, and allowing him to reserve his worries for Alexis choosing boys like Pi, or anyone, really.

At least, that’s what he thought up until you’d told him, “Dad, I’ve been seeing someone, and I want you to meet him.” He’d prepared himself for a boy like one of Alexis’ boyfriends. He’d prepared himself to strike the fear of his fatherly omnipotence into this mystery boyfriend’s heart.

What he hadn’t expected, however, was to open his front door and find himself shaking the offered hand of a billionaire who was nearly his age, as you introduced him as if Castle hadn’t already recognized the man who seemed to always be in the news, “This is Bruce, my boyfriend.”

“Mister Castle,” Bruce’s smile is friendly, and Castle finds himself almost instantly hating the reflection of his own bachelor-ness he finds there, “it’s a pleasure to meet you.”

“Dad,” Alexis urges, pulling him from his stunned stupor as she nudges him in the side, all the while shooting you an impressed look at having kept this a secret for so long, “invite them in!”

The Shade Chronicles

Part 1: Now

A DC/SPN Crossover

Warnings: soullessness, violence, I think that’s all for this part 

Pairing: Reader x ????

Word Count: 902

A/N: I’m really excited for this series, and it’s a bit different than anything I’ve posted before. This part will definitely be confusing if you haven’t seen/don’t know the plot of Suicide Squad.

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In order to relieve their repressed memories, the Avengers and Justice League are forced to watch their worst moments of their lives - deaths, insanity, destruction, getting replaced, betrayal, maiming, failures, losing their loved ones and so on. 

- JLA / Avengers v1 #3

Now imagine that years later, what if the Marvel and DC characters would become even more horrified when they see more bad stuff from the current era (Quesada/Alonso era for Marvel and Dan Didio era for DC)…


Imagine: Going to see Batman v Superman; Dawn of Justice with The Twins

Imagine 215

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