superman and the legion of superheroes

are you impatient for voltron season two? do you want more kids fighting evil, space gays, or kids in space?

well, maybe you should check out: the legion of superheroes!

the legion of superheroes is a cartoon that ran from 2006-2008, two seasons and 26 episodes. it’s set in the 31st century, centering around a team of kid superheroes called the ‘legion of superheroes’. inspired by superman’s example in the past, kids with powers from dozens of different planets have come together to form a team, fight evil, and protect the galaxy.

unfortunately, their most powerful enemy, the fatal five, has broken out of prison while the legion is stretched thin. they need help… and who better to get it from than the person who started it all? time to go to the past and retrieve young superman to help them!

it’s a very cute show, with a wide variety of characters, and lots of girls, to boot! triplicate girl, phantom girl, saturn girl, shrinking violet, dream girl…  which is a nice change from voltron. the plot and all the characters are really well-done, and the show tackles the fact that there’s a ton of characters very well - not every single character appears in every episode!

one of the characters, bouncing boy, is chubby like hunk, and he has WAYYY less fat jokes than him, which is really nice to see. really, the one place that the legion falls short in regards to voltron is racial diversity - there’s a lot more white characters in legion than voltron. it’s not entirely white: star boy, karate kid, triplicate girl are some, but it falls majorly short in regards to voltron.

however, one thing that it WINS at is gay characters. yes, you heard that right, CHARACTERS THAT ARE NOT STRAIGHT APPEAR IN THIS SHOW. i don’t mean like “this character is canon [insert sexuality] in the comics”, though that does happen.

shrinking violet is my favorite bi lady right here, man.

but no, we’re talking actual gay content in the show. brainiac 5 is one of the main characters, and he’s canonically interested in multiple genders in the comics, which is expressed in the show. this kid has the BIGGEST god damn crush on superman in the WORLD.

if the show had continued into the third season, there was going to be a “love triangle” between superman, brainiac 5, and supergirl. while they’re still very much referred to as “friends”, and there was a Shrug of God in regards to brainy’s feelings towards superman, like… it’s canon, guys. just watch it.

legion of superheroes is a show filled with beautiful crafted, unique characters (one of the main character’s superpower is to TURN INTO A BOUNCING BALL. YOU HEARD THAT RIGHT.) rife with cheesy superhero code names, ladies, plots that will make you both LAUGH and cry (seriously, get your tissues ready, i weep folks), and a really gay robot who is my absolute favorite. if you want another show, you should definitely check it out. the characters are all super fantastic, and the show is extremely underrated. 

long live the legion!

Leaguers are secretly alive in the 31st century: Clark by the yellow sun, Bruce by lazarus pits, Diana by living with gods, Barry by speed force, Hal by becoming will power, and Billy by staying Shazam. They meet to pull strings to help the legion.


headcanon that just like clark brings 21st century phrases to the legion (you can’t convince me that karate kid in jla adventures: trapped in time didn’t get the phrase ‘hater’ from clark), he also brings 31st century slang from the past

“i’m a… what.”

“i’ll zeezee wonder woman don’t worry”
“you’ll??? what??? zeezee??”

“cool up, batman”
“superman what the hell”

Unfinished Project: The DC Animated Multiverse.

This was a project I started about a year or so ago and I had nearly lost when my computer hard drive died. Sadly I never went back to it and even now I just get the urge to redo it after spotting some things that nag me.

Guess we’ll just have to wait and see.

I just want the Legion of Super Heroes to make a appearance with a inexperienced Superboy. I hope the “Superman is the greatest graduate” from the Season 02, Episode 01 is set up for it. For those who don’t know, Legion of Super Heroes is a group of super powered teenagers in the 30th century inspired by the legacy of Superman and Supergirl. Superboy and Supergirl, end up joining the group due to time travel shenanigans. They had a cartoon in the 00s, it’s not as popular as the Teen Titans one.

“Obviously fans of Legion Of Superheroes or old Superman comics know what the end result of a character named Mon-El is. Other people watching will be, like, “Who is this guy? When’s he going to leave? When do we get rid of him?” I love that. I hope that people are a little bit annoyed at him at first, otherwise why I am doing this?”

Part of an interview with Chris 😂 God I love this guy so much!! Good to see he’s not affected in a negative way by the hate! Instead you’re basically doing exactly what he wants with your comments and stuff 😂😂 That’s so great!

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Chris Wood talking about playing Mon-El.
Coming in and having the first few episodes have this guy just be sort of a nightmare is the fun part. You get to play that knowing what he’s going to become eventually. You get to say, “How can I start at the opposite end of that spectrum so that I can take him on this journey?” And the opposite end is really fun. It’s fun to be naïve, it’s fun to be discovering Earth and screwing everything up. Obviously fans of Legion Of Superheroes or old Superman comics know what the end result of a character named Mon-El is. Other people watching will be, like, “Who is this guy? When’s he going to leave? When do we get rid of him?“ The last part made me laugh cause it’s so true it’s all the people who don’t know the comics that hate him.😂