superman and brainy

Terrifying Thought:

Superman rolling up his sleeves.

I don’t know how I would feel if I managed to make Superman so angry that he goes full farmhand and rolls up those blue sleeves of his. 

You now see Superman’s forearms and they are even more terrifying bare.

This is the “Alright, now I’m serious” of clothing gestures, topped only by “Hold my Rings”.

I just think if I saw Superman do that, I would actually feel bad for the villain (if only a little). If I WAS the villain, I would just give up.

I know what he can do to me with the sleeves down –  I’m not going to risk it.

uhhhhhh i’ve been watching some random episodes of the Legion of Superheroes animated show as well and i can’t believe this one episode of this show opens up with just an obvious homage to Amok Time

brainiac 5, who is the designated logical genius guy of the team, has been acting strange lately! his friends are worried about him! he locks himself in his room and smashes a piece of machinery! then when superman comes in to talk to him he finally explains that he’s going through a special phenomenon that happens to his species every three years and he’s going to lose his inhibitions and act strangely and he wants everyone to leave him alone

like it is…. super blatantly supposed to be pon farr, except not sexual, because this is a children’s cartoon