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WIP VIDEO #17 - Supergirl 😉
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Action Comics #974 strongly suggests that mysterious figure seen stalking Jon in the woods and watching Kents at the end of the issue in Superman #17 is the mysterious human!Clark Kent.

And it also very strongly implies said human Clark really is who many people suspected him to be. Although if that’s the case and not a misdirect he seems a bit past his…Prime.


With Superman (Henry Cavill) having laid down his life for Earth, Batman (Ben Affleck) and Wonder Woman (Gal Gadot) recruit a superteam to take on a new threat to civilization in Justice League. “It was all about the filling-out of this massive comic-book pantheon with the biggest and coolest heroes we could,” director Zack Snyder says of his group, which includes seafaring warrior Aquaman (Jason Momoa), speedy Flash (Ezra Miller) and high-tech Cyborg (Ray Fisher). Fans are getting a big character arc for Wonder Woman in 2017, beginning with her solo movie set during World War I. In it, she finds “humanity isn’t always the most kind and awesome thing,” says Snyder, also a producer on Wonder Woman. “It has its moments, but it can be brutal, and her coming to terms with that dichotomy is what we come to learn about her. And in Justice League, she’s fully evolved into someone who’s embraced mankind, partly through Superman’s sacrifice. She’s like, ‘All right, I’ve got to pick it up.’ ”


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Hey, guys! Can I be in your comics?

Superman #17 is a book where Jon and Kathy go find Kathy’s grandpa, who got lost in the woods looking for a lost cow.

And then the book starts tripping balls. I mean like, everything goes nuts in a way of a scary fever dream. It’s a fun little adventure regardless of it. While it might feel inconsequential, it does capture that feeling of being a kid and getting into trouble like Jon and Kathy here. It also serves as a very good short to put between two big storylines like latest prophecy arc and upcoming Superman Reborn. 


It’s time for our Favorite Cover of the Week!

Slim and Lou have a new segment on The comiXologist podcast – Favorite Cover of the Week, in which they have to guess the other’s pick.

In episode 542, “Monster Venom,” Lou guesses that Slim’s favorite cover of the week was Sebastian Fiumara and Dave Stewart’s Superman #17, because Dad-feels, but Slim couldn’t resist the beautifully painted Gabriele Dell’Otto cover for The Clone Conspiracy #5.

Slim’s guess for Lou’s favorite cover this week was pretty close! While she did appreciate the gesture insinuated in Jason Howard’s cityscape for the cover of Horizon #8, the art history nerd in her had to go with Postal #18, featuring Isaac Goodhart’s homage to Northern Renaissance paintings of Adam and Eve.

Share with us your pick for Favorite Cover of the Week, or guess Slim and Lou’s picks for next week! You can reblog this post and add your thoughts, send us an ask, or tweet @slim and @PortraitofMmeX using the hashtag #CMXCoveroftheWeek.


Top New DC Comic Releases for the Week of February 15th, 2016.

Aquaman #17, Batman #17, Batman TMNT #4, Batwoman Rebirth #1, Harley Quinn #14, Superman #17, Super Sons #1 + Wild Storm #1.