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I'm gonna summarize the whole DC Multiverse AND NO ONE CAN STOP ME
  • Earth-0: The default universe where the New 52 takes place and stuff
  • Earth-1: You know those graphic novels written by J. Michael Straczynski, Geoff Johns, and Jeff Lemire that made new young versions of Superman, Batman, and the Teen Titans? That's where this is
  • The fact they all have "Earth One" in their titles also might've been a clue
  • Earth-2: It's where Earth 2 took place (hence the name)
  • It got destroyed by Darkseid, but now the Justice Society heroes have a NEW Earth 2
  • It's a whole thing
  • Earth-3: Good is evil, evil is good, and everyone's an asshole
  • Earth-4: Home to Grant Morrison's Watchmen homage starring the Charleton Comics characters. I like it more than the actual Watchmen because it doesn't have the Comedian.
  • Earth-5: Home to Captain Marvel. It's essentially a redone version of the Pre-Crisis Earth-S. Also everything is drawn by Cameron Stewart, and that's always a plus.
  • Earth-6: Home to Stan Lee's "Just Imagine" versions of the DC heroes. Also this Wonder Woman's design is awesome.
  • Earth-7: A reference to the Marvel Ultimate Universe. The Gentry destroyed it at the start of Multiversity, leaving only Thunderer alive. He's basically Aborigines Thor.
  • Earth-8: A reference to the normal Marvel Universe. The Hulk equivalent, Behemoth, is blue and wears a diaper.
  • I don't get it either.
  • Earth-9: Home to the Tangent Universe created by Dan Jurgens. The character's names are familiar, but their powers and appearances are different. For example, Harvey Dent is the Superman, a being of unmatched mental power. Green Lantern raises the dead. That kind of stuff.
  • Earth-10: Kal-L is raised by Hitler and helps conquer the world. Uncle Sam reemerges years later to kick his ass.
  • Earth-11: The gender swapped universe, with Superwoman, Batwoman, and Wonderous Man, who has a very spiffy cape.
  • Earth-12: Remember Batman The Animated Series, Justice League, and Batman Beyond? This is where all of that took place.
  • Earth-13: A universe where magic is the dominant power. The Superman equivalent here is Superdemon, who is basically Etrigan with Superman's powers. Which is awesome.
  • Earth-14: Unknown
  • Earth-15: It USED to be the perfect Earth until Superboy-Prime had a temper tantrum back in Countdown and blew it the f*ck up. Now all that's left is a Green Lantern battery called the Cosmic Grail.
  • Earth-16: Superman basically ended all crime right before he died and left his robot army to guard the planet, so the current generation of heroes are kinda bored.
  • Earth-17: Some dumbass pressed the big red button in 1963, and the world got nuked. Now the Atomic Knights of Justice have to ride their giant dogs around and try not to get killed by Darkseid.
  • Earth-18: A slightly different version of the Justice Riders universe. They have a telegraph Internet.
  • Earth-19: Home to the stories Batman: Gotham by Gaslight and Wonder Woman: Amazonia.
  • Earth-20: Home to Doc Fate and the Secret Society of Superheroes. Also I want to cosplay as Doc Fate or the Mighty Atom. Because they both look cool.
  • Earth-21: Home to the characters from A New Frontier by Darwyn Cooke.
  • Earth-22: Home of the characters from Mark Waid and Alex Ross' Kingdom Come. You should read it, by the way.
  • Earth-23: Where all the heroes are black and Batman's the token white guy. Also Superman is president.
  • Earths 24 and 25 are unknown.
  • Earth-26: Home of Captain Carrot and the Zoo Crew. It operates on cartoon physics.
  • Earth-27 and Earth-28 are unknown.
  • Earth-29: The Bizarroverse. It am not opposite of normal universe at all. It am completely normal.
  • Earth-30: Home of the characters from Superman: Red Son. Which I also recommend.
  • Earth-31: Everyone's a pirate.
  • Earth-32: Home of Aquaflash, Bat-Lantern, Wonderhawk, Black Arrow, and Supermartian.
  • Earth-33: The real world.
  • Earth-34: A reference to Astro City. Also Bruce Wayne was inspired by a stingray in this universe.
  • Earth-35: A reference to Image Comics' Supreme. Also Bruce was inspired by an owl this time.
  • Earth-36: Home to Justice 9, who are homages to Big Bang Comics. This Bruce was inspired by a suit of armor.
  • Earth-37: It starts as Batman: Thrillkiller, but then it gets really weird. I'm not sure what it becomes.
  • Earth-38: Where Superman and Batman: Generations takes place. The characters there age in real time.
  • Earth-39: A reference to T.H.U.N.D.E.R. Agents.
  • Earth-40: The evil version of Earth-20. Also Sinestro wears a very nice suit.
  • Earth-41: A reference to early Image Comics, although thankfully Liefeld isn't involved. Also I really like their Wonder Woman's design.
  • Earth-42: Full of adorable chibi version of the DC heroes and villains who are actually robot minions of the Empty Hand.
  • Earth-43: All the superheroes are vampires. Also this is the only other Earth besides Earth-3 to have an Ultraman instead of Superman.
  • Earth-44: All the heroes are robots.
  • Earth-45: Home of Superdoomsday, who is what happens when a clearly evil corporations turns Superman into an antihero.
  • Earth-46 is unknown.
  • Earth-47: Home to the Love Syndicate of Dreamworld (Sunshine Superman, Magic Lantern, and Speed Freak) Grant Morrison made in Animal Man years ago. Also home to Brother Power the Geek, a Bruce Wayne who was inspired by a shooting star, and Prez.
  • Earth-48: This world is basically every comic book cliche multiplied by a million. They have super-FOOD here, for crying out loud.
  • Earth-49 is unknown.
  • Earth-50: Remember the Justice Lords from that one episode of Justice League? This is where they're from.
  • Earth-51: Where all of Jack Kirby's DC creations live. Kamandi, OMAC, and the New Gods all live here.
  • And that's the multiverse.

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Do you have a sci-fi tag? I thought I saw it in the fox!stiles tag once but I can't find it

We don’t have one. Not that I know of anyway, @letsmakeitcanon. So here’s some sci-fi fics for you. - Anastasia

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The Epic Space Opera of Stiles Stilinski and Sergeant Spacewolf by A_Diamond for squidsquiggle

(1/1 I 4,808 I Teen I Sterek)

Beacon Station is an extraplanetary center of research and exploration. Human scientist and minor disaster Stiles Stilinski lives there, as does the grumpiest alien ever: Derek Hale, the titular Sergeant Spacewolf himself. After a rocky start to their acquaintance, they’ve settled into sort of a love-hate relationship, wherein Stiles pines and provokes in approximately equal measure, and Derek grudgingly tolerates.

When a mechanical failure leaves them stranded together in the vacuum of space, the impending doom of almost certain death forces the truth of their feelings to the fore. Will our heroes finally get together? Will it even matter? Will they survive the danger?

(Yes, yes, and yes. There wouldn’t be a story to tell otherwise.)

If I Could Go Back To The Day We Met, I Probably Would Have Just Stayed In Bed. by april_zephyr (April_Zephyr)

(3/? I 6,119 I Teen I Sterek)

The teenager only noticed the gun that was pointed towards him when he was shot. A clean hit to the chest. The recoil threw him off his feet and onto his back.

Ultra Violet by ElisAttack

(3/3 I 16,836 I Teen I Sterek)

“There’s no way he’s a quarian. Least of all the quarian prince we’re supposed to be escorting.” Erica whines, and Derek wonders why he named her his staff lieutenant, she has no tact whatsoever.

“I’m sorry, but you must be a level 4 friend to unlock my tragic back-story.” The prince jokes. “And call me Stiles, even I can’t pronounce my actual name.”

Or the one where Derek and his crew are assigned to be the glorified babysitter of an alien prince, and everything is not as it seems.

Superman by Peasantaries

(16/16 I 42,912 I Explicit I Sterek)

To watch Derek Hale squirm in a suit is one of the best sights New York City has to offer.

Of course, the view from a twenty storey building is rather unlimited. So it seems only natural to notice things when you’re sitting cross-legged waiting for crime to commence.

In Other Words, Baby, Kiss Me by primroseshows

(4/4 I 61,264 I Explicit I Sterek)

Stiles has simple goals in life. To successfully complete his secret radar project without getting fired, to get a cottage on the Moon, and to untangle his mess of feelings for Moon Station 3 deputy, Derek Hale. Heck, he’ll even settle for two of the three.

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Hello! You made a lovely post outlining Batman's kids, and you mentioned that there are alternate universe children? Am I allowed to ask about those? I don't know anything about them, and you outline it really well! Thank you!

*lots of screams* oh okay fine 

there’s Carrie Kelley, a 13 year old girl from The Dark Knight Returns, Batman now old comes out of retirement and saves Kelley on his first night back. She uses her lunch money to buy a Robin outfit and goes out crime fighting to get Batman’s attention. technically she has parents but they’re neglectful drug addicts 

I’ve mentioned Helena Wayne, the daughter of Earth-2′s Batman and Catwoman there have been two version of this Helena/Huntress Pre-Crisis Huntress became a hero after the death of her parents and was a partner to Earth-2 Dick Grayson who stayed as Robin. New52 Helena was Robin on her earth and fought along she her parents till a crisis killed Batman and sent her and Power Girl to the main DCU TL she took on the Huntress Identity in the main time line. 

There have been A LOT of Bruce Wayne Jrs, the first was a possible future where Batman married Kathy Kane (Bat-Woman) and had a son who becomes Dick Grayson’s Robin when Dick becomes Batman

a Different Bruce Wayne Jr was one the Super Sons (who were a computer simulation because Bruce and Clark wanted to know what it was like for them to have children together)

In the comic Superman & Batman: Generations a universe in which Batman and Superman start being heroes in the late 1930s and age naturally as they go on. Bruce marries the unnamed fiancée he had in the early comics and they have a son, Bruce Jr, known as “BJ” over his mother’s objection BJ trains to be Robin. When Bruce finally retires in the early 1960s BJ becomes Robin for Dick Grayson. In the 1969 Dick is killed by the Joker and BJ steps in to become the first. In the 1970 BJ falls in love with Superman and Lois Lane’s daughter Kara (Supergirl). They’re attacked on their wedding day and Kara is killed, resulting in BJ taking a darker turn as Batman. BJ also adopts Kara’s brother Joel’s son, naming him “Clark Wayne” BJ tries to get Clark to take up the Batman name in the late 1990s but Clark rejects this and takes the identity “Knightwing” 

the last Bruce Wayne Jr worth mentioning here. This one was a part of a virtual reality Batman got trapped in as part of a JLA story. In this “future” Bruce had married and partnered with Catwoman, but now is in his late 50s/early 60s and retired, Tim is Batman and Bruce Jr is his Robin, lots of cool sci fi armor and a huge battle tank batmoblile

okay now for the alternate Damian Waynes! in Kingdom Come and it’s sequel The Kingdom there’s Ibn al Xu'ffasch (Arabic of “son of the bat”) He was raised by Ra’s al Ghul (and it was rough!) killed his grandfather as a teenager and took over his criminal empire, in his early 20s he’s drawn into a conspiracy by Lex Luthor and meets his father for the first time. When Bruce rolls up Lex’s conspiracy Ibn is brought into custody under Batman’s watchful eye. At the end of Kingdom Come it’s implied that he’s building a relationship with Bruce and is not a prisoner like Lex. He meets and falls in love with Mar’i Grayson daughter of Dick Grayson and Starfire, their relationship is a big part of The Kingdom

In the Injustice universe Damian kills Dick Grayson by accident, Bruce’s bad reaction pushes Damian into the arms of Superman and his authoritarian government. He slowly evolves past being Robin, but it isn’t till Dick Grayson now the ghost Deadman gives him the Nightwing uniform does Damian become Nightwing (he’s like 15-16) 

On Earth-16 Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman manage to make a virtual utopia. As a result the second generation of heroes have nothing to do. Damian is Batman, his best friend is Chris Kent who is Superman and he’s dating Alexis Luthor the daughter of Lex Luthor 

this last one doesn’t really count but I like the idea of him so here we go. So Earth-3 is an evil mirror universe, this universe’s “Batman” is Thomas Wayne Jr. who uses the name “Owlman” His Robin sidekick is Talon. Any ways Talon falls in love with Earth-3′s Joker’s daughter. Naturally no one is happy and the two of them flee for the main earth, idk if they ever made it, but I once made my own original character based on the Talon idea/mirror universe. 


Seeing Rock Lee appear is like seeing Superman!

Boruto episode 16 we finally get to see the Rock man himself. He has some inspirational dialogue as expected. I like that Rock Lee has become like Might Guy and Metal Lee is like Rock Lee now. The student has become the master. Always good to keep the tradition alive. 

Damn Rock man looks good, look at those sharp cheekbones. He looks like he’s in top form physically also he looks handsome. 

Of course you gotta accept and wear the gift. The iconic suit. I swear it has special powers.