It was difficult not to do more for you… But I want to be here… And like you said– If side by side is how I can help you, then that’s where I’ll be. Always. - Kara Danvers/Supergirl

Supergirl (2016-) #19

Writer: Steve Orlando and Vita Ayala

Artist: Jamal Campbell

Supergirl supporting someone coming out.

Reasons to Love Wonder Woman

She doesn’t sit around mooning over a boy. She has important sh!t  to do, yo.

Her love interest, on the other hand, has been known to daydream about her.

And when one of his incarnations tried to act like a chauvinist she was having none of it

Etta, one of Diana’s BFFs, has her priorities straight.

She’s been a woke advocate of civil rights right from the get-go, quite literally before it was cool.

Her caring nature is her strength, not her weakness.

She’s a pacifist at heart, but isn’t a doormat; intolerance, prejudice, and persecution will NOT be tolerated.

And though she doesn’t enjoy doing it, she is completely willing to kill when necessary.

She’s always been anti-war.

Just because she’s a tough BAMF doesn’t mean she has to reject all things traditionally feminine, like liking fashion

She was originally created entirely by women. 

And her hometown is basically an island of lesbian legendary warrior women.

She refuses to conform to societal expectations to spare men’s delicate “masculinity”.

She’s the one doing the rescuing of the romantic interest instead of needing a man to save her.

Her boyfriend is in no way intimidated by her confidence and strength.

…In fact, he thinks it’s pretty hot.

She’s always been an advocate of women finding their inner strength.

She doesn’t tolerate misogyny and chauvinism.

She won’t stand for that “men are stronger than women” nonsense either.

Her use of sarcasm is on point.

Her comics have always been adamant about how women are stronger than they realize.

Diana can’t cook and Steve can. And he’s more than happy to take over the chore (teamwork! :D).

Etta isn’t fat shamed.

She’s faster than Superman

In her New 52 incarnation she can command all soldiers and has telepathy

She’s got super breath

She’s omnilingual

She’s bisexual.

She’s hilariously unaware of just how strong she is.

She once genuinely considered building herself a robot just so it could feed her grapes.

Men aren’t listed among her reasons to live. But cake,  gorillas, and fellow women are.

She’s utterly baffled by the asinine idea that the belief women are equal to men is sexist against men.

She’s so done with men refusing to accept she’s more of a BAMF than her teammates simply because she’s a woman

Other than Steve, her sidekicks all come from minority and/or oppressed groups.

Her battle gear is designed for utility, not sexiness.

Not that what she wears is anyone’s business but her own.

She is stronger & tougher than both Batman and Superman

bunnnyy-bunnns  asked:

Hellooo! I saw the art of your background and i would really like to know who the artist is. Your blog is really great btw ;)))

Hi there! Sorry for the late reply! I’m having my thesis as of now. *bows*

Anyways, the artist is Junseo (check out their weibo, huaban and tumblr too)

Here’s the whole artwork!

And his other Kingsman works!

They also have works for Marvel


and even The Man from Uncle!

Anyways, this artist is just too good to be true so make sure to follow them! Junseo is one of my favorites.

Happy Birthday Diana Prince, Princess of Themyscira & Athena’s Champion. The world has never, and never will, deserve Wonder Woman🌸