Super Lovers 2 
#5 black and white

Strap yourselves in for a bouncy vivacious ride as Danny L Harle gives Tinashe’s Superlove that PC Music touch. I knew before I pressed play that I was going to love the producer’s interpretation of the single. This Superlove explodes like a supernova with deep rolling synths and frenetic beats. Tinashe has never been more animated and energetic. The only thing left to do is to get up and jump to this exuberant, tech stuttering remix.

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 a ryuji/protagonist playlist for my gf @isanekotetsu

the young and the hopeless good charlotte | a little less sixteen candles, a little more ‘touch me’ fall out boy | superlove don broco | follow you bring me the horizon | save yourself, i’ll hold them back my chemical romance | alone together fall out boy | collar full panic! at the disco | on melancholy hill gorillaz


Super lovers 2 episode 6 18+ ⚠️ 😵 what tongue blood why kiss? 😛😱 #Haru #ren #superlovers2 #superlovers

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