There’s one thing I hate, and that’s the various Justin Bieber things that have been coming up on my dash.

I think he’s a piece of shit, sure - but the horrible, forced “no-one wants him, lol deportation lol” shit wears my nerves down to a goddamn thread. Yes, no-one likes Justin Bieber - everyone gets it. Well, my friend az seems to like Justin Bieber just fine, but that’s what she likes so whatever. She’s cool.

I enjoy seeing pictures of the stupid shit he does, and the headlines he generates - I don’t like the stupid comments people leave stating just how much people hate him, how they want him gone. Because honestly, in comparison to the websites that run fluff pieces about him to drum up website activity, people on Tumblr do not do it well. The things they leave feel forced, like kidney stones. Because almost everyone wants him gone, and the people who clog everyone else’s dashboards with that common-as-shit opinion are not goddamn special snowflakes.

The “deportation” shit isn’t going to happen, because it’s been bouncing around since at LEAST 2012. He isn’t going to get Gay Angel + Hunter & Moose cancelled either, and honestly if no-one cared like their comments say, they wouldn’t be making statuses like “WATCH OUR SHOW SO IT DOESN’T GET CANCELLED” and “WE OTHER BIG FANDOMS HAVE YOUR BACK”. It’s getting annoying as shit.

This shit has been happening since the little dorkwad’s inception in like 2009, and I’ve only seen this much vitriol from around the time he actually became a thing. Supernatural fans, don’t act like fucking cool cucumbers - if you’re making these stupid, kidney-stone posts, you’re scared. Also, no-one fucking cares how much anyone hates Justin Bieber, because a graaaaand majority of people hate Justin Bieber too. You’re the same people who say “Murder is bad, we should reinstate the death penalty for murderers - but we should torture them first!”. You’re being that annoying. You’re being THAT person. For the love of fucking God, knock it off.

(I would like to state the term “Gay Angel + Hunter & Moose was a joke, and not intended to be offensive homophobic in any way. I find the main ship of Supernatural ridiculous, but I don’t really have a thing against gay people. Just unfunny, uncreative, stifling people.)