Welcome back to Meta Station! Join us (OR DIE!) for a new installment of “Pike Apologism With Claire,” our Luna speculation, Jesus Kane Superstar (wait or is “Jesus Christ SuperKane” better, I’VE SPENT LIKE 5 FULL MINUTES ON THIS), Erin screaming about that Bellarke scene, a timely reminder that Jaha has ALWAYS been a garbage person, a veritable Kentucky Derby’s worth of Trojan Horses, Claire screaming about that Kabby scene, our thoughts about vengeance and atonement, and a higher-than-usual amount of giggling.  PLEASE ENJOY.

0:00 – Love Means Never Having to Call Shotgun
0:03 – Octavia and Bellamy Finally Make Some Progress, THANK GOD
0:07 – Okay but We Call Bullshit On Octavia Making That Fire with Wet Wood
0:16 – This Is the Part Where Erin Screams About Bellarke, SORRY NOT SORRY
0:21 – Wanheda, Vera Kane, Atonement and Forgiveness
0:35 – Bible Study With Claire, Part 1: “Jus Drein Jus Daun” vs. ”An Eye For an Eye”
0:42 – Seriously Can Someone Explain Why Bellamy and Lexa Aren’t Allowed to Be Important to Clarke at the Same Time Because We Think It’s Garbage
0:48 – THE HUG!
1:00 – Welcome Back to Pike Apologism with Claire, Today We’ll Be Discussing How JAHA IS THE FUCKING WORST
1:07 – Unity vs. Division, Enemies Within, and the Pike/Indra/Murphy Rebel Squad of Our Dreams
1:13 – Bible Study with Claire, Part 2: Excuse Me, Do You Have a Moment for Our Lord and Savior Marcus Kane?
1:16 – Unity Day Was Bullshit and Also Erin Hilariously Can’t Pronounce It, I Left In One But She Seriously Fumbled It Like 3 Times
1:19 – Has Jaha Fucked Up ALIE Way More Than ALIE Has Fucked Up Jaha? TALK AMONGST YOURSELVES
1:25 – A Veritable Kentucky Derby’s Worth of Trojan Horses
1:27 – Strong Minds, ALIE’s 3% Rejection Rate, and Kabby (Hopefully) Rebelling in the City of Light
1:33 – This Is the Part Where Claire Screams About Kabby, SORRY NOT SORRY
1:43 – Here’s a Story About How Claire Has No Chill
1:44 – Luna kom Floukru: The Hero Gotham Needs and Deserves
1:54 – We’re Shipping Luntavia and We’re Not Apologizing (Also, R.I.P. Bartender Mechanic)

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