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Have a prosperous New Year ahead!!! (*≧▽≦)

Ryeowook went to get his physical test for the military today


I went to my physical test for the military today, and there was someone at the center who was so good looking. I kept looking at him, but for some reason, he looked kind of familiar. But as I was getting my test done, I saw “Suju’s Ryeowook’s here today^^” pop up on the doctor’s monitor.

His face is tiny and he’s so handsome, but the only thing is that he was way smaller than me and I got 174cm today ㅋ He’s probably barely 170cm?

He had no makeup but he still had the force of a celebrity. His face is SO tiny compared to normal people.

I wanted to go up to him and talk to him and ask for a picture, but he seemed so serious that I couldn’t.

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