Lol, okay wait.

“Lmao they can dream on with winning against one direction”
One direction lost against an unknown Chinese singer in the emas2013 wtf you talking about 😂😂

“I don’t know!!! They aren’t even famous!!”
Lolololololololololol dumb bitch 😂😂 super junior debuted years before one direction even existed what’s wrong with her 😂

“…stop them from winning”
This is dumb but like it angers me how they think so little of us, kpop fans. This is not only EXO-l or ELF, this is for all the kpop fans, we must show them how strong we are and how stubborn and determined we can be.

Let’s win this guys, no joke, go vote and let’s prove it to them , that we are fucking wild.



Let’s win something for Super Junior this year. We are losing against EXO again..  Are we always all talk about how we are the LastManStanding, well let’s go prove it.   Gote vote.  We need help

Let’s do this for their 10th anniversay…  Let’s prove are fandom isn’t a joke like many believe we are….


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A woman in her 40’s wrote Pann posts on being forced to prostitution with her sons. Like she says in the post, she held interviews with TV shows and even went to the police for investigation, but her “husband” is powerful enough to block them all. Pann netizens are currently trying to get this issue on the news by contacting journalists, TV shows, and etc. Up until now, 5 posts are translated in English. I’m going to past the translations below. Please help the woman and her sons by spreading her story and reporting it to news sites. Please use #HelpLeeJungHee hashtag on SNS because she revealed that her name is Lee Jung Hee (이정희)

+ Both of her sons have American citizenship and are fluent in English, if it could help with their security

+ Her husband is a pastor

+ Her sons were born in California. Her husband took away the sons’ passports

+ Lee Jung Hee and her sons uploaded a video on Youtube (Eng1, Eng2, Kor)

+ They went to US embassy on March and also wrote a letter to US ambassador (Mark Lippert) but they didn’t help

1st original post by Lee Jung Hee
2nd original post by Lee Jung Hee
3rd original post by Lee Jung Hee (not translated yet)
1st original post by her younger son
2nd original post by her younger son
3rd original post by her younger son
1st original post by her older son (deleted but you can read it below)
Mandarin translation (LeeJungHee1)
Mandarin translation (her son1)
Spanish translation (LeeJungHee1)
Spanish translation (her son1)
German translation (LeeJungHee1)
German translation (her son1)
Russian translation (LeeJungHee1)
Russian translation (LeeJungHee2)
Indonesian translation (LJH + son)
Vietnamese translation (LJH + son)
French translation (LeeJungHee1)
Portuguese translation (LeeJungHee1)

Lee Jung Hee’s first post:

Hello everyone.
I’d like to confess the story of my life, full of horror and frustration.
I am a filthy woman.

I am currently in my 40s and a mother of 2 teenage sons. My sons and I had been forced to prostitute ourselves ever since my sons were 5-6 years old.

It may sound unbelievable but I am being truthful and I’ve also been part of that organization. My own family (my mother, father and sister) and my husband have been sex partners for a long time.

What I mean by ‘partners’ is that they intake drugs and participate in sexual intercourse in groups. They also lure other people with stimulant or sleeping pills and use them as a source of money, and force their wives and kids in sexual intercourse.

To them, 'raping’ or 'prostitution’ is nothing like an act of guilt or disgust but merely a simple source of money.

My husband took me and my sons to various places and forced us in prostitution for 10 years. He had always been in charge of money but when he told me to, I took the money.

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