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Sulli and Choiza broke up

I have no problem with Sulli dating anyone. But I have a huge problem with Choiza. I was a fan of Kpop since 2003 so I have been there when Kpop was not popular. Choiza has a lot of negative news and he likes to pretend he is close to famous celebrities by appearing at their party unannounced and bragging to people how close he is to big names like Rain, TVXQ etc.

I have no problem with 2 adults dating but when Sulli first met him she was only 14 or 15. Choiza claimed that he met her at Heechul’s party which was even fan speculated that he went uninvited in the first place. Heechul never addressed Choiza’s claims, however, he did say he supports Sulli in whatever she chose to do.

The beginnings of Choiza and Sulli is creepy because she is very young and has no experience with any guys while he could very well manipulate her into doing what he wants. I am not saying she is innocent or cute or pure. But a 15 year old who has no dating experience or ever had anyone courting her would easily be influenced by someone much older than her which is why we have laws protecting our children.

With Choizas’ extensive back history of wanting to get attention, I wouldn’t be surprised that he “accidentally” lost his wallet during F(x)’s comeback (Red Light). When first news broke out about their first photo holding hands, I already told my friend that this would either happen again with more damning evidence of her leaving his house or a text message between the two would leak.

As expected, he “lost” his wallet.  

He got more famous after dating Sulli and she went downhill after dating him . You cannot deny that he had some part in it, maybe telling her to be more “real” and that he is real so she should be all the while kept quoting her in his interviews so he gets more viewership.

Now Sulli is officially known as being a sex crazed and unwanted woman so he has to break off with her for his “good guy” image.

Good job to him. Too bad Sulli didn’t have someone to guide her and has been used by the dirty old men in the industry because of her beauty