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[News] 140223 SuperJunior, ‘SUPERSHOW5’attracting 450,000 fans.. Accumulated 97times performance gathering 1.35 million fans ‘Remarkable’

[OSEN=Lee Hyerin] According to SM Entertainment in Feb 23, its popular group SuperJunior attracted 450,000 fans around the world through its world tour ‘SuperShow5’.

Starting from March of 2013 in Seoul, the group has successfully delivered ‘SUPERSHOW5’ in 20 cities including Sao Paulo, Buenos Aires, Santiago, Lima, Hongkong, Singapore, Tokyo, Bangkok, Taiwan, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Manila, Mexico city, London, Osaka, Kuala Lumpur, Macao, Beijing, attracting an estimate 450,000 audience.

Especially, SuperJunior had recorded ‘sold out’ in everywhere and it had become a hot potato as it opened its first concert in South America 4 nations and Mexico, England, and delivered special lecture in Oxford University in England for the first time as Korean singer.

SuperJunior’s solo concert ‘SUPERSHOW’ has established remarkable record of three times of Asia tour, twice of world tour, totalling 98 times of performance with the accumulated 1.35 millions of audience.
As the group holds it several times, they show more upgraded stage and almost perfect performance, representing its successful global concerts.

‘SUPERSHOW5’s final concert in Beijing which was held in Feb 22 at 7 pm (local time) received huge acclamation to the local fans, thanks to SuperJunior’s music, powerful performance, and splendid stage.

In the performance, SuperJunior sang 28 songs including ‘Sorry sorry’, ‘Bonamana’, and they presented unit performance, dressing up as women and costume party of The Avengers. They also prepared Chinese greetings and words, and passionate stage performance.

In the press conference conducted before the concert, a number of local media had participated including Sina, Sohu, Tencent, CCTV, confirming huge interest in SuperJunior.

Members of SuperJunior plan to work individually and Donghae & Eunhyuk, SuperJunior-M will work as units.

Photo Credit: SM Entertainment

[TRANS] [Naver Starcast] 140902 Heenim's Parts

First off I really wanted to say this, I really think Kangin’s character as a fruit vendor really fits himㅎㅎ Kanginnie really likes watermelon even before, even in midwinter he’s going to buy watermelon and eat it all alone^^

And i got the role as a bartenderㅎ. Rather than having no confidence in my character, I was the one who filmed (my part) first. After seeing other members’ shoot their parts, I thought ‘I should’ve acted in a much more fun way’ with regret. That was really a shame..  (When talking about their roles in their MV)


Personally, I’ve been thinking if I should be worthy of receiving any congratulations for our 100th performance. I haven’t performed in two years so I wasn’t really there (during performances). Even so, I thank members and all the fans, I want to work hard until the next 200th, 300th and 1000th performance. (When talking about Super Junior’s 100th performance)

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[info | news] 140318 SuperJunior-M comeback, going to release the mini album ‘SWING’ on March 21st

SuperJunior-M, the unit from the group SuperJunior, is going to officially make a comeback with the new mini album ‘SWING’.

SuperJunior-M, which is made up of Siwon, Donghae, Ryeowook, Kyuhyun, Eunhyuk, Sungmin, Henry and Zhou Mi, is going to release the entire songs listed in 3rd mini album ‘SWING’ on March 21st through various music websites of China, and will begin new activities.

Before the official activities, SuperJunior-M is expecting to reveal the first teaser video of ‘SWING’, which shows the new transformation of the members in advance, through China’s YOUKU SMTOWN, Weibo SMTOWN and YouTube SMTOWN channel and so on.

This particular album of SuperJunior-M is an album presented in about 1 year and 3 months after the 2nd album ‘Break Down’ and is adding anticipation.

In last year, SuperJunior-M won 1st place not only in Asia but also on America’s Billboard world album chart with ‘Break Down’. They received ‘2013 Baidu The Best Group Award’, the best award in the music field, in China’s ‘Baidu Peidian Awards Ceremony’ and also ‘Selling most number of albums in both Korea and Japan Award’ and so on and has a case of proving high popularity.

cr: Osen