superjail intro


Hey guys, mun B here! 

This is a Superjail ask blog featuring 4 versions of The Warden!!!! 

Below, you can see each version of The Warden that will be featured on this blog:


ORIGINAL! He likes to be referred to as Wardz or Wardy, but you can also call him Warden! 

FUTURE! He REALLY likes being called General and Commander. He doesn’t mind being called F, though it does get on his nerves if you use it as a swear???

KID! He loved being called Mini, but he also doesn’t mind BB and C as his nicknames.

BETA! Beta isn’t as picky with nicknames. You can call him literally anything and he wouldn’t mind. He normally likes being called B or Red (because of the glasses he wears). 

Anyways, how about we meet the person running this blog? Mun B! 

The B in the name stands for my main blog: beetlesnout. I post a lot of Superjail fanart and a few other fandoms. You could call me mun B or mun Beetle. 


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TAGS THAT WILL BE ON EVERY POST (with art): superjail, superjail warden, superjail fanart, ask

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