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You've got me all excited now haha! Can I have a Drabble of Gom + Kagami + Himuro + Takao on them getting like superish jealous and or possessive is some dude is flirting with their s/o pretty please?

omg yassss, I love jealous knb boys

Akashi, Himuro, Kagami, Kuroko, Midorima, Murasakibara done here.

AOMINE: He growled under his breath. How did you not realize that that guy was flirting with you? You laughed at another one of his jokes, causing Aomine to tense even more. Really, this guy had a death wish. Despite noticing several hundreds of Aomine’s glares, he just ignored him and continued talking to you. When the guy touched your shoulder to admire the necklace Aomine had gotten for you for your birthday, Aomine snapped. He marched over, slapping the guy’s hand away. “If you want to keep those hands, you better keep them off my girl. Now, back off.” Then, just to make sure the guy got the message, Aomine crushed his lips down on yours and snaked his tongue in, putting on a display of affection. “You’re funny when you’re jealous.” You grinned and he rolled his eyes.

KISE: Kise’s darker side would appear whenever you were near guys. He really was only sweet and funny to those he respected, but to others he loathed, he could be terrifying. You weren’t sure what happened but one second you were taking a sip of your drink and the next this guy was coaxing you to dance with him. Kise moved into action instantly, yanking the guy’s hand away from you and glaring at the guy. It wasn’t Kise’s cute, innocent glare, but it was the infamous, you-do-not-want-to-see-Kise-this-way glare. “You better back off ______-chi or you’ll regret it.” And he’ll smoothly move you to the other side of the room before returning to his cute, puppy-like self.

TAKAO: Having to remove juniors away from you was common for Takao. He was getting closer to cracking though. It was one thing to chat you up and to talk to you casually but it was another thing altogether to try and teach you basketball. That was his job! He swiftly jogged up to the two of you and pulled you away from the guy. With a threatening smile, he said, “Kid, I’ve got my hawk eye. I can teach her more than you. What can you do, huh? Huh? Huh?” Then he would just sweep you away, sit down, and plop you on his lap, snuggling to you with his arms wrapped around you. He would occasionally dart his eyes towards the kid though, telling him that his hawk eye didn’t only work for basketball.