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There is going to be a “Tumblr video” - a Tumblr skate video to be exact. If you haven’t heard of “tumblrcam2k14” well you’re in for a treat. It is going to a unique skate video compiled solely of Tumblr users from around the world. I spoke with the two people that are making this unique video a reality about the idea behind the video and how it all came about.

designs above by Luke Whitford


Street Piracy: To those who may not know who you guys are, well, who are you guys? 

Diego Gonzalez: My name is Diego Gonzalez, and I live in a small town right by Sacramento, CA. 

Maxwell Starr Collay: My name is Maxwell Starr Collay and I’ve grown up with skateboarding. Skateboarding is more than a hobby to me, like most others. 

SP: Have you two met in real life or have you become friends solely through Tumblr? 

MSC: I haven’t met Diego in person which is strange because he’s my dude! However, we will skate together soon. 

DG: His URL was once ‘periodcuntry’ and I always thought that was the coolest thing ever. He lives in Arizona, but one day we will skate a bunch of rad skateparks and ditches! Super rad and funny dude. And a great person to do tumblrcam with. 

SP: So who had the idea to make a “Tumblr video” a real thing? When did you guys say, “Let’s do this.”?

MSC: I may be mistaken, but I think I jokingly said someone should make a full length Tumblr video and Diego was like, “Dude, seriously, let’s do this.” He’s for sure the focused one out of us two which is critical for constructing a full lengther. 

DG: I think it kind of snowballed when I uploaded a minute long montage of skaters from Mainline skatepark and Max half-jokingly said how rad it would be if there was a Tumblr full length. We both kind of threw it out there and asked skaters on Tumblr what they thought and the feedback was extremely good. I talked to close Sacramento friends like thewarlockden, slappieskyler, indevedni, kegsyoubeezy, and Austin and asked them what they thought of the whole thing. A couple days later, I talked to Max, and tumblrcam was born. 

SP: Again, for those who may not know: what is “tumblrcam2k14” - tell everyone the idea behind it.

DG: tumblrcam2014 is a skate video of anyone who is willing to give us clips, regardless of skill, and we will create a montage with everyone from all over the world: preferably filmed with VX or HD, but cellphone quality could suffice in some instances. No full parts, no favoritism because of skill, and no sense of superiority among fellow skateboarders. We use the tag so we can see what people are doing in regards to the project, whether art, throwaway, or overall awareness of it. Luke Whitford has been amazing and helped us with the trailer and art. He helped so much with the edit and I don’t want his work to go unappreciated. craigkroyer’s art was extremely rad as well! A huge thank you to everyone who has created a text post, video, or picture with or for tumblrcam. 

MSC: The idea behind tumblrcam is to showcase the outliers in skateboarding. As most of you know I’m not a fantastic skateboarder and that’s not what skateboarding is about. So why should every video be about the gnarliest shit? So Diego and I decided to make a video that is open to anyone who loves skateboarding and has an email. We used Tumblr to spread the word. 

SP: Who decided on the title?

DG: Me and Max are 5050, so if we both disagree on something we go to a third party to help us out. He threw it out there, I liked it a lot, and it stuck. 

MSC: Diego and I used the hashtag tumblrcam2014 just to organize questions we got and we just decided to call the video that. We kinda boned tumblrcam from a video Bobby Green made called DADCAM. haha. 

SP: Were there any other titles for the video that were considered?

DG: Me, Trevor and Skyler thought of ‘reblog’, and then 'NSFW’ but to not confuse anyone we decided to keep the same name throughout the whole thing.  Maybe in future series we can give the name of a chronicle. 

MSC: There were a few other names we threw around I can’t remember all of them. I think one was 'NSFW.’ haha. Oh and 'reblogged.' 

SP: I think it is a really rad idea and I’m glad someone finally pulled the trigger and did it. Have you guys received a lot of footage?

DG: We have received a fair amount of footy, but maybe because we set the deadline so far ahead people forgot about it or waited until the last minute to send us stuff. A huge thank you to everyone that has sent stuff in, you guys are the best. But with school, full time jobs, injuries, and many more reasons, we understand why people couldn’t  make it. Also, deadline is pushed back one more month. Max won’t be in town all of July and we promised to edit the video together as a team, so because of lack of footy and his vacation, we are going to give people until the end of summer to submit stuff. 

MSC: We have received some footy. I’m hoping for more but people are busy with their lives and whatnot and I get that. Some artsy stuff would be rad too: Get a Mindfield/Diego Meek feel to it. 

SP: Do you think the Tumblr skate community is a unique thing? It seems like the connection between most of the people on here is pretty positive and strong. 

MSC: The Tumblr skate community is super unique. Go on tumblr for five minutes and you’ll see shaped boards, rails, grip art, etc., which is a nice change of pace from your generic style. I back every type of style but the Tumblr scene is refreshing. Sometimes, there is judgment that is not cool though…

DG: I like how the Tumblr skate community is like a giant skatepark. Skaters surround and associate themselves with like-minded individuals and feed off each other and can relate with one another because of trick selection or overall approach to skateboarding, while still inevitably seeing other peoples approaches at the park. Tumblr is one of the few unique places where so many different approaches to skateboarding collide, creating both arguments and agreements, all for this thing we all love and know as skateboarding. 

SP: So, how is the video shaping up all in all?

DG: Me and Max talk weekly about editing ideas and checking up on the footy in the dropbox and email. Once we see enough footy, most likely around deadline, we will edit it as soon as possible. 

MSC: Ya, we are waiting until the deadline to start editing. I’m really hyped to start. 

SP: Do you guys know how you are going to “premiere” it? Or is that to be announced later?

MSC: We haven’t discussed that yet! We are always open to ideas and that goes for anything really…

DG: Ya, it is all still in the works; once the final edit is looking solid we will figure out what will work best. 

SP: Well I’m really looking forward to the finished product and I actually need to get to work gathering some footage myself. I definitely want to be a part of this. That being said, any last words? Maybe words of encouragement about the video or anything like that?

MSC: To everyone out there, don’t be afraid to send clips, art or whatever in to us! Have fun with it!

DG: Tumblrcam isn’t a video trying to show exceptional skateboarding from only a small handful of talented skaters, but rather a display of all types of skateboarding, and a way to show one’s own skateboarding and local skate scene into a video alongside fellow Tumblr users and their skate scenes. Thus, creating a skate community that disregards geographical location and creates a montage with skaters worldwide! 


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Send footage, art, photos, and whatever else you’d like to contribute to - we want you to be a part of this.