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From EW’s series on brilliant movies that have been inexplicably ignored by the Oscars. Locke triumphs in the category of Films That Will Live On, and that’s ultimately the only thing that matters. 

Nominated for Nothing: Locke
Why history will remember it better than the Academy did: 

From its very premise—to film what is essentially a one-man show in real time—to its last frame, Locke sets itself apart. To create what feels like a realistic account of one man’s drive, Knight shot the film as if it were a play: the cast and crew ran through the film in its entirety with each and every take. The end result? A riveting story of one man’s life, and how everything about it can change over the course of an hour and a half. […]

Knight’s approach, when combined with his script and editing that places viewers directly in the car with Hardy, creates an emotionally spellbinding 85 minutes. 

The icing on the cake arrives in the form of Hardy’s subtle powerhouse performance. The camera never leaves his face as Hardy delicately balances his character’s visible emotions with what he reveals during those phone conversations. Hardy is tasked with playing a man who’s trying to be the best version of himself, all while having to hurt people he loves. It’s a performance of balance and finesse, and one worthy of Oscar recognition.

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