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brasslizard  asked:

Thank you so much for sharing your writing with us. I am a huge fan of your characterization, pacing, plot, and even your evil, evil cliff hangers. Your writing style flows very organically and I find myself reading and re-reading your work. 800 follower prompt: Shiro/Matt and either pointless angst (2, 15, etc) or shenanigans (14, 31, etc). Or writer's choice. Basically just Shiro/Matt. :-)

(Thank you so much dude you are waaaay too kind.  <3)

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No no, we aren’t breaking up! You didn’t let me finish. I’m gay for YOU. (And I’m queer for math!)

“We need to talk,” Matt told Shiro plainly.  “Honestly, this was long overdue.”

Pausing at the unusually flat tone, Shiro glanced back over his shoulder.  His shirt was still tangled around his arms as he yanked it off, and he let both hang in front of him.  “What kind of talk?”

Matt tilted his head up, jaw set.  It was an expression he usually used when he was steeling himself for something.  “One we should have had weeks ago.”

Well, that was straightforward.

Something about Matt’s expression made Shiro tense.  Maybe it was just that he was so unused to having it directed at him.  At least, not in months.  Years, now.

It was like Matt was trying to figure out how to break some bad news to him.

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