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“This is not one of those situations where it’s just smoke. There is in fact fire,” said Alabama’s new state superintendent of education, Michael Sentance.

The fire: Sentance revealed earlier this month that high schools there have “misstated student records … resulting in diplomas that were not honestly earned.” At a recent meeting of the state school board, he also admitted that Alabama’s education department had not provided enough oversight.

“This is a black eye for the department,” Sentance said, “and it makes the education system here look bad, and in some ways undeservedly so.”

The revelations come as high school graduation rates have been rising across the country, nowhere more than in Alabama. Its rate, now at 89 percent, has risen 17 points since 2011. The average state increase was barely four points.

Alabama Admits Its High School Graduation Rate Was Inflated

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For the white people who say racism doesn’t exist anymore. And this isn’t the 60s. First of all racism didn’t start in the 60s, but you know whatever…

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Second, I want to ask you…

How would you know racism doesn’t exist? 

How would it affect your life? 

There are about 77% of white people in America. So your the majority. 

Congress is 80% white. 

About 70% white people in federal government services. 

80% of faculty, including principals, superintendents, boards of education members, etc, in Education in America are WHITE.


Most Communities are Segregated in America. 

So Whites Live with Whites. 

Whites only is a thing still.

Almost 90% of law enforcement is white. 

79% of judges are white. 

95% of prosecutors are white. 83% of them are men. 

In the private sector people of color make up a 1/3 of the labor force. 

Which means 64% are White. 

95% of CEOs and upper Executives of  Business/Companies are White.

Three quarters of white people in America don’t have non white friends. 

So how does racism affect you? 

Would you see racism? 

And since white people are the majority of every sector/system in America, how could you see racism? 

Are you saying White people are racist against other White people? 

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Racism is about power. Not words. If a white person called me Nigger, I’d be angry, and I’d cuss them out. And maybe I’d woop some ass, but other then that…….

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That’s about how much that affects my day. But if this same person who called me a nigger was let’s say my teacher. There lies the problem. They have the power over my education, and my GPA. So them being prejudice, and anti black affects my life. It’s about POWER. And since whites dominate every system in this country. White people have the power to affect your income, education,food, environment,housing etc. 

Racism= Prejudice + POWER

All you have to do is look at Hurricane Katrina. 

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Flint Michigan 

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Detroit Michigan

Dear White People,

How would you know racism doesn’t exist anymore? 

You wouldn’t.

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