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okie, so, it's way after 15 minutes, but maybe one day you will consider that prompt: "I tried to say fuck off and fight me at the same time and I said fuck me" This is such a Tony thing to do :D

This is a million years old but oh man, this prompt really made me laugh a lot - that is absolutely something that Tony would do!

“We can’t go barreling in half-cocked, Tony. We need a plan, and no, making it up as you go along doesn’t count.” Steve gave Tony his best Serious Look over the top of the S.H.I.E.L.D. file which documented the latest threat to world peace in the form of AI-equipped robotic spiders which had been spotted scurrying through corn fields in Kansas.

“Sure, great, let’s make sure that everything we do gets okayed by you first. I just love having to get your permission before scratching my ass.” Tony glared daggers, his shoulders hunched as he radiated displeasure in a manner somewhat comparable to an angry cat in a bathtub.

“I know you can handle yourself in a fight, but for the sake of everyone, we need to know each other’s tactics and movements. It’s safer that way.” Steve tried to lay a conciliatory hand on Tony’s shoulder, but Tony batted his arm away and leaned forward onto the balls of his feet in an attempt to make up the height difference between them.

“Oh, it’s for the good of the team, is it? Not because you love being bossy, huh, Captain?” Tony spat, his eyes narrowed as he got up in Steve’s face.

Steve took a deep breath, grit his teeth, and willed himself to stay still and stay calm. “I’m not being bossy, Stark. But we need to find a way to work as a team,” Steve’s chin jutted up as he spoke, because god damn it, this was his job and it wasn’t his fault that Tony couldn’t see that. “And in case you didn’t notice yet, I’m actually the one in charge here.”

“Oh, FUCK ME, ROGERS!” Tony yelled.

Steve gawped for a second, open-mouthed.

“God damn it. I meant fuck YOU, Rogers. Or fight me. Or both, I don’t know, don’t give me that look.” Tony’s attempt at casually dismissive was rather undermined by the furious blush which was spreading across his face.

It was probably for the best that Tony had very little in the way of visible shame, because he really was one ugly blusher. Red blotches broke out across his cheeks, and the tips of his ears turned an unhealthy shade of puce. If he was being totally honest with himself, Steve found it rather endearing.

Tony’s scowl deepened as he caught sight of the amused twinkle in Steve’s eye. “It’s not what you think! I know you think my mind is always in the gutter but… it’s just… You’re distracting, okay?! The way you’re always ordering me around and giving me grief and the way you stand there with your stupid perfect hair and your stupid sculpted abs and that stupid charming smile.” Tony reached out to poke Steve in the chest for emphasis, realized what he was doing, blushed some more, and awkwardly shoved his hands into his pockets.

A switch flicked as Steve frantically reviewed his interactions with Tony and conceded, just a little bit late, that their arguments did seem to involve rather more touching each other and pushing each other into walls and staring at each other’s lips than was typical. Ahh. Well, that explained it then.

“Fuck you, huh?” Steve said with a mischievous grin, leaning forward until his hot breath brushed past Tony’s ear, “If that’s what you wanted, Tony, all you had to do was ask.”

‘’We’re visiting Bruce right now and she seems to get along with one of his dogs.’’

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‘’As long as Vino stays here, right, big guy?’’ *laughs*

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‘’We could go to the park together? I’ll keep my dogs in control.’’ *smiles*

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‘’Sounds good. You’re coming too, honey? Bye guys!’’

Hey does anyone know that fic where Bucky comes back but Steve can’t see him for some reason, so he gets all upset and starts driving across the country but then Tony catches up with him and the two of them go on a road trip and fall in love, but then Bucky gets better and starts hanging out with Steve, so then Tony gets all jealous and thinks that Bucky and Steve are in a relationship together even though they’re not?? If you find it for me I’ll love you forever thank


read it on the AO3 at

by bugtail

Tony Stark is an Omega and hates it. He does everything he can to hide that side of him, and goes as far as lying about him being an Alpha. Steve Rogers is an Alpha who hates not being able to pinpoint who Tony is, and will go to great lengths to find his secrets out.

Words: 6, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English

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Venomous Vegetation

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by Akira_of_the_Twilight

“How does this shit keep happening to me?” Clint sprinted across the lush jungle landscape, jumping over a boulder and into what had to be animal dung. Clint cried out and pinwheeled his arms as he lost his balance.

Tony seized Clint’s arm and yanked him forward so Clint was running instead of falling backwards. “Just keep running, just keep running,” Tony chanted.

“What do you think we’re doing?” Clint shouted as the land quaked under his feet.

A beastly bellow reverberated behind Clint.

Clint didn’t look back at the overgrown plant-thing that had decided Tony and him would make an excellent dinner.

Words: 2242, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English

Series: Part 5 of Strangers in Space

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STONY! 💖“You look straight ahead; I’m going to give you a smooch.”😘

Hey guys! Sorry for being disappeared so long. I am very busy now because of many new jobs. However I still have drawn the fan art which I like the most in my spare time.

Does anyone ship Stony?

You have sent me very many messages. Thank you so much. But I can’t reply to every single one now. For anyone who needs my authorization to share my pictures in the other websites, here’s my answer:

Everyone is welcomed to repost of these pictures but please indicate the source and author.

Thank you and have a great day! : )

Hail Stony! 💕

Okay so imagine that Steve gave Tony his dog tags before Civil War because they were together, happily in love. But once the fighting begins, things get messy between them and at the end of it, they don’t really know where they stand with each other. But Tony is convinced that Steve has made up his mind so he plans to erase him from his life even though he struggles letting the only person he’s truly loved go. 

But imagine Tony laying in bed at night, curled up underneath the duvet as he clutches the dog tags that rests so well against his chest. Tony can never let them go and he’s tried so many times but it feels so wrong. It’s painful that they’re there because they remind him so much of Steve as well as a happier and more simpler time. Tony curses himself for not letting them go as it only shows that he’s weak. 

And in love with Steve. 

While Steve stays in his hideout, heart aching and cold at the thought of Tony no longer loving him or wanting him in his life ever again. The thoughts are so painful that they keep him up at night, eyes glued to the phone that rest on his bedside table. 

Hoping one day that it will ring.

He yearns for Tony more than ever. 

At the back of his mind, he can’t help but wonder if Tony still has his dog tags, wonders if Tony still kept that little piece of him despite everything. 


Art I did for a SteveTony fanfiction anthology.
The theme was ‘Memory and/or Dream’, especially loss of memory after the Siberia thing. I tried to make a dreamy, empty atmosphere according to the theme and title. The members of the anthology are the authors I love and have respect. It was an honor for me to work the cover art :)