For colonelrogers - Fireman AU (SteveTonyFest Gift Exchange)

Somehow talking to my wife turned a contained kitchen explosion into ‘Tony’s a chef who likes to set things on fire in the kitchen, and the fire department gets a call over it every week. Steve’s a new firefighter, so when they get the “It’s the Stark” call they send him. Tony goes ‘woah, hot’ and Steve goes ‘your smoking toque or me?’ and when he doesn’t go back to the station furious or traumatized they start to always send Steve to Tony.’ 

Bot Left: Quick study of the basic uniform. Mid: Lines > Color ALWAYS


This is my gift to captainneverever for the stevetonyfest gift exchange!

Who wanted Steve and Tony on vacations (I tried for a bit of wrecked uniforms). Sorry for the delay and the lack of quality, i don’t know what happened to be honest. I forgot to ask you if you preferred MCU or 616 so, um… I did a weird mix of the two universes. I hope you don’t mind black and white? 

Anyways, I hope you like it! 

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They make my shipper heart squeal. I’m in love.

This is my STAC gift for natasha-stark-rogers who asked for a fake boyfriends, undercover AU! This rolls in at 3.7k, rated R.

When Tony got a call to come in to see Fury personally, he only banged his head on the table four times. Four times ten. Roughly. He wasn’t a big fan of the cyclops, but as the Avengers’ monetary supporter (and lead aerial support) he knew he had the upper hand anyway.

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take me to church | STEVE & TONY (Stony)

What about Tony not being able to sleep if steve is out late. Tony drifting on the couch, because the bed is too big without steve. Steve coming home and the lights are dimmed but the TV is still on and some godawful shopping channel is on. Tony half asleep in front of the TV. Steve has to pick Tony up off the couch and carry him to bed. Tony waking up not quite remembering how he got to bed but not caring because steve is there next to him.


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by Potrix

“SexyMechanic70,” Natasha reads aloud, nodding approvingly.

“Sounds promising,” Clint offers.

“And look,” Bucky adds, “he didn’t even send a dick pic! And he praised your sketch which, by the way, is a totally lame icon choice.”

Steve snatches his phone back, batting Bucky’s hands away when he struggles to reach for it again. “Cut it out,” he grouses. “Also, excuse me for not posting a picture of my abs.”

“A true tragedy,” Sam sighs, earning himself an indignant squawk from Bucky and a betrayed look from Steve. “What? I’m just saying. They’re great abs.”

“True,” Nat hums and bumps the fist Clint is holding out to her.

Words: 2449, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English

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Steve/Tony Anaconda

A/N: I want another dog so badly 

“Goddammit!” Tony said- shouted, really as he slammed his hands on the table, startling Steve, “What do you want?”

“E-excuse me?” Steve asked, eyes wide as Tony stood up and began pacing around the room, running his fingers through his hair.

“Tell me, what do you want,” Tony repeated.

“Tony, I don’t understand-“

“What do you want?” Tony emphasized as he shook Steve’s shoulders, his brown eyes wide and frantic as they stared into Steve’s blues.

“Calm down, Tony-“

“You want kids?” Tony asked, stepping away from Steve when he tried to touch Tony.

“What?” Steve said, baffled by Tony’s words.

“Is that what you want? You want kids? Okay, I’m willing to adopt. You want to settle down? Okay, I’m never going to love anyone else anyways. You want a house with a picket fence? Okay, I’m rich.”

Steve stayed silent, shocked by Tony agreeing to all the things he didn’t want 10 years ago.

“Tell me what do you want, I’ll give it to you, I’ll try to make you happy, please, what do you want?”  

“What do you want?” Tony teases, tracing patterns on Steve’s chest as they lay naked in the sheets.

“You,” Steve answers, 18, and he had a lot waiting for him in the future, “Just, you,” 18, he wasn’t sure of the future has, but he’s sure of Tony.

“Because if your answer isn’t the same as it was 10 years ago-“ Tony choked, holding back tears, fingers shaking as he ran them through his hair again, “Tell me,”

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When Brown Eyes Met Blue

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by AShortInfinity

The first time brown eyes met blue, it was a fleeting glance; nothing that stood out to either person. The party had too many brown eyes, blue eyes, hazel eyes, and green eyes for these two particular sets to catch each other for very long. It was more along the lines of a simple acknowledgement of the other’s existence before the eyes moved on, meeting more colors and forgetting them as quickly as they were seen.
But the second time brown eyes met blue, the world stood still.
And they became desperately, unapologetically lost.

Or where Tony and Steve don’t know who the other is, until the morning after they have sex and find out they’re on the Avengers team together. Whoops.

Words: 6141, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English

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Steve | Tony | Human

you keep his shirt - Steve/Tony fic.

Title: you keep his shirt.

Word Count: 7027

Pairing: Steve/Tony

Summary: So, Tony has never been that particular about the clothes he wears. Even less so since he started dating Steve. And that is why this recent development in the crazy storm that is Tony’s life doesn’t make any sense.

There is no real explanation about the recent obsession he has developed with wearing Steve’s clothes and, honestly, it’s even getting a little embarrassing.

Notes: This is my gift for starksrogers for the SteveTony Fest. You said you preferred the MCU and fluff so I hope you like this clothes sharing!fic <3 Happy SteveTony Fest everyone and happy birthday to Steve Rogers. May Tony give you the best of gifts ;)


One Night

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by loopyzoop

Tony is better at looking after drunk people than he thought, Steve likes mead, and it’s all kind of Thor’s fault.

Words: 5284, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English

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