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Hi please can you write a stony fic for prompt 65 or 63?

AAAAAAAANGST, Nonny. The fucking feels have taken over and I can’t write happy things right now. So here you go!

This is a non-powered!AU in which Tony is still Tony Stark and Steve is tiny. Enjoy!

If you’re interested, here is the link to the prompt post. Feel free to message me with requests. <3

65. I loved you and then you were gone…and I knew I lost you.

The broken wheel on the half-filled cart he is pushing is really starting to wear on Steve. Shuffling through the grocery store, trying to find a way to stretch $30 over two weeks, he finds himself day-dreaming again. A pair of bright blue eyes flash through his mind and he has to grip the handle of the cart harder to keep himself from tripping over his own feet. He has a number taped to the fridge back home; he could make things right but he won’t. He has 29 days worth of evidence to prove it. He’s a coward and he knows it.

He finishes filling up the cart with things from the day-old bread cart, the managers special meat, and whatever fruit is on the best sale. He unloads the cart onto the conveyer belt and holds his breath as he watches the bill start to add up. The total rings up to $31.15 and, embarrassed, he decides he can live a few weeks without bread. He barely makes it at $29.87, collects his bags, and makes his way out of the store.

Steve walks the few blocks back to his studio apartment, busies himself putting the groceries away, and slumps down on his sorry excuse for a couch. The dingy walls feel like they are closing in on him and he has to drop his head between his knees to keep himself from panicking. It takes him several minutes before his breathing comes back under control and the tears finally spill over and he sobs into his hands and breaks apart under the weight of the last 30 days of his life.

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I’m really sick so I decided to draw teenage tony and steve. i gave steve more of a modern haircut.

i realize i should have made the buckle and belt the same color as the jacket because right now it looks like steve decided to let it all hang out OTL. I might get around to fixing it later. 

I got a new drawing program too, so this was also done to test out how it works. 

Tony. Doctor Tony Stark.

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by itsallAvengers

Steve is sick again, surprise surprise.

So, of course, his friends decide to have him carted off back to hospital for the fourth time that month. God, does he hate hospitals.

Until he meets his Doctor.

Words: 9726, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English

read it on the AO3 at
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lilian_cho posted translations of DEFINE COLOR by letitrado (MCU), Art by By ultimatesue (EMH), Art by osuda (AvAc) and Art by yukkoyy

laireshi posted Till Death Do Us Part (And Beyond) (616), An Unbroken Heart (616), Saving the world, one genius engineer at a time (616) and Earthquake (616)
lazywriter7 posted Put My Head Under My Pillow (MCU)
meatball42 posted Rescue (MCU/EMH) and Pumping Iron (MCU)
navaan posted Heavy Petting (616)
neurotoxia posted Captain America’s Stamp of Approval (MCU)
fastpitch03 posted slow dancing in a burning room (MCU) and No Amount of Guilt (can change the past) (MCU)
sineala posted Stuck on You (Marvel Adventures)
the_kinky_pet posted Power and Paradox, Chapter 54 (MCU)


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Thor and Pikachu have something in common.

Steve Rogers was born with the shield. The serum just added wings to him.

Vision and his long-lost puppy.

Avengers and Pokemon drawings.
I had a lot of fun.

As I found that Cubone lost his mother and was traumatized by the experience like Tony, I add this comment. I didn’t know the story of Cubone when I drew it since I primarily used visual cues and/or abilities of the Pokemons for the match. Maybe someone who wears a helmet has a past that makes him wear it with which he can have power to move forward.
Tony would take good care of Cubone as he knows what kind of feeling the event gives.

Once Upon A Time

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by StarkasticAvenger

Tony Stark, a devil in disguise, tries to enjoy living on Earth playing games and tricks on the mortals who inhabit it. Things change when a mysterious bartender is able to resist the gifts from Hell that Tony has. Now the demon on Earth must get use to this newcomer who just so happens to be just like Tony only the exact opposite.

Words: 3480, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English

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To the Stars

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by malfoys_cousin

In which Steve agrees to draw Tony like one of his French girls, but will not have sex in a car.

Words: 1594, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English

Series: Part 2 of Let Me Be Your Good Night

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Steve Rogers knew that Tony Stark was the man for him when they first met nearly a decade ago. But time takes its toll on even the most passionate couples. Steve is a kind, virtuous man with a stubborn streak a mile wide, convinced it’s his way or the highway. Tony has a heart of gold hidden behind an armor of sarcasm and faux-indifference, convinced the ends justify the means.

When their relationship takes a turn for the worse with an obstacle they just can’t seem to overcome, they realize it’s time to call in a professional. But will his bizarre, unorthodox methods help bring them closer together… or will it make them realize that it just isn’t worth it?