Fuck off.
- Tony / Charles

- Steve / Erik

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Steve is also pretty shameless about his love for Tony as well. 

He makes sure to proclaim wherever and whenever he can whether Tony is around or not. Steve wants to make it very clear that he isn’t with Tony because he has to be or because he’s been ‘bewitched’ (really, guys?). The love that he has for Tony is so unadulterated and so real that sometimes it even surprises Tony just how much Steve really loves him. 

There’s an incident where Steve is being interviewed and the interviewer makes a rude comment about Tony as well as how someone as good and pure as Steve could love a man who’s filthy, wrong and basically a mistake. 

Steve’s eyes are livid as he tries to restrain himself, tells himself to be calm but oh god, it does not work. 

He slays the interview and makes it known just how wonderful, beautiful and incredible Tony Stark is. He announces how much he loves him, how important Tony is to him as well as the rest of the team, his family. 

“I love Tony more than anything and I will continue to love him until I draw my last breath even if he chooses not to love me anymore. He is such an important part of my life, our lives that if he were to suddenly disappear, I wouldn’t know what I’d do.” 

He then turns to look the interviewer in the eye. 

“And I’m definitely not pure. I mean, fucking your boyfriend so hard until he comes all over himself five times is hardly pure…right?” 

Behind the scenes, Pepper is immensely happy but can’t help but face-palm due to the last comment. 

Every single time…

Okay but the CapIronman fandom with their 20-40 something year old fans and mods and the 25,000+ word annual Big Bang events that come up with a series of well written and thoughtful long fics (that average 50-80,000 words in length) with accompanying art are the reason I’m able to get through the day smiling (and sometimes devastated by angst but happy to be so)

Let’s have some fun, Cap.
- Tony / Charles

Photo: @shadowwalkercosplay

Banner for the awesome fic “Living Fossils (in Fine Feather)” by @veldeia!
We thought the fandom really really needed more dinosaurs in fanfic, so here is Vel’s Dinotopia AU (no previous knowledge required).
Go read the fic, it is THE CUTEST!

This picture is also for the Stony Bingo, for the square with the workshop on it. The dinosaurs are Dum-E, U, and Butterfingers in this AU, who often run around in Tony’s workshop.


read it on the AO3 at http://ift.tt/2aBUbb0

by amobisan

“There’s this, this perverse little quirk of human biology, this accident of nature – Look. The doctors, and they’re my doctors, you know I bought only the very best. They’re saying that, well, something something cortisol hyperproduction, secondary adrenal something, the relevant point being, don’t think I didn’t see your eyes roll, how you can still be so prissy with that thing lodged in you? They said they can’t actually find a way to operate to take the hunk of metal out of your body until you’re not all tensed up from pain and pumping distress hormones like they’re on sale. They haven’t been able to tweak the morphine enough; there’s still nothing that can stand up to your metabolism. No, uh, our best idea is a lot less… conventional than that.”

(This one’s pretty much just porn, guys.)

Words: 9309, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English

read it on the AO3 at http://ift.tt/2aBUbb0

Tony’s Totally Not Sad Post Civil War Breakup Playlist - steve and tony are never ever ever getting back together [listen]

01. we are never ever getting back together - taylor swift 02. gives you hell - all american rejects 03. gotta go my own way - high school musical 04. bye bye bye - n’sync 05. girlfriend - avril lavigne 06. quit playing games (with my heart) - backstreet boys 07. since u been gone - kelly clarkson 08. irreplaceable - beyonce 09. bad blood - taylor swift

Woof And Bark!

read it on the AO3 at http://ift.tt/2azDGdR

by Chazion

In which Tony is actually a stray dog picked up by Steve. Surely but slowly, as he spends more time with Steve, he slowly longs to be human.

Words: 1005, Chapters: 1/5, Language: English

read it on the AO3 at http://ift.tt/2azDGdR

Steve Rogers knew that Tony Stark was the man for him when they first met nearly a decade ago. But time takes its toll on even the most passionate couples. Steve is a kind, virtuous man with a stubborn streak a mile wide, convinced it’s his way or the highway. Tony has a heart of gold hidden behind an armor of sarcasm and faux-indifference, convinced the ends justify the means.

When their relationship takes a turn for the worse with an obstacle they just can’t seem to overcome, they realize it’s time to call in a professional. But will his bizarre, unorthodox methods help bring them closer together… or will it make them realize that it just isn’t worth it?