The Guardian of the Bump

fandom: Stony (Steve x Tony), Avengers,

universe: Figaro universe + mpreg!Tony

summary: Tony is becoming increasingly uncomfortable during pregnancy and the solution to his problems comes from an unexpected place.

length: 1 491 words

warning: male pregnancy

a/n: some time ago I asked what kind of fics would you like to read more, and listed some of my universes and mpreg fics and Figaro fics, and @kigichi being the helpful person she is, yelled “BOTH!!” so, as a bday gift for her, I share with you all this fic! hope you like it, go wish @kigichi a happy birthday and don’t forget to like and comment! Happy Birthday, friend!! Hope your dreams will come true!


The Guardian of the Bump

Tony gritted his teeth, trying to last. Everything was irritating him. The covers were too itchy, it was too hot and his back ached. Every minute or so he experienced a pulsating pain in his stomach that kept him awake. He didn’t want to complain. This was his to endure.

“Mhmp…” a small, muffled groan slipped past his lips, when his stomach was pierced again, stronger than before, which caught him off guard. Maybe it was safe and no one heard it…

Wishful thinking.

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I needed more Steve/Tony themed infinity War iPhone backgrounds so I made these. I thought I would share them with you! :) 

This is the same artwork from the posters cause I think it depicts the two and how they feel during infinity wars. Tony the scared but determined Bambi and Steve the angry papa bear that is ready to tear someone a new one. 

To have the individual ones I will put them under the ‘keep reading’ sign below!

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  • Peter: [going out on a date with Wade]
  • Steve: Where are you going to be?
  • Peter: The library.
  • Tony: Make sure the "library" uses a condom.
  • Tony: Spidey, honey, could you come in here, please? Would you please inform Cap that I'm no longer speaking to him.
  • Peter: Captain Rogers, Mr. Stark is no longer...
  • Steve: ... I get it. Thank you, Peter.