Beauty & the Beast Epilogue (11/11)

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Inspired by @hello-shellhead‘s wonderful and amazing artwork located here.

Tony looked at the holo screens in his lab, studying Ultron’s coding.

The need to complete it was not nearly as strong as it once had been. He still believed that the Earth needed to prepare its defenses for when a real alien threat came again, but he could see more clearly Steve’s point.

Ultron was a double-edge sword. In a perfect world Ultron could be their protector, but they didn’t live in a perfect world. The universe was vast and while Tony might be able to outsmart and out-program many on Earth, a more technologically advanced species might see his programming the same way he sees Hammer’s. Plus, people with special abilities were popping up across the globe. All it would take is a technopath to turn Ultron against them all.

Tony touched Ultron’s programming and shifted it onto the USB he’d inserted into the computer.

Tony removed the USB. “All traces gone from the server, JARVIS?”

“It is as if Ultron never existed,” JARVIS responded.

Tony nodded. He marched over to one a wall a removed one of his ACDC posters to reveal a safe. He’s find a more secure location for the USB later, but this would do for know. Tony hide the USB inside the safe, locked it up, then hung the poster back in place.

Maybe one day he’d need Ultron (a day he dreaded). For now though, he wanted to trust Steve and his teammates instead of cave into fear.

Tony smiled and pulled out his cell phone. He dialed Steve as he ventured out of his lab and into the elevator.

“Hey, Tony,” the smile could be heard in Steve’s voice. “I was about to call. Everyone is already here. What’s taking so long?”

“Just had to tidy up some loose ends.” Tony punched the button for the bottom floor. The elevator lowered. “Order me a drink, please? You know I have no patience.”

“Sure.” The elevator stopped and opened at Steve’s answer. “Any requests?”

“Surprise me.” Tony stepped out and headed for the exit. “Be there in fifteen.”

“All right. Love you.”

Tony smiled. He pushed past the doors and entered the outside world. “Love you too.”   

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