These are Scaly-foot snail (Chrysomallon squamiferum), an iconic vent endemic gastropod known only from the Indian ocean deep-sea hydrothermal vents, at more than 2500 metres deep.

This unique snail species lives just beside black smokers that are churning out superheated water exceeding 350°C. Has also harnessed the power of chemosynthesis, housing endosymbiotic bacteria in an enlarged part of its gut. This produces the energy it needs. it has a food factory inside its body and doesn’t even need to feed! This is likely the reason it can grow to about 45mm in size, when most of its close relatives without endosymbionts are only 15mm or smaller.

Machine and Nerve

There…as always, his own work was far superior. 
Slowly, he flexed his upgraded prosthetic. It felt like his original arm, lost during his Games in the same blast that had claimed him victory; severed from the elbow down by a shard of superheated energy. 
He clenched his fingers and the mechanical joints responded, closing tightly. 
Someone knocked on the door, and he jerked upwards slightly, removing the metal apendage from the ports on his arm. 
Better to let whoever it was see him as crippled than as a monster…
He checked the door’s camera. 
Oh thank Shaw…Katniss!
He buzzed her in, covering the arm with a towel. Not even the girl he loved could see it…not right now.

Ok anyone notice that in BH6 Honey Lemon gives no regard for lab safety at the beginning when she’s “superheating to 500 degrees Kelvin” with her hair all over the place
And then in the supersuit montage she’s a little more careful and her hair is pulled back into a tight bun
Seems like she’s a bit more afraid of lighting stuff on fire.


Just as long as I’ve got you….

*bangs hands on table* more disabled superheroes more disabled superheroes more disabled superheroes more disabled superh


Thought I’d make a fun hunter video of me superheating while grenwall catching.

I’m going to do a serious test later just concentrating on the hunter xp.

here was the result in 1hour if you can’t see

(bxp, 3% ava, raf, yaktwee)

The Little Percy pt. 1

 Alright, my first fanfic in like forever, give me your thoughts please.

  Once upon a time, in the distant time of the gods, there existed a kingdom at the bottom of the waves, populated by merpeople. The ruler of this kingdom was the great God-King Poseidon, the king had many wives who bore him many children, but two of his favorites were his youngest wife Sally and their child, Perseus, Perseus’s favorite sibling was his older half-brother Tyson. The two were inseparable, they were rarely apart, often going on hunting trips together as none in the kingdom possessed better eyesight then Tyson, though his true talent lay in blacksmithing, using superheated vents to shape metal at the bottom of the ocean. While his brother’s talents lay in more physical tasks, Perseus’s greatest talent was singing. Those who heard him sing often claimed he was the greatest singer in the seven seas and no one could compare.

Every merman and mermaid were allowed to visit the surface on the 16th birthday, as a rite of passage and each year another of Perseus’s siblings would go to the surface and see the land and sky, the domain of men and angels respectably. Each time they returned from the surface and Perseus was home between hunting trips he would ask them everything about the land above, what it felt like, how it smelled, what they heard, and so forth. He was also greatly interested it the humans that resided there, often asking his mother and brother about them, but all he ever found out was the differences between them, that they couldn’t breath underwater while merpeople can breath above and below, that their life spans were significantly shorter than the merpeople’s 300 years, that when they were upset water fell from their eyes, but the most prominent difference was what happened when they died, when merpeople died, they turn to sea foam and ceased existing entirely while humans souls were eternal and persisted beyond death, flying into the kingdom of angels.

At long last, it was Perseus’s 16th birthday, and his turn to see the surface.

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Dans le dernier épisode en date de Agents of SHIELD, Coulson lâche « c’est le moment d’appeler les Avengers ». La nature et l’univers cinématique Marvel étant bien faits, voici donc Avengers: Age of Ultron, le nouveau film.

Lequel commence, comme il se doit, par une baston homérique entre les susnommés et les sbires de HYDRA, dans une forteresse où ces derniers se livrent à des expériences indicibles, avec l’aide d’un artéfact asgardien: le bâton de Loki.

Les gentils finissent par le récupérer, mais Tony Stark décide de l’utiliser pour un de ses Plans Mégalos et, à partir de là, les choses partent en gonade. La créature de Stark se retourne contre son créateur et, avec l’aide de deux humains dotés de superpouvoirs, il décide d’anéantir les Avengers – et, au passage, l’humanité.

C’est peu dire que cette suite était attendue. Elle fait suite à un premier film Avengers excellent, un très bon Captain America et, pour lier le tout, une série – Agents of SHIELD – qui donne beaucoup de corps à l’univers. Tient-elle ses promesses? C’est une autre histoire.

Disons les choses ainsi: si c’est un honnête film d’action/superhéros, il n’est pas vraiment au niveau de mes attentes. Son déroulement est très haché, le méchant n’est pas particulièrement intéressant et les scènes d’action sont peu lisibles.

Ce qui le sauve, c’est en grande partie la cohérence de l’univers cinématique Marvel, ses personnages secondaires et, paradoxalement, les scènes hors-action, qui donnent aux personnages une nouvelle profondeur. Le cœur de l’histoire, c’est de savoir si ces Avengers sont une vraie équipe ou juste une bande d’égos plus ou moins cassés à l’intérieur.

Après, OK, c’est un film bien impressionnant, avec des grosses explosions et des effets visuels qui décapent, des lieux exotiques – Séoul et une république montagneuse est-européenne qui s’avère en fait être le Val d’Aoste – et des répliques de badass.

Mais au final, j’ai eu l’impression de voir un film de transition et non la grosse apothéose tacitement promise pour un film qui réunit les plus grands héros de la planète. Il n’est pas mauvais, il est juste bon là où on attendait un excellent film.

Et puis avoir un titre qui fait slogan pour lessive, ce n’est pas très malin.

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