the pressuregun is a prototype anti-armor infantry weapon developed by white planet during it’s stint as a wartime development hub. it seems to just be a reinforced chamber that takes gas from an ammunition charge that is pressurized with a motorized piston and then released at high speeds through a pilot light

basically, it works like a super soaker. but on fire

anyway, the pressuregun presents a really interesting level design question; because of the way that it’s recoil mechanic works it’s very good for sheer vertical height but it’s not so useful for precision traversal, and it’s so good at sheer vertical height that it’s super fun to use and i want to keep it basically exactly like it is

like look at this, like WOOSH im out, i’m going to space, fuck you

but the problem is that a lot of the progression in star signal revolves around picking up items that allow you to ascend easier and gain more ground. the ultimate weapon is characterized not necessarily by damage as much as it is the fact that it helps you solve the ultimate problem, which will probably be like 5 miles above you and 2 miles to the side

my kneejerk solution to a problem like this is just to make it so that if you hit a ceiling hard enough (ie: by using the pressuregun) you bounce right off like a looney toons character and uncontrollably fall right back down to where you started because you’re too dizzy to use your guns or even significantly impact your aerial trajectory

for the sake of clarity this probably wouldn’t hurt. anything but 144′s pride.

fic idea: Tim gets fear gassed and everyone’s too busy on patrol to help him or move him somewhere safe. he keeps seeing all his friends die, or remembering when they actually did. at one point he screams out for Conner and, because Conner has superheating, he hears him and comes as fast as he possibly can. When he finds Tim alone under the effect of fear gas, he takes Tim’s comm, turns it back on, and gives everyone a damn good chewing out for just leaving Tim like that. Then he takes Tim back to the batcave and waits for him to be okay again and keeps him calm cause that’s what you’re supposed to do when someone you love needs you (a fact he pointedly reminds the entire bat family of, several times).



You asked for it, so I give you my (NEW!!!) original miraculous holder, Cammy Camarón, the Miraculous crew’s half French, half Spaniard new classmate, with the mysterious mantis shrimp miraculous!  Her kwami is the cantankerous Crill, whose favorite sustenance is roasted seaweed.

Her transformation phrase is “Arthropo-a-gogo!” (probably funnier for a pun-loving science nerd like me)

Her special ability (like Lucky Charm or Cataclysm) is the Pistol Punch, where she gets one chance to use her superheated ray, which can heat or boil whatever it hits.  It’s great for making gumbo!

Here are some neat facts about mantis shrimp, in case you’ve never heard of them (but you’re on the internet, so I’m guessing most of you already have XD).

(Please notice how her hair looks like cooked shrimp)

(This is a joke. Did people get that this was a joke?) (Camarón means shrimp, guys XD)

Think near-boiling water is too hot to support life? Think again. The geysers and hot springs of Yellowstone National Park host an array of thermophillic, or heat-loving, microorganisms that can tolerate temperatures as high as 175 degrees Fahrenheit. These bacteria, along with other microorganisms like archaea, create the vivid color palettes of some of Yellowstone’s famed springs and geysers, like the Grand Prismatic Spring pictured here.

The blue center is the heart of the spring, where nearly boiling water makes it impossible for anything to survive, resulting in a startlingly blue hue. As the temperature dips farther out from the hot spring’s superheated center, though, more and more kinds of bacteria, fungi, and other microorganisms are able to endure. The different rings of color emanating from the steaming epicenter represent different microbial communities that call the spring home.

The most heat-tolerant cyanobacteria dominate the still-extreme temperatures in the yellow-colored ring, while the outer, orange layer hosts an array of organisms that can’t stand the heat quite as well as their neighbors. The colors of these rings also change in response to the time of year and other environmental factors. The cooler outer rings, meanwhile, form ecosystems of their own, hosting flies, mites, spiders, and other animals. Ephydrid flies feast on the bacterial communities and lay their eggs there, while predators like wolf spiders and parasites such as mites are drawn here because of the presence of the flies.

Find out about more amazing species thriving in exceptional environments in the special exhibition Life at the Limits, open now through January 2016. 

Reasons why i think Prasiolite is the best gem for an amedot fusion

-Type of quartz form the same “Family” as amethyst (so she’d be chubby!)
-Is like green, like peridot

-Is created by superheating an amethyst until it changes

-Symbolises strong connections(their relationship), and a connection to the earth(peri being a new crystal gem)

-represents mental and spiritual growth(peri’s redemption)

-the gemstone itself is commonly used with peridots and amethysts anyways


The Huge-LQG (Large Quasar Group)

The Huge-LQG is a possible structure that could be one of the largest in the known universe. Having originally been identified as the largest, the Hercules-Corona Borealis Great Wall is bigger at 10 billion light years.

The Huge-LQG consists of 73 quasars, a quasar being a class of active galactic nuclei is essentially a superheated region of gas and dust that surrounds a supermassive black hole typically being 10-10,000 times the size of the Schwarzschild radius of the black hole. The existence of this structure defies Einstein’s cosmological principal which states that at large scales, the universe is approximately homogenous (meaning that the fluctuation in matter density throughout space can be considered small). It’s around 9 billion light years away from us, has a length of 1.24 gigaparsecs which is 4.0443 billion light years and a solar mass of 6.1 quintillion (that’s 6.1 quintillion times the mass of our sun and our sun is approximately 2 nonillion kg’s)!

Nothing in this show is Random

“Lava is what comes out of volcanoes. That’s superheated peridotite.”


“Yeah…it’s made of the same stuff as Peridots.”

This exchange came back to me at random weeks and weeks after it happened. I just wrote it off as an interesting geology lesson and a good opportunity for Peridot to talk about herself, and how she’d changed so far with Steven and the gems. 

But then something nagged at me. Because if I remember one big thing about geology, is that core of the earth is molten iron-nickel, and that it’s why the earth has a magnetic field. 



Peridots are literally magnetic. 

Protection (Final Rose)

“Watch out!”

Raine had roughly one second to realise that the power core she’d been working on was exploding before the blast enveloped her - at least, it would have if Diana hadn’t tackled her, pinning her to the ground and shielding her with her body. In the part of her mind that wasn’t reeling in shock, Raine computed a rough estimate of the temperatures and forces involved in the explosion.

She would, almost certainly, have been killed if she’d been hit. In retrospect, she probably should have activated the forcefields built into the lab. They were  a hassle to work with, but they would have been able to intercept the blast. As it was, she could only lie there as a cloud of superheated plasma seethed around her.

Her own Aura would never have been able to take the brunt of such a blast, but she could feel a much larger, more powerful Aura reinforcing her defences. And she could also smell something awful. It was the smell of flesh being seared and cooked.

Her eyes focused, and she realised what she was smelling. To protect her, Diana had foregone using any Aura reinforcement to pour as much of her Aura as possible into Raine’s defences. As a result, her cousin was currently being cooked alive by the cloud of superheated plasma. Finally, the lab’s systems managed to disperse the heat, and alarms rang out.

Her mom burst into the room with a bevy of robots, and Raine could only stare at the ceiling as Diana stumbled off her and shambled away. Anyone else would have been killed by something like that. Even now, chunks of charred, burnt flesh were sloughing off Diana’s frame. 

“Are you all right?” Vanille asked, yanking Raine onto her feet. “Are you hurt anywhere? Are you burned?” She glanced at Diana. “Diana?” The burnt figure made a wheezing sound and gave her what was most likely a thumb’s up.

“No… no… I’m… I’m fine.” She stared at her cousin. “But… Diana…”

“I’ll be fine.” Raine had no idea how Diana managed to force the words out, but already her wounds had begun to heal. Not even ten seconds had passed, and all of the ruined flesh had been replaced. Diana’s Aura stirred, and the regeneration accelerated. In less than a minute, it was impossible to tell that Diana had even been injured. 

“Hmmm…” Diana rubbed her chin. “Well, I guess that answers that question. I’ve always wondered how much damage superheated plasma would do to me if I didn’t transform and didn’t use Aura reinforcement. It turns out, it’s not too bad.”

“Not too bad!” Raine screeched. “I could smell you burning!”

“Yeah, well, it was superheated plasma. If I’d transformed, I would have just shrugged that off. Ragnarok not only heals faster but it’s also a lot harder to damage in the first place.” Diana shrugged. “But the whole corrosive energy that damages everything around me thing is still a bit hard for me to control if I’m in a hurry, and I was kind of in a hurry.”

“You… saved my life.”

Diana chuckled. “Well, you are my cousin and my number one minion, I couldn’t exactly let you die.” She glanced down at herself. “But if you want to pay me back… do you think you could get me some clothes? They didn’t exactly survive the blast.”

That's No Moonstone


Regarding Emily’s “regarding the update a half hour ago” update- If you can dodge a spell by jumping behind a wall then I think a superheated blade filtered through a kyber crystal is more than sufficient. Hell if magic is regarded as a form of energy transference I would go so far as to say that you could deflect a spell back at it’s caster and have it affect them instead.

* • ° ✦ 。HEADCANON.   after watching the pyro kid’s split second scene for the millionth time,   i realized —-  you don’t actually see him create flames when he attacks the reaver.   there is a ripple effect in the air & then the reaver suddenly catches on fire.   this leads me to believe that jonah’s powers are primarily  combustion based  rather than just simple fire manipulation.

COMBUSTION MANIPULATION:   a subpower of pyrokinesis,   consisting of superheating the surrounding air to produce a beam of explosive energy capable of immense damage.   in laymen terms,   jonah can send out a wave of intense heat capable of incinerating whoever’s unfortunate enough to get in his way.   this heat wave causes spontaneous combustion upon impact,   creating the flames that he can then manipulate,   same as any other pyrokinetic.   he’s discovered that starting things on fire,   he’s excellent at.   controlling the flames after they’re made,   however  …  that he’s still trying to master.

Aurorae shimmering over the steaming Earth

Geysers and hot springs occur when water gets superheated by underlying magma chambers filled with molten rock. A convection cell of sinking rainwater and rising superheated H2O establishes itself, dissolving and redepositing minerals as it cycles up and down through the energy gradient. Like the glowing plasma above which is fuelled by charged particles fired off from the sun interacting with our magnetic field and the particles at the tenuous edge of the atmosphere, the energy source is removed from the visible effect, but both reveal the essential interpenetration of all things and energies that make up the beautiful universe (or multiverse) that we live in.


Image credit: Iurie Beligurshi

The Keeper of the Grove (Part 69)

Qrow noticed the beam, pushed Ruby out of the car before he and Taiyang jumped out themselves, just barely avoiding getting incinerated along with it.

The flaming, falling wreck kept on going, headed straight for the others still on the floor, Yang, Blake, and Weiss unable to run for exhaustion or their injuries.

Winter rocketed through the air, stopping the wreck with a tractor beam before she threw it away to a deserted area of the park. Then, she zoomed over their heads, taking Pyrrha and Weiss along with her while leaving the others behind.

Qrow, Taiyang, and Ruby rolled on the ground, and hauled ass to the others, Taiyang stomping his feet and raising up walls of rock, dirt, and concrete behind them. The Queensguard reacted by destroying them almost as fast as they went up, with magnetically-accelerated bullets, energy blasts, and high-explosives.

Cinder screamed and flied up into the air, started blasting fireballs, blinding beams of superheated light, and making magma erupt all over Goldleaf Park to give both the surviving Heralds and Council forces cover to get the hell out of there as the Queensguard pulled back.

Weiss looked around as Winter sent her and Pyrrha zooming across Candela, suspended just in front of her in bubbles of energy.

The streets were deserted but for the peacekeepers and AFA roaming around in squad vans and tanks, thundering through the forgotten booths and stalls, helping tourists and citizens still trapped, and warding off looters and other criminals trying to take advantage of the chaos.

She frantically turned back to Winter, her face hidden underneath her helmet. “Winter, is that you?!”

“Snow Queen to Castle: both VIPs secured, en-route to Marhalika Avenue, and need extraction ASAP!” Winter barked. “I don’t know what the hell else these Tangos are capable of, and I don’t intend to find out!”

Then, she spared a glance at Weiss, and said, “Yes, yes it is, Weiss!” She smiled underneath her helmet. “We’ll get you both back someplace safe, somewhere where we can undo whatever the hell it is those people have done to you….”

Weiss tried to beat at her armour, found herself turning round and round inside her bubble. “Take me back! Take me back! Those people are my friends!”

Mine too!” Pyrrha cried.

Under the helmet, Winter’s eyes widened. “Sweet Shepherd, it’s even worse than I thought…” she muttered as she made a hard bank to the right, Pyrrha and Weiss’ internal organs spared from the laws of physics with the help of the fields.

You’ve got it all wrong, sis!” Weiss screamed. “They’re not the bad guys! They were trying to help us get away!”

I second that!” Pyrrha cried.

“You mean take you two back to wherever they’re holding you hostage and brainwashing you!” Winter cried as she sped up, straight to Maharlika Avenue. I got your message from Kajiki, Weiss—I’ve got a pretty good idea of how badly they’ve screwed up your head!”

I meant every single word of it!” Weiss screeched, her voice getting hoarse from the strain. “I’m not going back! The Valley is my home now, and if you’ll just listen to me, we can go back there together!”

“What the hell are they doing to you back there?!”

Everything I told you! Feeding me! Keeping me safe! Giving me things to pass the time with! I’m on parole now, actually, and now I work on a farm… and… well… I’ve even fallen in love with Ruby!”

Pyrrha blushed. “… I have too but with Penny instead, so I would really appreciate it if you please turn us around, and back to them, if it’s not too much trouble…!”

Winter looked at the both of them in turn as she began to fly down to Maharlika Avenue, and to a waiting jet with well-armed guards waiting. She gave Pyhrra to them, before she set Weiss down on her feet, and gently put her armoured hands on her shoulders.

“Weiss, as soon as things quiet down, we are having that talk about Stockholm Syndrome again, okay…?”

Suddenly, their comms crackled with Ironwood’s voice: “All units in Maharlika Aventue: MOVE OUT! I repeat: MOVE OUT!”

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New Order (feat. Brandon Flowers) - Superheated (Official Audio)