We covered SuperHot a while ago on ABG, it’s an über-stylish FPS where time only moves when you move.  Since they have just started a kickstarter campaign, we thought it would be a good idea to remind everyone just how awesome this game is.

Visually the game is stunning, especially in the footage of the latest builds, but it’s the time-only-moves-when-you-do mechanic that really makes the game a must play.  You’re effectively playing the whole game in bullet time, planning your movement and dodging between bullets and taking out the enemy.

The prototype is fully worth checking out, and the full version looks amazing, with shards of glass floating/flying through the air, Oculus rift support and the ability to slice bullets in half with a sword.  SuperHot is very cool, SuperCool.

Play the Free Prototype and check out the Kickstarter


Superhot: A Game That Only Moves When You Do!

Superhot is an FPS in which time moves only when the player does! 

The game’s concept is simple and yet brilliant! If a player stops, so does time, and through that comes on of the most innovative FPS’s in which you can dodge a bullet that’s seconds from hitting you.

Even better, you can play it online right now since the game is embedded on the developer’s site or support it in the Steam store.

After trying it in the browser I know this is going to make a great addition to my Steam account.


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SUPERQOT is a downright amazing unholy mixture of SUPERHOT and Quake that brings the time-only-moves-when-you-move mechanic of SUPERHOT to the original Quake game by id.

Everybody knows what Quake is (one of the most influential FPS’s ever released), but for those not in the know, SUPERHOT is an exciting game in development with a striking visual style and a ground-breaking gameplay mechanic in which time only moves when you do.  It’s a fascinating addition to the FPS genre which effectively meant the default state of the game is bullet time.  For those who haven’t tried the original SUPERHOT prototype, we’d highly recommend checking it out.

The addition of SUPERHOT’s time bending mechanics and visual style to the Quake make for an entirely new way to experience a classic.  Gameplay is still fast and fluid if you want it to be, but you can also slow things down and choose your shots.  It was released on April the 1st by the SUPERHOT dev team, but SUPERQOT is far from a joke, it’s just plain awesome.

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SUPERHOTline Miami is (as you may guess) a blend of Hotline Miami’s violent top down insta-death action with SUPER HOT‘s time-only-moves-when-you-do gameplay mechanics.

It’s still VERY early in development and could do with a bit of graphical flair, but the basic gameplay is exactly as fun and engaging as you’d expect.  SUPERHOTline Miami’s slow-mo bullet time gives you a little bit of time to plan your attacks and make evasive maneuvers, while still making for a pretty tough gameplay experience.

The current build was created over two days of development and only features four levels, but the dev is currently working on expanding it.   It’s a great concept, with a bit of work this could be a perfect mixture of time bending and top-down insta-death action.

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HASTE is a wonderful speed-run focused first person parkour game where speed really is of the essence.  Stop moving and time moves normally, but continue running and time slows down to a bullet-time style crawl.

Due to the many hazards, you’ll die a lot in HASTE, but this just pushes you to do better next time, with it’s addictive one-more-go mentality.  The areas are cleverly designed, with no immediately obvious route through them - you have to discover the best route by yourself with no hand holding.  This gives you a nice sense of achievement when A) you work out the route, and B) you get there without dying.

Behaving like a polar opposite to SuperHot (another excellent game), the time-only-moves-when-you-stop gameplay of HASTE adds a real sense of urgency.  Life won’t just pass you by when you stand still in HASTE, it’ll punch you in the face.  It’s a tough game, but it’s addictive nature means that you’ll keep on coming back for more, getting further with each attempt, then setting your sights on that elusive leaderboard.  It’s a super hard adrenaline-fuelled experience - hardcore parkour.

Play the Prototype, Free


Originally released for the 7DFPS gamejam, SUPERHOT is a FPS where time moves when you do. It’s initial release created such a buzz throughout the web that the creators decided to rebuild it into a full blown game. 

It’s such a simple concept that time is still when you are but I feel that in the wrong hands this could have been executed terribly. Lucky for us that this team know what they’re doing and turns this concept into a very satisfying experience. As someone who is horrid at first-person shooters, and I mean HORRID, I appreciate that I can actually stop and take in what I’m seeing to quickly take down the enemies as soon as I can. But this doesn’t make the game easy. You will find yourself in a bullet hell, having to weave through bullets which creates a fun but challenging puzzle dynamic. I’m very excited to see what new elements the full game will bring. It’s shaping up to be a refreshing and unique twist of the genre.

SUPERHOT is currently on Kickstarter until June 14 and you can play the Prototype on their website.

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