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Bruce/Clark: One falling asleep with their head in the other’s lap

“Stay awake.”

The voice that drags him back to consciousness sounds distant, but it’s firm and familiar, commanding attention. “You have to stay awake,” it repeats. Gentle fingers stroke his cheek before cupping it. “Open your eyes. I need you to stay awake. Kal.”

It’s a struggle, but he manages to pry his heavy eyelids open, meeting Bruce’s gaze. Lying supine with his head in Bruce’s lap, he doesn’t recall ever feeling this tired. “You just can’t stop yourself from barking orders at me, can you?” Clark says through cracked lips, feeling them split as his mouth quirks in a half-smile.

“If only you listened,” Bruce gripes back, carding his fingers through Clark’s hair, pushing the sweaty strands away from his eyes. He has his cowl off, face covered in soot, an ugly gash running from his temple to his ear. His breathing is laboured, and Clark doesn’t need X-ray vision to determine at least one of his ribs is cracked. The bullet wound in his shoulder bleeds onto the ‘S’ shield on Clark’s chest, a slow drip of red against yellow.

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All members of the Nerd Herd have a Youtube channel

Tadashi: TeddyBearSamurai.  Song covers, mostly old blues, jazz, showtunes and creepypasta readings. He sometimes posts Let’s Plays of PS1 and PS2 games and the Five Nights at Freddy’s series.

Hiro: SuperHiro. Brawler games, online first-person shooters and survival horror games.  

Fred: Fredzilla. Anything and everything. Charity streams, cosplay and convention videos, dance videos, gaming episodes and game reviews.

Gogo: V8Egghead.  Mostly videos of different car shows and motorcycle rallies as well as reviews of different motorbikes she’s driven and tested.

Honey: KelvinCutiePie. Cute flash games and online first person shooters. Also baking tutorials and livestreams of her chemistry lab. There is no middle ground: It’s either cutesy and innocent or total destruction. There is no in between.

Wasabi: PlasmaPrecision. Mostly cooking and tai-chi tutorials, along with a few fandom-based tribute videos (Mostly Star Trek and Game of Thrones). Collaborates frequently with Fred on cosplay and convention videos.

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Make me choose meme:

superhiro asked: Ian Mitchell or Peter Petrelli?

As promised, here’s those who made it to the final list:

citydin - peietromaximoff - therainbowbandit - inhumanvision - shipsabound - intuitivekendrick - ventimigrillo - superhiro - remarkablylame - breakfastafterten5591 - bewaretheviking - totallymyhero - secretlyroyal - chrisevansz - denweiyi - transportive - mayline-to-westoros - ii-romana - superfluousdee - nurphys - scarletxmoon - daenerys-hale - vltrcn - alyhendrixs - dancingwithrevolution - tersyne

Congratulations to all! And welcome to the heroes reborn net :)