anonymous asked:

Can you explain the mi-24 superhind

It’s basically a South African modernization package that replaces most Russian avionics, electronics and weapons for western ones, the biggest change being the french-made 20mm flexible cannon.

The package works in tiers, basically depending on how much a client can spend per helicopter, going from the lowest which is  a complete overhaul and new avionics only, to the highest being a complete re-design of the frontal area that includes a new cockpit based on the Cobra’s. 

Join this with the Mi-35 series and you get a machine that belongs in the same tier as the Mi-28 and Apache Longbow. 

The new cockpit looks hideous though. 


ATE Superhind

enrique262  asked:

Which do you prefer: Classic Mi-24 with rotating turret, classic Mi-24P with the fixed autocannons, or the newer Mi-35M with the shorter wings and fixed undercarriage?

Out of the 3, probably the Mi-24P. My favorite is the SuperHind though.