Superhero's Anonymous
  • Moderator:"Welcome to Superhero Anonymous. We have three newcomers today. Please, state your first name and your tragic backstory. Okay... You there. In the Green with the Bow. You first."
  • Green Arrow:"My name is Oliver Queen."
  • Mod:"Please sir, just your first name. We're suppose to be anon--"
  • Green Arrow:*interrupting* "After five years on a hellish island, I have come home with only one goal- to save my city. But to do that, I can't be the killer I once was. To honor my friend's memory, I must be someone else. I must be something else."
  • Mod:"Oh. Okay. That's...interesting. And creepy. Moving on. You in the Red."
  • The Flash:"My Name is Barry Allen--"
  • Mod:"Oh, come on!"
  • The Flash:"--and I'm the fastest man alive. When I was a child, a saw my mother killed by something impossible. My father went to prison for her murder. Then an accident made me the impossible. To the outside world, I'm just an ordinary forensic scientist, but secretly I use my speed to fight crime and find others like me, and one day I'll find who killed my mother and get justice for my father. I am the Flash."
  • Mod:"Thank-you for that information, Flash. I know more than I ever wanted to. Next!"
  • Supergirl:"My name is"
  • Mod:"hoe don't do it"
  • Supergirl:"Kara Zor-el..."
  • Mod:*throws papers in the air* "oh my god"
  • *storms out in frustration with heroes and their annoying self intros.*