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Find A New One

Originally requested and posted on my Wattpad account!

Fandom : DC Superheroes

Pairing: Jason Todd x Reader

“Timmy!” you yelled after the ravenhead boy who was walking down the hall.

“Y/n, how many times have I told you not to call me that!” he caught you just in time as you draped yourself on his back.

“Ugh, but I like it! Unless you want to be Timbo! I can work with that too!” you smile lightly poking his cheek.

By now everyone in the school was used to your outbursts with your best friend Tim.
He was a shy guy and not that social but he was a good friend.
And you had the vigilant life in common. Both of you quickly figured out the others secret identity and proceeded to go on patrols together. With Bruce’s approval of course.

“No thanks, I’m good.” Tim huffed setting you down and going for his locker.

“What’s the matter BFF? Not enough coffee in the morning?” you tease him again leaning against other lockers.

He peered behind the locker door giving you a glare.

“My brother’s back in town..” he mumbled slamming the door with force making you wince.

“So, Dick usually drops by this time of month..” you quickly follow Tim when he starts walking again.

“Not Dick, Jason. He’s so annoying!” Tim sighed and you chuckled.

“On the bright side, you have me now so I’ll join in on tonight’s patrol.” you wink showing off a bright smile making Tim smile as well.

“Thanks Y/n.” he gives you a quick hug before you separate going to class.


Tim sent you a message on when and where to meet up, so you got in your suit and out in to the night.
It wasn’t long before you found him crouching down on some dirty old roof.

“Timmy I’m not sure Alfred would approve of your mud stains.” you could already see him smile as he turns around.

“Took you long enough and don’t worry me and Al are good. C'mon everyone’s waiting for you.” he says tugging your arm and you follow.

Three blocks away is where you find the rest of the bats alongside an unknown guy with a red helmet.

“Who’s the tin can?” you whisper to Tim and he chuckles.

“That’s Jason.” he whispers back shoving you ahead. You turn around sending him a glare before you hear Bruce clear his throat.

“Jason meet y/v/n, y/v/n meet Jason.” you shake the guys hand and notice quite a few guns on him.

“How come she gets to know mine name and I only get to know her superhero name?” Jay questions taking of his mask.

The air got stuck in your lungs when you saw the face behind the heavy helmet.

“Uh..” you tried to say something but nothing came out.

“Because she’s my best friend Jay, hands off!” Tim warns the older brother.

“Yeah? I think you’re going to have to find a new one.” he smirks and you almost faint all the blood rushing to your cheeks.

“Let’s go Timmy..” you mumble tugging Tim by his hand.

“We just got here-”

“Now!” you hiss and he complies walking beside you.

“Call me!” Jason yells after you.

“Do not call him!” Tim whispers and half yells at you.

“It’s your damn fault! Why didn’t you tell me he was so hot?!”

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midnightstarlightwrites  asked:

7. “I almost lost you.”

Ever since they had accidentally revealed their identities to each other in the midst of a particularly nasty akuma fight, Marinette and Adrien’s relationship had changed a lot.

And that was an epic understatement.

From that specific day forward, their classmates had been beyond amazed to notice how the young designer was out of nowhere no more struggling with her words when she was talking to her blond famous crush. Both of them went from 0 to 100 overnight somehow, and it was now a common sight for the pair to be bantering quietly among themselves, for Adrien to carry Marinette’s bag through the college’s courtyard, for Marinette to call him out mercilessly on his lame and apparently neverending puns. With no one being the wisest as to how exactly this came to be, the pair had shifted seamlessly from being barely mere acquaintances to being the very best friends in the world, and as time passed their classmates stopped paying attention to them altogether.

Even Alya and Nino eventually came to terms with the fact that Marinette now meant Marinette and Adrien, and that wherever the blond model was, their pigtailed friend could be expected to be found not too far away.

In about the same time span, Ladybug and Chat Noir had grown considerably closer to each other, sparking anew the dating rumors about the superheroic pair. No amount of denying could convince their fans otherwise, and it was generally assumed that they were Paris’ new power couple. True, the blushing fest happening on both their faces whenever the topic was brushed did nothing to help them.

Adrien prided himself into knowing even the littlest things about his partner, and even Ladybug had had to admit that the new level their relationship had reached was showing (positively) in battle. He and Marinette had spent the past few weeks talking, joking, and getting to know each other more than they ever had. They were more in sync than ever, words were becoming less and less necessary between them as they fought, and akumas were dealt with quicker and quicker, with less and less damages. He was able without any struggle to predict her next move, and act accordingly.

The last akuma attack hadn’t been any different. Chat Noir had seen his lady run toward the akuma, a crazed one that ran around with a flame-thrower. He had known right this instant that she would get caught in the crossfire, and leapt to push her out of the way. He felt the flames licking his magic suit, but didn’t think twice about it. She was safe, that was all that mattered.

As expected, Ladybug tumbled out the way, managed to snatch the akumatized item, swiftly breaking it and purifying the butterfly. As he was expecting, as soon as she released her cleansing spell, Chat Noir began breathing more easily, the stinging feeling of the burn on his exposed skin subsiding.

Was what unexpected though, was Ladybug’s reaction.

No, he got no warning about how the girl would latch herself around his neck, shivering uncontrollably against his shoulder blade, clutching to him like a lifeline.

And he definitely got no warning about how soft her lips would feel despite how hard she crashed them on his. His brain froze, and it took him a few seconds to fully register what was happening. Out of their own accord, his arms wrapped themselves around her and he held her close to his chest, answering her kiss eagerly. He faintly registered cameras going off around them and bystanders’ exclamations, but he ignored them. He was too painfully conscious of the woman in his arms - his partner, his best friend, Marinette - to let anything else distract him.

She broke the kiss all too soon, resting her head against his shoulder, eyes still closed.

“I almost lost you.”

It then dawned all at once on Chat Noir. Countless times before he had taken the blow for her, still dead set on it being his job. He couldn’t bear seeing her hurt in any way, but it never occurred to him that it could be the same for her. And with their identities known, and the new direction their relationship had recently begun to take…

“I love you.”

It was barely whispered, words falling from his lips for her ears only. But as she raised glistening blue eyes toward him, he could read her answer in them as clearly as if she had painted it in bold letters.

So, ignoring the world losing their mind around them, ignoring the fact that they would probably be all over the evening news, Chat Noir softly held her chin up with a gloved finger and kissed her again.

anonymous asked:

Do you have anything for a vigilante/supervillian pining after a civilian?

  • “I know you happened to mention how much you hate that Starbucks, but really, I had nothing to do with its destruction. Really, I didn’t. I’m a super-villain but I’m not that much of a super-villain.” AU
  • Character A is an online blogger who works to uncover the secret identities of all the superheros/super-villains in their city. Character B is a super-villain who has been working to discover the identity of Character C (a superhero) so they figure that by getting closer to Character A…they can get closer to discovering who Character C really is, and then be able to destroy them.
  • Character A is a super-villain who is constantly capturing Character B and hiding them away in secret lairs…but it’s actually because Character A is terrified that Character B will be harmed in the fighting between Character A and Character C (the hero).
  • “I’ve been trying to ask you out for weeks, but all of my free time is spent plotting world domination and stuff, and I can’t work up the nerve to ask you out when I’m not wearing my super-villain costume.” AU
  • While picking up scones and coffee, Character A tries to chat up the person standing next to them (Character B). Later, Character A sees the city’s major villain fighting with the city’s major superhero, and Character A recognizes Character B from the coffee shop as the super-villain.
  • “You took my invitation for a fancy date as a threatening note and I am so sorry for the mixed signals. Can we try again? Please?” AU

This user is going on the record. Call me an optimist fool, I don’t care. But the Prince of Daxam storyline is not going to destroy Karamel. And he’s not going to die. It will get rocky for a couple episodes but in the end it’s going to bring them together even more because it will be the crescendo of his becoming a hero arc. By the end he will have earned his suit and the name Valor, and next season we’ll have a pair of Superheros facing even greater threats and hopefully we get Mon-El developing more powers and some fun storylines around that.

Misdialed Call Series

Originally posted by ohevansmycaptain

Summary: After an overall bad day, you call your best friend to rant and to vent. But when you accidentally misdial, you end up talking to a complete stranger. What you don’t know is that this stranger may not be a stranger at all. He may even be the world’s first superhero. (Drabble Series)

Pairing: Steve Rogers x Reader

Words: 3990

Part One

Part Two

Part Three

Part Four

Part Five (Final)


Originally requested and posted on my Wattpad account!

Fandom: DC Superheroes

Pairing: Jason Todd x Reader

Jason had to move. He had to get away from Bruce and the manor so he asked Roy to help him find an apartment.


“This looks promising.. ” Roy chuckled staring at the front door.

“It looks like it came from a horror movie.” Jason rolled his eyes but the real-estate lady kept on her smile and unlocked the door.

The inside of the apartment was in a good state and Jason seemed to be satisfied with the space.

“What do you think Mr.Todd? ” the lady gave him the overtly stretched smile which Jason ignored.

“I’ll take it…” he snatched the keys from her hand and quickly signed the paper rushing her out.

“Now that she’s gone, let’s get my stuff!” Jason clasped his hands together and Roy groaned, he hated moving the furniture and boxes.


After they got the apartment all set up they collapsed on the couch.

“You need a heater Jay, it’s freaking cold in here.. "Roy said gazing around.

” Yeah, yeah.. Tomorrow.. “ Jason didn’t seem bothered with the cold and only handed Roy another bottle of bear. Roy smirked but took the bottle clinking them together before downing the liquid down.
It was going to be a long night.

You watched the two drunk men lying on the sofa sleep. They weren’t the first ones to come and they won’t be the last to leave.
As the ghost of the apartment you had trouble communicating with the attendance of the building. All of them seem to brush things off, your little signs of existence either scaring them or making them not care.
But you never gave up, always willing to give it a shot.

Using what little power you had you wrote on the wall, moved the beer bottles and even opened the kitchen cabinets hopping they would notice.

First thing Jason saw when he woke up was the bloody red writing on the wall being his TV.

"Roy! On the wall?! ” he was pissed pushing the ginger on the floor.
Roy quickly got up scanning the room.

“Why did you open all the cabinets Jay?” Roy yawned.

“I didn’t! Why did you write on the wall?” Jason stood up looking towards the kitchen and sure enough it was a mess.

“I didn’t! Does that look like something I would write? ” Roy glanced at the wall. The red paint spelled out the word, hello.

“Don’t you have a dude who you know, gets this ghost things?” Roy asked already knowing it had to be some sort of a supernatural thing. Both of them encountered enough creatures to see and know the signs.

“Constantine? ” Jason asked scrambling for his cell phone. Roy was right that was the man to call.

Meanwhile you were sitting on the kitchen counter observing the situation. A smile found it’s way onto your face. Finally you’ll be able to talk to someone.

When Constantine arrived it was already past midnight, Roy had to go to Ollie’s so Jason was left alone to keep an eye out for the supposed ghost.
A knock on his door and John was in the apartment examining the walls and furniture.

“Oh yeah mate, got yourself a ghost.. ” John said leaning next to you on the counter.

“ Aaand? ” Jason asked.

“ Lucky for you she’s a nice young lady who wants to talk, don’t you love? ” he averted his gaze towards you gently smiling you smiled back eagerly nodding your head.

“What’s her name?” Jason asked curious.

“Her names Y/n and she’s been here for quite a time, but I’ll let you two work it out.. ” Jason seemed confused until John put something in his hand. A necklace.

“ Put it on, you’ll see her with it. Best of luck mate! "John said and disappeared.

Jason  did as told and sure enough there you were sitting on the counter.

"Hi..” you shyly waved and he sighed in relief.

“Hi.. So.. You’re my roommate.. ” Jason chuckled when  he saw you smile.

“Yeah, I guess I am.” your legs dangled in the air until you hoped down.
Jason extended his hand and you shook it giggling in the process.

“What’s funny? ” he asked clearly amused.

“Never had anyone alive to talk to..” you say shrugging.

“Well, I never talked to a ghost so that makes us even… ”

“I guess you’re right… Roommate…”

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ruubiix  asked:

For the twins au what do you think the Citizens think of having a pair of superheroes that switch genders is? Because I could totally see Alya making some crazy theory about genderfluid shapeshifting alien superheroes or something. That actually sounds just about right for the comic book world after all.

Haha, that is exactly what I figured too! Alya would have a hundered and ten different theories about why suddenly their heroes are the opposite gender, ranging anywhere from clones to twins to gender-changing shapershifters to 4000 year old deities take take the form of humans, and poor Marin and Marinette would have to sit through her talk about it whenever they switched. They eventually become tempted to just tell her the truth if it meant she’d stop theorizing about them being from outer space. 

As for the citizens, I think they might have some theories too but they’re not as obsessed with finding out the truth as Alya. 

Two Huge Nerds

Chatya/Alyadrien for  thefandomcinnamonroll for the Rare Pair Exchange. Ao3 link here.

Alya interviews Chat Noir for the Ladyblog and discovers that they have a lot in common.

“Ladybug!” Alya called out. “Do you have time for an interview? It’s Alya Césaire, from the Ladyblog.” She knew Ladybug knew who she was. After two years and numerous interviews, they were on good terms. But that was how serious reporter did things and Alya was a serious reporter.

Ladybug looked apologetic, as she edged away. “I’m so sorry, Alya. I really have to go. Next time, I promise.” There was loud beep and she touched her earring worriedly. “Stay safe!” She called as she jumped away.

Alya sighed. Getting an interview with Ladybug was really hard sometimes. She had been watching the superheroes long enough to understand the connection between the use of Lucky Charm and the beeping and she had a pretty good idea of what it meant. So she understood why Ladybug often had to rush off after an attack. But it was still frustrating how difficult it was to get ahold of her sometimes.

“I’m free for an interview.” A voice from behind her spoke. “If you are interested.”

Chat Noir grinned at her, leaning casually against the wall.

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Thanks to @manticoremonster for helping me expand Nurse Offstill/Nurse Awesome even further. 

  • In George and Harold’s comics, Nurse Awesome’s origin story is this: she is a genetically modified clone made from the DNA of a famous (but dead) WWII nurse. She was designed and created to fight the world’s most evil diseases, and that’s exactly what her life is dedicated to. 
  • Nurse Awesome’s arch nemeses is The Black Plague, a supervillain who dresses like a plague doctor. His minions’ names are Bubonic (called Bub for short), Pneumonic (called Pneu for short), and Septicemic (called Sep for short). Her other enemies include Mad Cow, Flu Season, and the Pox Brothers (Chicken and Small). 
  • Nurse Offstill helps George and Harold with the Nurse Awesome comics, by contributing her medical knowledge and her wit and also by modelling for Harold. 
  • George and Harold decide to split their much-anticipated Captain Underpants/Nurse Awesome crossover into two parts. The first part is a roaring success. The illustrations are spot on, the dialogue is sharp and funny, it’s action-packed, it’s medically accurate, and CU and Nurse Awesome have excellent chemistry as a team as they join forces to defeat their mutual enemies. However, it ends on a cliffhanger (because George and Harold are little assholes like that), which leaves many readers frustrated and ravenous for more. The reader left most frustrated and ravenous is Mr. Krupp, who secretly read the comic after confiscating it, like he does with all of them. 
  • The second part takes a long time to be made, as George, Harold, and Nurse Offstill are putting a lot of thought and care into it. Mr. Krupp’s impatience begins driving him insane, and he goes around the school confiscating every comic he finds hoping it’s the second part, to no avail. When his impatience reaches a breaking point, he confronts Nurse Offstill in the hallway and demands to know what happens next. 
    Offstill: Are you actually being serious right now? 
    Krupp: I’m never not serious! Just tell me! 
    Offstill: Nope. Sorry. Can’t. No spoilers. 
    Krupp: WHAT?!
    Offstill: You might ruin it for the other fans. 
    Krupp: *turning bright red* I’m not a fan! 
    Offstill: Then what happens to Captain Underpants and Nurse Awesome shouldn’t bother you so much. *walks away and leaves him shaking with rage* 
  • He then tries to get George and Harold to hand over the draft for the second part, only to be told by them that Nurse Offstill has it (she’s doing some editing). Knowing that there’s no way Offstill will give the draft up willingly, Mr. Krupp resolves that he has to try and steal it. His plan is to take some personal item of hers from her office while she’s elsewhere and then go to her apartment later on to return it (he’ll blame the theft on some student). He’ll get her to invite him inside and then he’ll snoop around for the draft while her back is turned. 
  • The plan fails miserably. When Mr. Krupp gets to her apartment, it’s full of kids. She’s babysitting half of her loud and rambunctious nieces and nephews. Comic or no comic, there’s no way he’s going in there. She’s won again. It gets worse when his toupee falls off and the kids starting screaming about him being Captain Underpants. They don’t go to Jerome Horwitz, but they get all the comics from their aunt. 
    One of Offstill’s nieces: *jumping up and down excitedly* And Aunt Denny is Nurse Awesome! 
    Mr. Krupp: *through gritted teeth* I know. 
    Offstill: *smiling smugly* 
  • Since he’s behaving like such a child over the second part of the crossover, Nurse Offstill decides to make him pay for it. She shows up in his office with the thing he wants most: the only advance copy of the second part, put together just for him. However, he can have it only on three conditions…
    1) If he gets to keep this comic and the others, the rest of the students’ get to keep theirs. No more confiscating. 
    2) No more detention or marks docked for students who doodle in their notebooks or on their homework and tests. He has to let all the teachers know this. 
    3) He has to put up art boards around the school where students can hang their creative drawings without fear of punishment. He agrees to all three demands, or she’s taking the advance copy away and George and Harold won’t release the second part at all. 
    Offstill: You get all the art the kids make or you get none of it. Your choice. 
    Krupp: *appalled and furious* You can’t do this to me! 
    Offstill: Yes, I can. I’m Nurse Awesome. 
  • He says no at first to spite her. She shrugs and leaves, with his desired comic book. Devastated, he follows her, and discovers that she’s headed for the school cafeteria where she intends to burn the comic over the stove. As she’s turning the stove on, she gives him once last chance to accept her offer. He hesitates until the last second, right before the envelope the book is in is about to touch the flame. He’s sweating and biting his nails at this point, and he bursts out, “ALRIGHT, ALRIGHT, I’LL DO IT!” 
    Offstill: *smiling victoriously* I knew we’d come to an agreement. We’re a pair of superheros, after all. 
  • He doesn’t get the comic until he’s fulfilled all three demands and made them permanent in writing. Once he finally has it, he shuts himself up in his office (telling the secretary not to bother him for any reason) and devours it in one go. He’s completely blown away. It’s George and Harold finest work yet; they’ve outdone themselves. The only thing that bothers him is the ending: Captain Underpants and Nurse Awesome part ways because Nurse Awesome is travelling back in time to meet her original self during WWII. He wonders if this is Nurse Offstill’s way of hinting that she’s planning to leave Jerome Horwitz and go back to the children’s hospital…
Dissappearing Act

Originally requested and posted on my Wattpad account!!

Fandom : DC Superheroes

Pairing : Jason Todd x Reader

Prompt :
Reader is Dicks little sister and us dating Jason but Dick doesn’t know. When he finds out he gets mad and chases Jason.

A/N: Short but I hope you like it!
“Do you think Roy will notice?” you ask Jason who was sitting on the sofa beside you.

“That you broke his bike? No.. Not at all.. ” he rolls his eyes and huffs.

“Why the fudge am I even dating you?” you toss a pillow at him and he laughs.

“Cause I’m hot? ” he questioned and this time you rolled your eyes.

“You knooow… Dick’s not home yet..” you say scooting closer and pulling Jason by his shirt.
Dick was your biological sibling and would probably kill Jason if he found out that you two were dating.

Jason gave you a sly smirk before kissing you on the lips. The kiss got heated really quickly as you climbed on his lap. His hand went around your waist and yours in his hair.
You started to tug at his shirt when someone coughed.

Separating you look up only to see Dick standing at the doorway.

He didn’t look happy,not one tiny bit.

“Dick, before you do anything rash.. ” Jason started but Dick cut him off

“What Jason? What could you possibly say or do right now?!” he was fuming.

“My famous dissappearing act! ” Jason said tossing you on the pillows and running out of the room.

“I’m going to kill him!” Dick yelled and ran after him while you stayed put.

“Bunch of idiots.. ” you mumble and pick up the remote.

“If only Sherlock was real..”

Hope you liked it!
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ML Angst Week: Day 3: Family / Friends

Sabine sighed as she closed the trapdoor to her daughter’s room behind her. Her heart squeezed painfully in her chest, as yet another lie was bared before her eyes.

“I’m tired, going to bed mama. I have a full day ahead of me tomorrow,” Marinette had said, kissing her mother’s cheek and disappearing upstairs, as she did every single night.

And as she did every single night, her mother had followed her minutes later to check up on her daughter.

Honestly, Sabine didn’t know what she had been expecting when she had climbed those dreaded stairs, but in all honesty, she shouldn’t surprised.

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Pairings: Dean x sister!reader, Sam x sister!reader, John x daughter!reader

Summary: The reader is the Winchester’s little sis and she gets a hold of their dads journal and she gets spooked with everything she finds in there and her brothers have to talk to her about it so she isn’t scared.

Dean’s Age: 16

Sam’s Age: 12

Reader’s Age: 6

A/N: I really like writing these pics where the Winchesters are younger, I think its so cute. Requests are open.

Originally posted by samwinchesterblog

It was just another day in another motel room. You and your brothers were in a motel in the state of Ohio. Your father was working a case somewhere in Columbus. All you knew was that your dads job caused you and your family to move around a lot. You still didn’t know about the hunting. Dean and Sam practically raised you, they tried to make your life as normal as possible. 

You and your brothers had just got back to the motel after a long day at school. At this age, you were in kindergarten, so you didn’t have a lot of homework. After school you would play with your toys while Sam and Dean did their homework. You were over on the floor by one of the beds, playing with your dolls when you spotted something in your dads duffel across the room. Sam and Dean weren’t paying attention. They were too busy and wrapped up in their homework. “Ugh, I don’t get this, do I seriously have to learn this crap?” Dean bickered while flipping through one of his textbooks. 

You quietly tip toed over to your fathers duffel and pulled out a journal of some sort. You opened it and the first thing you saw were some pictures of you and your brothers. You flipped through them and smiled. Then you turned the first page to find something horrifying. It had the title “Wendigo.” You were six years old and you knew how to read pretty well now. You started reading about the mysterious creature that you have never heard of. It sounded scary. You then turned the page to find another monster. It was called a “Werewolf.” You then kept reading all about the monsters in your fathers journal. You read about vampires, shapeshifters, ghosts, and so many more. 

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Observation by Kas0114

Fic can be read HERE. Part of the ongoing Superheroes and Such Series.

Alternate Universe - Superheroes, sort of a One Punch Man AU, Bonding. Completed, Rated: G. Word Count: 3654.

Pairings: None.

Trigger Warnings: Drunkenness, Referenced Manipulation.

“The Greatest Superhero of All Time has a chat with Serizawa over drinks.”

In which Serizawa and Reigen are technically enemies, but it doesn’t keep them from discussing their pasts, (Have I mentioned I’m in love with this au)

Gym Music

Originally requested and posted on my Wattpad account!

Fandom: DC Superheroes

Pairing : Jason Todd x Reader

Warnings : None


There you were three in the afternoon doing push-ups. Music was blaring trough the speakers of the batfamily gym and soon enough Jason joined in singing along to the tune.

“Nice, but could do with some uplifting music.. ” he mumbled going for the laptop while you were still on the floor.

“ Hey! Don’t change my tune! ” you huffed out between push-ups.

“Relax y/n, you can pick the next one..” he gave you a wink and set the music.

At first you thought it was going to be some old rock balad but boy were you surprised when a german voice bleared from the speakers.

“What is that?! ” you yelled over the music to Jason who was warming up.

“Rammstein, Du hast. Cool right?” he smirked and you looked at him baffled.

“You enjoy this?! ” you asked in disbelief and he sent you a glare so you shut your mouth and continued to the workout. It felt like your ears were bleeding from the metal screech of guitars and drums.

The second the music see stopped you jumped up and set some kpop.
Suddenly Korean language flooded the room with rhythmic music.

Jason whipped his head around mouthing what the f*uck?

“BTS, 21st century girl! ” you yelled over the loud music and gave him the sing to stop talking before jumping on the bike and singing along to the famous boy band.

“Fuck it, I can listen to classical music and Tim’s electronic bullshit but this is to much!” Jason yelled in your ear pulling on his shirt, you laughed getting off your seat just to turn the music up. He narrowed his eyes at you and walked out.

“Hell yes! THIS IS MY JAM! ” Dick startled you walking in the gym.

“Oh, and dinners ready Y/n!” he yelled over the music and sent you a wave.
Maybe you’ll play some more kpop around the mansion, just so you and Dick can have a dance off and irritate Jason.

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Dodgeball Day

It’s gotten to the point that the teachers know how dodgeball in gym class at Francois-Dupont ends, without fail.

It ends with Marinette and Adrien, staring each other down on opposite sides of the court, a ball in each hand, and utter silence from the remaining students, waiting to see who will come out on top.  9 times out of 10 its a tie.  That tenth time usually is Marinette winning.

(No one but her knows its because her throwing arm has gotten very precise thanks to practice throwing yoyo’s as Ladybug.)

Max, Mylene, Rose, Juleka, Sabrina (followed shortly by Chloe, who no longer has a defender to take the hit), and Nino are usually out pretty quickly.  Ivan comes a little later, then people start noticing that Nathanael’s doing a good job blending into the walls before he too, is out.  Kim, Alya and Alix put up a fight usually, and last the longest besides the secretly-superheroes pair.  

The first time Adrien and Marinette went head to head at dodgeball, it was a solid 20 minutes of throws, and dodges.  It ended with a win from Adrien who remembered that catches can get the other out (Marinettes instict to avoid anything resembling a hit, and super hard throws prevented her from getting anyone out this way, or from being tagged that way, so she often forgets this rule exists), so he deliberately took the hit- this led to fuming from a certain blue-eyed-black-haired girl.  This was the only win he ever had-  she never made that mistake again.

Each game ends with the two staring each other down for a minute or so, before the taunts start coming in.  Marinettes nervous babbling takes a hike- her competitive nature rules, and she trash talks him.  Adrien fires it right back, and the rest of the class just enjoys the showdown.  (Nathanael has done drawings using the two as references for Wild West shoot-outs, the tension rolling off the scene resembling it so strongly).  Eventually the two throw the balls, hard to say whose movement starts it- they act and react so quickly to each other that one would need a high-speed camera to catch it.  The throws happen so quickly that the dodges are hard to make, and they usually hit each other out simultaneously.

I think I’m going to make a lot of gym class headcanons now….

No Superhero

Pairing(s): Captain Canary, with minor background Westallen, Olicity, Karamel, Snowells.

Rating: Teen


Leonard gets an invitation to Barry and Iris’s wedding.

Obviously, he should invite Sara.

Read it HERE.


Clearly, the speedster wanted to get Leonard the invite before he died, rather than using his death as an excuse to get out of it. Cute.

As for the plus one, it’s obvious who he should bring. A perverse part of him wants to show up with Mick anyway. His partner wouldn’t actually burn down anything at the wedding anymore.

Probably. Mick has certainly mellowed, at minimum. Not that Leonard hasn’t, but he’s not thinking about that right this moment.

He’s thinking about the fact that he should ask Sara to go with him, seeing as how she’s half the reason he made the comment about the singles’ table in the first place. Leonard looks up at her, and she raises an eyebrow, waiting patiently for either explanation or avoidance.

He hands her the invitation, slipping the note back into the envelope. “Barry and Iris have requested my sparkling presence when they tie the knot.”

“You going?” she asks, scanning the information on the thick piece of paper.

He shrugs a shoulder. “I figure they need at least one person in attendance who knows how to play it cool.

She pins him with a look for the bad pun, and he smirks.

insecureish  asked:

why are there four ships if they're the same people?


The reason for the four ships is because our two main characters are stuck in this weird love square. Here is a lovely drawing by that shows the square. 

They show a different side of their personality when they become superheros. As viewers we can see that they are the same person and that this is just another side of who they are. But our heroes can’t see that just yet. So there are different ships based on the different interactions between their civilian and superhero personas.  

Ladynoir - Ladybug x Chat Noir

This is full of Chat Noir making flirty remarks and bad puns at Ladybug who in turn has sassy/flirty comebacks for him. She is constantly turning down his advances on her mainly because she is in love with Adrien. In a webisode she did mention that if Adrien wasn’t around she might give Chat a chance.  

I believe that this is the default ship name that everyone uses in the fandom. Some people don’t want to use 4 different ship names for two people (I don’t blame them) so they use this one to reference the civilian and superhero pairings as well. 

Adrienette  - Adrien x Marinette 

This pairing is mostly filled with Marinette stuttering trying to form a coherent sentence around him and Adrien being oblivious to her giant crush on him. 

Ladrien - Ladybug x Adrien

There’s only been one scene with the two of them together in the series and it’s just been them staring at one another.

 Most people think Ladybug will become more like Chat throwing out smooth remarks, and calling him handsome boy. While Adrien will become like Marinette and be reduced to a big stuttering mess. 

Marichat - Marinette x Chat Noir 

 It seems Chat is just as flirtatiousness (or even more so) around Marinette as he is around Ladybug. Marinette is also shown to be just as sassy around Chat mocking him behind his back and being sarcastic.

For some reason there’s a lot of fics that have him showing up on her roof after the Evillustrator incident. They get to know one another better and end up falling for one another. 

And there we have it. Well, that’s just my opinion on it anyway. In the end everyone wins. 


Fandom : DC Superheroes

Pairing : Jason Todd x Reader

Originally posted on my Wattpad account!

“Listen, I have a quick question for you, do you want to help me with an experiment?” you ask Dick.

“A what? ” he asks confused.

“E-X-P-E-R-I-M-E-N-T!” you spell it out for him and he gives you the ‘really’ look.

“I’ve heard that, I meant what kind Y/n? ”

“Uh, so we kinda, sorta get Jay a bit jealous…” You mumbled out quickly turning around.

“Jay jealous? What did you do?! ” he asks now clearly curious.

“Funny you should ask…A guy wanted my number but of course I politely declined saying that I have a boyfriend,and well Jason saw it and he kinda punched the guy but didn’t want to admit that he was jealous.” you pour it all out.

“A.. Ha.. Where exactly do I come in? ” Dick raises an eyebrow at you.

“I want you to pretend that you’re going to kiss me.” you smile at him and his jaw drops.

“And end up in a gutter somewhere?! No thank you! ” he scuffs.

“Dick pleaseee! I’ll do anything you want for a week!” you plead and he shakes his head.

“Not a chance, I’m not ending up with a bullet between my eyes because your boyfriend won’t admit he’s jealous! ”


“Remember the plan.” you wink at Dick.

“I hate you so much right now Y/n. ” he hisses at you.

“Batman costume for you Dick and brand new weapons from Roy and Bruce!” you reminded him and he sighed noding.

“Oh hey Dick! How are you? ” you say a bit louder hoping to get Jasons attention who was upstairs.

“Great, I just missed those…uh..beautiful eyes of yours?” Dick played along a bit unsure hoping that Jason didn’t have a gun with him.
“You’re such a charmer. ” you flirt ready to put your arm on his shoulder when it was snatched half way trough.

“This is my cue!” Dick announces and runs off.

“Coward.. ” you scuff.

“What in the name of Batman are you doing Y/n?” Jason asks you, anger evident on his face as he holds your wrist.

“Noothiiiing.. "you trail off.

"Bullshit.. Spill.” he demands and gives you a look.

“Okay fine! I wanted to make you jealous! You say you’re not but clearly you are! ” you say and pull back your wrist from his grip.

“Every guy says he’s not jealous when he really is!” Jason starts to laugh at you and you pout stomping your feet.

“Stop laughing or I’ll go that other guy who wanted my number! ” you protest and Jason stops laughing a serious look now on his face.
He pulls you closer kissing you on the lips.

“It wouldn’t work anyway… Unless you have a Lazarus pit near by..” he trails off and walks away.

“Jay! You didn’t! Tell me you didn’t! ” your eyes winden in understanding of what he just said.

“I love you Y/n!” he yells back at you avoiding the subject completely.

“Oh not again.. ” you mumble under breath.

Hope you liked it!
Thank you for reading! ❤
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Our House (Part Two of the Spideypool Series)

Part One  Part Three

Hey lovelies! How’s it going? So far, so good - just one more to finish today till my goal! This one is not quite as heavy on the romance, but if you want to, you can consider it a prequel to Fish Tank. Enjoy!

Warnings: Swearing (as usual), and one part with Wade’s healing power that’s kinda creepy (body horror, I guess? Stay safe, everyone!)

*Three Weeks Ago*
You turned over in bed, eyes still scanning every unfamiliar corner of your new bedroom. It felt like staying in a hotel - but then, you couldn’t exactly expect to feel at home on your very first night. Especially when one of your roommates was Deadpool.
You yawned again. Maybe you should turn out the nightlight? No, you’d definitely have nightmares if you did that. You sighed; you had work tomorrow. Sleep was needed - but the more you thought about it, the more stressed you’d get, and the next thing you know you’d be glaring hatefully at the rising sun.
(This was not your first time at the Sleepless Night Rodeo.)
The bed creaked slightly as you shifted - and through the walls, there was a bang in the other room. The bedroom where your two roomates slept. There was a muffled yell of a very obscene word, some more banging around and then silence. Then footsteps. Your door banged open.
“Are you okay?” Wade demanded. His mask was lopsided, and his hands were uncovered. You smiled nervously.
“I’m…fine. Did something happen?”
He didn’t answer, just turned his head away. “Nightmare,” he said gruffly. “Just had to check.”
You tilted your head. “I’m fine. You should get some sleep.”
He nodded and left; as he closed the door with a soft snick, you heard him muttering under his breath. Wow, he really did never shut up.
You stared at the ceiling, a smile growing on your face. You wouldn’t think sharing an apartment with a lanky, brown-eyed  photographer and a masked mercenary would ease your mind. But it did. You blinked, yawned, and let your eyes drift shut.

*One Week Ago*
“Are you fucking serious right now?” you snapped, hands on hips. Peter, your younger roomate - the one you’d thought was normal.
That is, until now - when you’d walked into the appartment to find him hanging upside-down from the ceiling, eyes deerlike and wide.
“Uh….” He effortlessly flipped down and landed catlike, but still tongue-tied. “I - I’m Spiderman, by the way.”
“No shit.” You crossed your arms. “I can’t believe I’m sharing rent with two superheroes.”
“Mercenary,” Wade called from the other room. “I’m a mercenary.” If you weren’t mistaken, he was holding his own head - detached - and poking it out the doorway because he was too lazy to get up. You pinched the bridge of your nose and resisted the wild urge to laugh.
“And I’m a fucking seagull,” you muttered bad-temperedly. There were occasions when you had time for their shit; this was not one of them.
“Two!” you scoffed.
Peter rubbed the back of his neck, wincing. “I know, I’m sorry. I know how dangerous it is -”
“Are you kidding?” you interrupted. “I don’t care about that. You think I would’ve agreed to room with Deadpool if I was worried about damage control?”
You huffed and uncrossed your arms. You couldn’t stay mad at someone so adorable for long. “I just wish you’d told me sooner,” you said softly. “You know you can trust me, right?”
“I - yeah, I do. I do now.” He nodded.
“Good.” You turned around and headed for the door. “I’m going to buy popcorn - you guys can pay my share of the netflix bill this month.”
*Present Day*
“I’m home, guys!” you called out, shutting the apartment door behind you with one foot. You looked around, still holding the week’s groceries (at least you hoped it would last the week - you could never be sure with these clowns). The place already felt like home - pale beige carpets and brown walls, mismatched furniture cobbled together from yard sales, dents in the walls from Wade and Peter’s sparring matches (just one casualty of living with a pair of superheroes) - it was a cozy, homey, lived-in kind of place already.
“Hello?” You called out again; nothing but silence greeted you. Oh. You couldn’t help feeling just a little bit let down; you’d gotten to like having roommates, and it was nice to have someone there when you got home, instead of just an empty appartment. You shrugged; they were probably out superheroing and slaying ninjas again. And they’d probably be starving when they got back. Time to make dinner, I guess.
But as you were chopping onions in the tiny kitchen, the hairs on the back of your neck rose. You couldn’t shake the feeling that you weren’t alone. But wouldn’t they have answered if they were here? With a huff, you turned, knife still in hand. If checking every room was what it took to feel safe, then you’d just have to do it.
Bathroom - empty, dark, febreeze-scented. It was still fairly clean, but one of the boys had left the seat up again. Living room - nothing, not even behind the couches. You peeked into your bedroom, but it was as neat and silent as ever. Just one last room to check.
The door to Wade and Peter’s room was slightly ajar, and you tiptoed closer. Something in your gut twisted with tension. There! Whispered voices, secret and sweet. You frowned. What was going on? Inching closer, you peered through the crack.
Wade and Peter were both there, and while you couldn’t here what they were saying, the tone of the whisperings was tender. Then, right before your eyes, Wade lifted the bottom of his mask, one hand grabbing the back of Peter’s head and pulling him to his lips. Peter’s hands flailed for a second, then wrapped around Wade’s back.
You withdrew, an unquenchable grin on your face. Your stomach felt full of fireworks. What you’d just seen was absolutely, unmistakably, irrevocably adorable….and somehow, you couldn’t help feeling like it meant something big was coming for you, too.