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do you guys have any super villain/suicide squad fics? Thanks!

Here you go! - Anastasia

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I Need a Gangta To Love Me Betta by BadboyAV

(1/1 I 264 I Teen I Sterek)

The joker takes Dr. Stiles Stilinski to Ace Chemicals to show him how he was created.

Straight to Hell (Straight to hell) by saccharinepastels

(1/1 I 2,201 I Not Rated I No Pairing)

It was supposed to be a run of the mill retrieval mission until that stupid do gooder Batman and the boy wonder came and fucked everything up.

What’s Mine is Mine Always by RougueShadowWolf

(1/1 I 1,668 I Mature I Joker & Stiles)

`Surprised? I thought you might be.´ the Joker says with an air of pure amusement while Stiles just stood there starring at the man he’d once called his daddy, the man who’d one night killed his mother right before his very eyes.

Laughing Because it hurts to cry by SilasSolarius

(6/? I 7,094 I Mature I Sterek I MCD)

It had been ten years. Ten years since she’d left Beacon Hill, five since she’d spoken to her father. After a devastating loss she finds herself back in her hometown, facing all those she left behind. Can they handle the Queen of the Gotham underground, and is her King really as dead as she thinks he is?

Heathens by Hayjake1

(9/? I 16,583 I Mature I Scallison)

AU where the pack are criminals recruited/forced into a top secret government mission. Because there’s no way that can go wrong.

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Do you have anything for a vigilante/supervillian pining after a civilian?

  • “I know you happened to mention how much you hate that Starbucks, but really, I had nothing to do with its destruction. Really, I didn’t. I’m a super-villain but I’m not that much of a super-villain.” AU
  • Character A is an online blogger who works to uncover the secret identities of all the superheros/super-villains in their city. Character B is a super-villain who has been working to discover the identity of Character C (a superhero) so they figure that by getting closer to Character A…they can get closer to discovering who Character C really is, and then be able to destroy them.
  • Character A is a super-villain who is constantly capturing Character B and hiding them away in secret lairs…but it’s actually because Character A is terrified that Character B will be harmed in the fighting between Character A and Character C (the hero).
  • “I’ve been trying to ask you out for weeks, but all of my free time is spent plotting world domination and stuff, and I can’t work up the nerve to ask you out when I’m not wearing my super-villain costume.” AU
  • While picking up scones and coffee, Character A tries to chat up the person standing next to them (Character B). Later, Character A sees the city’s major villain fighting with the city’s major superhero, and Character A recognizes Character B from the coffee shop as the super-villain.
  • “You took my invitation for a fancy date as a threatening note and I am so sorry for the mixed signals. Can we try again? Please?” AU

Fandom : DC Superheroes

Pairing : Jason Todd x Reader

Originally posted on my Wattpad account!

“Listen, I have a quick question for you, do you want to help me with an experiment?” you ask Dick.

“A what? ” he asks confused.

“E-X-P-E-R-I-M-E-N-T!” you spell it out for him and he gives you the ‘really’ look.

“I’ve heard that, I meant what kind Y/n? ”

“Uh, so we kinda, sorta get Jay a bit jealous…” You mumbled out quickly turning around.

“Jay jealous? What did you do?! ” he asks now clearly curious.

“Funny you should ask…A guy wanted my number but of course I politely declined saying that I have a boyfriend,and well Jason saw it and he kinda punched the guy but didn’t want to admit that he was jealous.” you pour it all out.

“A.. Ha.. Where exactly do I come in? ” Dick raises an eyebrow at you.

“I want you to pretend that you’re going to kiss me.” you smile at him and his jaw drops.

“And end up in a gutter somewhere?! No thank you! ” he scuffs.

“Dick pleaseee! I’ll do anything you want for a week!” you plead and he shakes his head.

“Not a chance, I’m not ending up with a bullet between my eyes because your boyfriend won’t admit he’s jealous! ”


“Remember the plan.” you wink at Dick.

“I hate you so much right now Y/n. ” he hisses at you.

“Batman costume for you Dick and brand new weapons from Roy and Bruce!” you reminded him and he sighed noding.

“Oh hey Dick! How are you? ” you say a bit louder hoping to get Jasons attention who was upstairs.

“Great, I just missed those…uh..beautiful eyes of yours?” Dick played along a bit unsure hoping that Jason didn’t have a gun with him.
“You’re such a charmer. ” you flirt ready to put your arm on his shoulder when it was snatched half way trough.

“This is my cue!” Dick announces and runs off.

“Coward.. ” you scuff.

“What in the name of Batman are you doing Y/n?” Jason asks you, anger evident on his face as he holds your wrist.

“Noothiiiing.. "you trail off.

"Bullshit.. Spill.” he demands and gives you a look.

“Okay fine! I wanted to make you jealous! You say you’re not but clearly you are! ” you say and pull back your wrist from his grip.

“Every guy says he’s not jealous when he really is!” Jason starts to laugh at you and you pout stomping your feet.

“Stop laughing or I’ll go that other guy who wanted my number! ” you protest and Jason stops laughing a serious look now on his face.
He pulls you closer kissing you on the lips.

“It wouldn’t work anyway… Unless you have a Lazarus pit near by..” he trails off and walks away.

“Jay! You didn’t! Tell me you didn’t! ” your eyes winden in understanding of what he just said.

“I love you Y/n!” he yells back at you avoiding the subject completely.

“Oh not again.. ” you mumble under breath.

Hope you liked it!
Thank you for reading! ❤
~MadRedQueen000 💋

Squirrels (Peter Parker x Reader)

Summary: Spiderman Vs Squirrels. ( )

Pairings: Peter Parker x Reader

Warnings: none

a/n: I laughed so hard at this video.. I’m sorry I just love it way too much… Anyways there’s going to be a longer and much more story inclined coming possibly tomorrow if I’m not the tired and lazy ass I am.. ^~^ and yes Tom Holland.

It was a gloomy day. Puffy clouds conquered the skies and the atmosphere was quite lazy. You found it to be a perfect day for a relaxing walk in the park with your not so relaxed best-friend. It was starting to pop up as a challenge to face both the student and friendly neighborhood spider life. You figured that he should just relax and enjoy the lazy day aura. You were sitting on a sturdy wooden bench reading (b/t) meanwhile your friend was taking some pictures of the aesthetically pleasing trees. It was something that got him off other things for a while so it was okay. It was all okay.

“no, No, NO!” Peter voice was clearly charged with distress.

You stood up and walked over from the bench you were seated on to Peter who was standing nearby. You saw him standing still in quite a frozen manner. You tapped his back and he carefully turned around. You searched his figure for any signs of injury until you saw what was hugging his knee. It was minute and hazel squirrel. You covered your mouth in an attempt to prevent giggles from coming out, but it was far too late. He furrowed his eyebrows, confused at why you would be laughing.

“(y/n), this squirrel won’t let go.” He said pointing at the knee occupied by the creature.

“I don’t know what to do!”

“I’ll just shake off then..”

“NO, IT MIGHT GET HURT!” You protested a little too loudly which frightened the animal. It scurried down Peter’s leg and ran off back into the wild. The now squirrel-free loser gave a proud grin squinting his eyes.

“Thanks. Now I’m squirrel free!”

You roll your eyes at his pride as another squirrel creeps up close and runs up Peter’s leg. His eyes widen again and he speaks in a loud voice “I don’t have anything!”. You just stare at his failure and laugh. You were such a great friend. The squirrel just crept closer and closer up his leg.

“(y/n)!” He slightly yelled as you rubbed your eyes at all the laughter that was coming out. You held up a hand still laughing, but letting the laughter slowly die down. You put your hand down and responded.

“I’m sorry, Parker, but I’m pretty sure there must be something they want in your pocket.”

He went through his pockets to see if there was anything was there, but it was as empty as the author’s soul. The squirrel then proceeded to randomly get down and run back into the woods. Peter looked up extremely confused with his eyebrows furrowed.

“What just happened?” He asked.

“No idea, but that was the best thing ever.”


Dodgeball Day

It’s gotten to the point that the teachers know how dodgeball in gym class at Francois-Dupont ends, without fail.

It ends with Marinette and Adrien, staring each other down on opposite sides of the court, a ball in each hand, and utter silence from the remaining students, waiting to see who will come out on top.  9 times out of 10 its a tie.  That tenth time usually is Marinette winning.

(No one but her knows its because her throwing arm has gotten very precise thanks to practice throwing yoyo’s as Ladybug.)

Max, Mylene, Rose, Juleka, Sabrina (followed shortly by Chloe, who no longer has a defender to take the hit), and Nino are usually out pretty quickly.  Ivan comes a little later, then people start noticing that Nathanael’s doing a good job blending into the walls before he too, is out.  Kim, Alya and Alix put up a fight usually, and last the longest besides the secretly-superheroes pair.  

The first time Adrien and Marinette went head to head at dodgeball, it was a solid 20 minutes of throws, and dodges.  It ended with a win from Adrien who remembered that catches can get the other out (Marinettes instict to avoid anything resembling a hit, and super hard throws prevented her from getting anyone out this way, or from being tagged that way, so she often forgets this rule exists), so he deliberately took the hit- this led to fuming from a certain blue-eyed-black-haired girl.  This was the only win he ever had-  she never made that mistake again.

Each game ends with the two staring each other down for a minute or so, before the taunts start coming in.  Marinettes nervous babbling takes a hike- her competitive nature rules, and she trash talks him.  Adrien fires it right back, and the rest of the class just enjoys the showdown.  (Nathanael has done drawings using the two as references for Wild West shoot-outs, the tension rolling off the scene resembling it so strongly).  Eventually the two throw the balls, hard to say whose movement starts it- they act and react so quickly to each other that one would need a high-speed camera to catch it.  The throws happen so quickly that the dodges are hard to make, and they usually hit each other out simultaneously.

I think I’m going to make a lot of gym class headcanons now….

Elevator Music

Requested by : Anon

Fandom : DC Superheroes

Pairing : Jason Todd x Reader

Prompt :

“Of all the people to I could’ve gotten stuck in the elevator with and it had to be you!”


You were running late for a meeting with Bruce. He insisted you come, after all you were apart of the batfamily and the Wayne Enterprise.
Running trough the lobby you greet the girl behind the counter before sliding in an already closing elevator.

“Nice save. ” someone comments and you turn around to see Jason.
He was so annoying and frustrating. Of all of his siblings you disliked him the most.

“Uh-u” you just mumble and he raises an eyebrow at you.

Whatever. Three more floors and you’re out. You kept your gaze trained on the button dash just waiting for it to stop on your floor. As it was about to reach it the elevator lightly jumped and then stopped.

Fantastic. Your hands go for the buttons pushing every single one trying to get the elevator moving but not even the doors would open.

“Oh this is just great. Great! ” you huff out and turn around  to see Jason leaning on the wall completely unfazed.

“What?” he asks looking up from his phone.

“Of all the people to I could’ve gotten stuck in the elevator with and it had to be you! ” you reach for your phone but you battery is dead. You forgot to charge it last night.

“What’s that supposed to mean!” Jason says clearly offended and you just roll your eyes. You try to push the call button on the dash but it doesn’t work.

“Someone please get me out! ” you whine your head falling against the elevator door and the music fills the empty space.

“Damn it, seriously?!” Jason says and goes for the dash ripping it open.

“WHAT ARE YOU DOING?! ” you freak out.

“Getting the elevator started, duh” he says matter-of-factly and examines the wires.

“What if you get it wrong and we crash?” you ask scared.

“There are worst ways to die, trust me. ” he winkes at you and goes to cut one of the wires with his pocket knife.
“Don’t!” you stop his hand and he looks at you confused.

“Do you want to get out or not Y/n? ” he asks and you sigh.

“No, I mean yes!” you push yourself away from him and his eyes go wide.

“No? Oh so you like me? ” he teases you standing up.

“No I don’t!” you back away from him and your back hits the wall. He had you cornered.

“You’re lying.. ” he says leaning in closer his lips inches away from yours.

“ I–” before you could react the doors open and the music stops.

“Oh thank God! ” you push Jason away and run out of the elevator.

“Call me!!!” Jason yelles after you and you yell back

“In your dreams Jason! ”

Hope you liked it!
Thank you for reading! ❤
~MadRedQueen000 💋

Honestly the Miraculous Ladybug “love square” plot is cute af and should be applied to as many other superhero/costumed character pairings as possible

like how about an AU where Barry has a huge crush on his friend Cisco, having no idea that he’s also that show-offy rival superhero Vibe.

and meanwhile Cisco is fascinated by The Flash and how dashing and impressive he is, but doesn’t realize that he’s the same person as his dorky friend Barry.

and things just keep getting more complicated.

Loveable Nerds and Superheroes II - Chapter 2

Pairing: WestAllen

Rating: T

Summary: Wally has awoken from his coma! First chapter can be found here.

Iris immediately hurried over to her nephew’s bedside, the boy carefully sitting up, rubbing his eyes blearily with his IV-free arm.

“What’s going on?” The 8-year-old asked, confused, almost crushed to pieces by his aunt’s bear hug.

Meanwhile, Caitlin had gone over to the computer console, quickly informing Cisco and Dr. Wells (who still were in the building, apparently) of the patient’s awakening, before going into full doctor-mode, checking the boy’s vitals and pupils reactivity.

“Oh Wally, we were all so worried about you!” Iris exclaimed agitatedly; but before her nephew could even figure out why so, Caitlin directed a more pressing question at the 8-year-old: “What is the last thing you remember?”

Wally furrowed his eyebrows in concentration, carefully recounting his most recent memories: “Aunt Iris had just dropped me off at Barry’s crime lab; he had promised to answer my questions before we’re going to S.T.A.R. Labs. I had already put my questions in order but Barry said that he had to clear up his work bench first. I wanted to help him so it would be done quicker, so he let me put back the cleaned up beakers on the shelf… And then…” he paused, nervously fiddling with a seam of McSnurtle’s flipper.

“Then what?” Iris asked carefully, exchanging worried looks with Caitlin.

Wally lifted his eyes, a confused look etched on his face: “I can’t remember.”

The expression on Iris’s face softened. She had no idea how to break the news to her nephew but to tell him plainly (if gently) how it was: “You’ve been struck by lightning.”

The boys eyes nearly popped out of his head, his jaw literally dropping, “What?!?” He slowly regained his composure; if he wasn’t so certain that his aunt wouldn’t joke about something like that, Wally would have thought she was pulling his leg. “Like Barry?” he clarified, still wrapping his mind around this info.

Iris exchanged a meaningful look with Caitlin: “Yeah, like Barry.”

“Whoa” the boy whispered, perplexed, bringing up his hands to examine them, as if he was expecting them to look completely different. They must have appeared perfectly normal to him, because his gaze trailed down to his feet (he kicked the blanket that had covered him aside), assessing the rest of his body. The boy wiggled his toes tentatively - “And I’m completely fine?” he asked disbelievingly and Iris couldn’t help but notice the slight pout on her nephew’s lips (probably because he was disappointed to not even have a scar as proof).

“We sure hope so,” she smiled at him encouragingly, relieved to see him act so normal and Wally-like.  But Iris remembered that there was one more thing the 8-year-old needed to know: “But Wally, listen – after you got hit by lightning, you were asleep for some time.”

The boy looked at her with a puzzled expression on his face: “For how long?”

“It’s Thursday,” Iris said, then added tentatively: “ – three weeks later.”

“Three weeks!?!” the boy exclaimed, shocked. He caught himself pretty fast when he realized, deflated: “Oh man, school has already started!”

Iris had a hard time suppressing a grin (it was good to know that her nephew had his priorities straight), “I’m afraid so, kiddo. But I’m sure you’ll manage to catch up on whatever you missed.”

Apparently, it wasn’t the amount of schoolwork he had missed out on that was really bothering Wally: “Oh man… now I’ll probably will have to sit in the front row,” the boy pouted, shoulders sagging. Iris laughed out loud and ruffled her nephew’s hair affectionately, glad that he seemed to be completely back to normal.

“I think you’ll live. Now, I’m gonna tell Grandpa and your parents the good news,” Iris glanced over to Caitlin to see the doctor armed with a clipboard and pen, a focused look on her face, “ and Caitlin will make sure that you are really okay.” The doctor nodded determinedly, then loosened up a little, smiling at her ‘patient’.

Iris headed towards the other end of the room, not wanting to bother Caitlin during the examination. She quickly sent a text to her father, then dialed the number of Wally’s parents. Mary, who probably had already been waiting for Iris’s call, picked up immediately.

“Hey Mary, it’s Iris,” the journalist started the conversation with a big smile on her face, “I have got some great news for you…”

After a short report of Wally’s state (awake and perfectly fine, as far as Iris could tell), Mary assured that Rudy and her would set out for S.T.A.R. Labs immediately and then quickly hung up (to finish packing their bags they had started to get ready for Friday afternoon).

Iris had just finished her call with her sister-in-law when Barry whooshed in, concerned, pushing off his cowl in a way that had his hair utterly disheveled: “Okay guys, what’s going on? Cisco only sent me a text with ’S.T.A.R. Labs’ and a lot of exclamation marks, so – oh” Barry’s ramble was cut short when his eyes landed on Wally – awake. The boy looked at him with big, round eyes, mouth agape.

“You… you’re the Flash!” the boy exclaimed excitedly. Barry’s hand immediately shot up to the back of his neck, a habit he exhibited whenever he was nervous and/or embarrassed.

Caitlin glared at Barry in a very menacing fashion, muttering “he can run on water but he can’t keep his identity a secret” under her breath, just loud enough for Iris to hear.

The journalist could barely suppress a snort, while amusedly watching Barry’s deer-in-the-headlights-expression turn into his characteristic sheepish grin when Cisco and Dr. Wells entered the cortex, taking in the scene before them: unmasked, abashedly-looking Barry in his Flash suit and wide-awake, saucer-eyed Wally, who was still gaping at the costumed hero.

Wells didn’t look too pleased while Cisco just started shaking his head at Barry, “Seriously, man?”

This finally broke Wally out of his trance: “So that’s why the Flash – I mean, you – knew my name!”

Now it was Barry’s turn to be astounded: “What?”

Iris started to grin, knowing perfectly well what her nephew was referring to.

“At the park, I mean, when that gas-guy had attacked Grandpa,” Wally clarified. Realization began to dawn on Barry’s face while Cisco couldn’t help but throw in a “We call him 'The Mist’, actually”, earning himself disbelieving looks from the rest of the S.T.A.R. Labs Team (and Iris), “Nevermind, go on.” The engineer motioned awkwardly for the boy to continue, then started digging a bag of gummy bears out of his pocket.

Wally quickly regained his focus: “And that explains why you blurred your face although you were already wearing a mask! Because I knew your face underneath it,” the 8-year-old noticed cleverly. Barry was at a loss for words.

The boy went on: “And that’s why you didn’t take your CSI kit with you when the gas attack at the mall happened! -Your costume was in that duffle bag, right?”

“Wow, you’re really bad at this” Cisco remarked with a chuckle and a nod towards Barry, while offering his gummy bears to Wally.  With a shy “thanks”, the 8-year-old fished out a red gummy bear from the bag, nervously observing the adults in front of him:

Iris had a bright smile and a look of pride on her face, Caitlin, with her eyes opened wide and lips pursed, looked surprised and impressed at the same time. Dr. Wells had the same kind of eerie calm about him as ever, casually wiping his glasses with the hem of his shirt.  Barry rubbed the back of his neck nervously: “I guess you Wests just are too perceptive…”

The CSI’s statement had Caitlin roll her eyes in an exasperated manner, while Wally puffed out his chest with pride, causing Iris and Barry to exchange amused looks.

-“Well, if we don’t want anymore Wests in on your secret, Mr. Allen, I’d advise we make sure of that,” Dr. Wells pointed out curtly, effectively cutting short the pleasant moment.

“Oh right, right,” Barry responded, heading towards Wally, making sure that the 8-year-old was absolutely fine. He then began explaining the issue and importance of his secret identity. Iris shortly tore her eyes away from this scene to cast a wary glance at Dr. Wells who was currently consulting with Caitlin and Cisco; of course Iris understood why the head of S.T.A.R. Labs was so insistent about keeping Barry’s identity a secret (he wouldn’t be a good mentor if he wasn’t) but how he had said it and the way he had eyed her nephew… it simply gave the young journalist the creeps. Shrugging off those unpleasant thoughts, Iris redirected her attention back to her favorite nerds:

Apparently, Wally had caught on the whole secret I.D.-matter fairly quickly (the reasoning was pretty much like in the comic books he loved to read, so the boy was already familiar with the concept) and was now eager to pledge himself to secrecy, offering to seal his promise with a pinky swear. Watching Barry kneeling in front of her nephew, his little finger entwined with Wally’s (and the 8-year-old wearing a deadly serious expression on his face), Iris couldn’t help but smile at their interaction. As soon as he had been sworn into secrecy, Wally started bombarding Barry with questions, until the arrival of Grandpa Joe directed the boy’s attention away from his hero (finally giving Barry a chance to go and change into his civilian clothes).

Making use of the time they had left before Mary and Rudy were to be expected, Barry and his friends from S.T.A.R. Labs made sure that the facility was sufficiently prepped for the awaited visitors (specifically the den and med bay), so that nothing would accidentally expose their crime-fighting base as exactly that.

When Mary and Rudy finally did arrive, it was a very strange encounter: Mary, so overjoyed that tears of happiness were running down her cheeks, was effusively showering Wally with hugs and kisses, causing the boy to grimace. Rudy on the other hand was standing awkwardly and stiffly next to his wife, only the fond look in his eyes betraying his rigid pose. Iris could barely contain an eye-roll upon seeing her brother’s odd behavior; it was just too frustrating sometimes.

After Mary had calmed down a bit and Wally had managed to wiggle free from his mother’s clingy (and due to her tears slightly damp) embrace, Rudy informed his father and sister (as well as the S.T.A.R. Labs Team) that he and Mary had made arrangements so they could stay until the rest of the week.

Team Flash exchanged meaningful looks; they all wanted to find out if Barry’s hypothesis (that Wally had been affected the same way as him) would reveal itself to be true or not but as long as Wally’s parents were around they could not conduct the necessary tests to find that out – at least not without putting Barry’s secret identity at risk.

Since there was not much they could do with Mary and Rudy being at S.T.A.R. Labs pretty much all the time, Barry and Iris decided to catch a break and go for a cup (or in Iris’s case, multiple cups) of coffee at Jitters.

“I still can’t get over the fact that you used to work here and we never met until those six weeks ago; I’ve been coming by for my daily coffee fix for months.” Barry said disbelievingly, when he and Iris sat down in a secluded corner at Jitters, for the first time since Wally had been struck by lightning.

Iris just shrugged; with hundreds of people going to Jitters for their coffee day in and day out, it was hard to keep track of all the faces she had seen – impossible, even: “Maybe we did meet and just didn’t realize it?”

Barry was quick to swallow the sip of coffee he just had taken, shaking his head fervently: “No, I’m sure we’ve never seen each other here before; I would have noticed and remembered you, most definitely.”

“Aww, “ Iris smiled, flattered, “that’s a pretty good answer, Mr. Allen.” – Barry tried hard not to look too pleased with himself – “It’s a shame, though,” Iris added, eyes twinkling flirtatiously over the brim of her own coffee mug, “I made the best cup of coffee you could get in the entire city.”

“Oh yeah?” the speedster replied, matching her tone, “is that so?”

“I’ve been told so, multiple times – no really,” Iris insisted, “one customer even described it as 'heavenly’.” (Granted, it had been a guy who had also tried hitting on her,  pulling off that whole 'did it hurt when you fell from the sky’-shtick but who cares about such trivial details?)

“Well, then it is even more of a shame that we haven’t met earlier, isn’t it?” Barry asked playfully, very obviously enjoying the return of their carefree banter, “Now you are a badass reporter and I missed my chance to get a 'heavenly’ cup of coffee from a beautiful barista.”

He was rewarded for that remark with another of Iris’s beaming smiles, that soon turned into a sly one: “Ah, maybe we should remedy that…”


“I still have the key to the shop…”

-”You do?!”

“It’s not been that long since I stopped working here and there’s been a lot going on…” Iris reasoned, listing all the turbulent events that had occurred in the meantime, “first settling in with my new job at CCPN, then summer vacation started and Wally came to visit… meeting you… crazy meta-human trying to kill my Dad and then Wally got struck by lightning…” the journalist concluded her enumeration with a plain shrug,”I simply forgot about it and nobody has called or mailed me about giving it back so far…”

“So you’re suggesting that we…?”

“Do something different for date-night,” Iris grinned, winking.

Barry couldn’t help but laugh: “For the past three weeks the closest thing we had to a 'date-night’ was spending the evening together at Wally’s bedside, talking, before I forced you to go home for some proper sleep… Just going somewhere else than S.T.A.R. Labs or your house would qualify as 'different’…”

The journalist shook her head: “Those weeks don’t count; come on, I’ll make us some great coffee-”

“I thought it was 'heavenly’-” the CSI interjected, smiling impishly.

“Fine, 'heavenly’ coffee,” Iris repeated, rolling her eyes at Barry’s silliness, “I’ll bring by a whole load of desserts for dinner and we can maybe even picnic on the rooftop… come on, it’ll be fun!”

Seeing the hesitant look on his face, Iris added: “I’ll talk with Tracy or whoever has the night shift that day to make sure it’s all right; I’ll have to give back the key afterward anyhow… So, what you say; ready to do something completely out of the ordinary for once in your life?”

Amused, Iris watched Barry almost choking on his coffee from laughter, trying to keep a nonchalant expression on his face: “Yeah, I guess it’s time for me to do something completely crazy, isn’t it?”

On Sunday they had to face the most difficult part to get over: Mary and Rudy were about to head home and of course, wanted to take Wally with them. Luckily, Caitlin was well-prepared and explained in detail how cataracts can develop after a lightning strike and that it would be better to keep the boy under close observation for at least another week. Iris helpfully added that it would be far too cumbersome for her sister-in-law to drive to and fro Blue Valley and S.T.A.R. Labs all the time and Barry chipped in that he had experienced metabolic troubles soon after his awakening, emphasizing the big role the ongoing medical care at S.T.A.R. had played to get him to fully recover.

Neither Mary nor Rudy were particularly keen on leaving their son behind at S.T.A.R. Labs (again) but of course they didn’t want to risk Wally’s health in any way – so they agreed to let him stay another week in Central City.

Naturally, Wally was thrilled to have another school-free week ahead of him (not to mention that he would get to spend the week with his Grandpa, Aunt Iris and Barry – who was the Flash!), though his excitement was slightly dampened when his mother and aunt arranged to have his mom drop off his schoolwork at Grandpa’s house so he could try to catch up on what he had missed so far. Still, a week with no school was a week with no school, so Wally knew better than to complain.

After awkwardly saying good-bye to his parents (it was just weird how they made such a fuss about being separated for merely a week, when they had been totally okay with him spending his entire summer vacation away from home – of course, that was before he had been in a coma for three weeks – three weeks that had felt like a catnap to him), Wally noticed how Barry’s friends from S.T.A.R. Labs visibly relaxed, obviously glad to see his parents leave. The boy also observed how everyone was casting strange glances in his direction and couldn’t help but wonder aloud: “I’m not staying here because you think I could develop a… catar-something , am I?”

“That’s a thing for tomorrow, kid.”

The bit when Iris teases Barry about her ‘heavenly’ coffee was inspired by @journalistiriswest ‘s ff “it get’s to friday and i give you a call” - it’s a really cute and awesome story; I highly recommend it :)

My superhero

Pairing: Jikook

Rating: fluff

Warning: not a superheroAU, don’t let the tittle deceive you…

A/N: this was requested by just_trashxx on AFF, you can read it also here

Jungkook opens the door of the practice room with more force than intended, but he’s worried to death, so even if the door slams against the wall quite harsh, sounding as if it were going to break, he can be forgiven, he’s on a mission.

The two occupants of the room jump in surprise at the noise, and turn their heads in time to see Jungkook standing at the door, black hair disheveled under his black beanie, eyes big like and owl and breathing hard through chapped lips.

The younger of the three gulps nervously from his position at the door when the other two stare dumbfounded at him.

“Jungkookie?” breaks the silence Jimin’s soft voice. Jungkook studies him from the door and his eyebrows furrow instantly at the sight of his boyfriend clutching at his ankle. “What are you doing here?”

“Well-“ Jungkook voices comes out rough since his throat is dry, so he clears it a couple of times and keeps on talking. “-you told me you sprained your ankle, so here I am.”

“You didn’t have to come all the way here, Hoseok-hyung-“

“Well, I’m here now.” interrupts Jungkook, frown deepening as his eyes take in that there are a bunch long fingers that belong to another male touching his boyfriend’s leg. He knows there was no need for him to come over, Jimin probably just texted him so Jungkook knew about it, but knowing his boyfriend was hurt made him rush his way to the practice room instantly, homework to be damned.

Jimin liked to spend hours here, mastering his moves until his body couldn’t bare anymore the pain of sore muscles, and Jungkook was used to that perfectionist trait of him; that determined attitude of working hard for his dreams was one of the things that made Jungkook fell in love with Jimin, but the older tended to push himself over the limit more times that Jungkook could count on his two hands and feet and todays’ injury was proof of that.
Jungkook closes the door, more gently now that he’s calmed down a bit, and approaches the two sitting males. 

“Does it hurt too much?” asks Jungkook crouching next to Jimin’s outstretched leg, eyeing the red and swollen ankle. Hoseok moves away his hand when the youngest gives him the stink-eye.

Jungkook doesn’t consider himself being one extremely possessive nor jealous person, he had never reasons to be that kind of boyfriend before, but with Jimin is different. Everyone seems to be fond of the other male and want to be close to him; no that Jungkook blames them, Jimin is such a nice and warm creature it would be weird for someone to hate him, and that’s why sometimes he feels threatened, afraid someone better than him will appear and steal Jimin away from him.

“I’m okay, it’s just a bit swollen…” says Jimin with a broken voice. “the problem is I don’t think I will be up for the competition coming up this Sunday…”

“It’s okay Jiminnie.” says Hoseok, his hand reaching up to pat reassuringly the other dancer’s knee with a big smile.

Hoseok is handsome, thinks Jungkook, with his long but perfectly balanced face, his warm eyes, his wide and warm smile and that body that drives everyone crazy. He’s quite popular, being the main dancer and choreographer of their uni’s dance team, and Jungkook finds himself thinking more than once that Hoseok could be that one that could steal Jimin away from him; they just fit together so well.

“You should go home and put that leg on rest, don’t force yourself.” keeps talking Hoseok with a gentle voice. Jungkook sees Jimin relax a bit, give a little smile that Jungkook wants to keep all for himself but he knows he can’t do that, because Jimin is always gifting smiles to the world.

Hoseok moves the hand on Jimin’s knee down and rests his huge palm against the meet of the other dancer’s shin while the other grabs the injured ankle. Unnecessary touch, if you ask Jungkook.

“Right, let’s go home and put some ice to that ankle.” says Jungkook glaring at Hoseok, who stares at him with a questioning gaze, feigning innocence. But Jungkook knows better; he knows Hoseok has been trying to hit on Jimin for a long time, always trying to be alone with the younger asking him to stay late for practice knowing Jimin would never say no to keep on dancing for hours;  that’s why Jungkook has tried to leave his boyfriend alone with the other as less as possible, occupying Jimin’s free time  with impromptu studying dates or going out for coffee.

Jimin tries to stand up, wincing when he moves his foot the wrong way and a sharp sting goes up his leg. Jungkook moves faster than Hoseok this time, and catches his boyfriend by the waist to pull him up. Jimin is tinny, adorable height difference that the black haired boy loves to tease him about, so it doesn’t take much effort for him to hold Jimin securely against his body.

Hoseok gives Jimin his bag, sending the shorter male a warm smile but a pissed-off stare at the taller one for appearing out of nowhere, gesture that makes Jungkook internally dance in joy.

Jimin tries walking, but the moment he puts a bit of pressure on his bad foot pain shakes up his whole leg. He winces again, digging his fingers painfully on Junkook’s shoulder, who supports him by the waist with a firm grip.

“Maybe you shouldn’t walk.” says Jungkook, giving his boyfriend a worried stare.

Jimin lets out a shaky sigh, obviously in pain, and nods slowly with a sad pout, and Jungkook wishes he could just hold Jimin in his arms forever and erase all his pain for the rest of his life.

“I will carry you.” says Jungkook firmly, and before Jimin can even think of arguing back to that with his usual “no Jungkook, I’m too fat for you to carry me” Jungkook passes Jimin’s arms across his shoulders and squats down enough to grab the back of Jimin’s thighs and lift him up. Jimin lets out a grunt of surprise, not expecting Jungkook to move so fast and perch him on his back, and instinctively wraps his arms around the taller’s neck, clutching to him like a koala perched on a tall tree.

“Okay, let’s go.” 

Jungkook doesn’t let Hoseok and Jimin to say farewell to each other and goes to the door with a couple of long strides and leaves a bewildered Hoseok standing there like an idiot, expression Jungkook would gladly laugh at in another situation in which his boyfriend wasn’t suffering so much. But he saves the image on his brain for later.

After fifteen minutes of silent walk Jimin rests his chin on Jungkook shoulder and heaves out a deep breath.

“My apartment is too far away.” says Jimin softly, warm breath caressing the soft skin of Jungkook’s neck. “we can haul a taxi or something, I’m too heavy for you to carry me all the way there…”

“Nonsense,” Jungkook stops for a second to readjust a bit Jimin’s weight on his back and then carries on walking. “It’s not that far, besides, you are too tinny to weight anything.”

Jungkook expects, and laughs at the hit on his arm after his teasing words, typical reaction he gets every time he mentions the older’s height.
Jimin pouts, not that Jungkook can see it but he knows Jimin like the back of his hand, so can picture those beautiful lips puckered out in angry pout that doesn’t do much to help Jimin look actually his age.

Jungkook feels Jimin’s arms on his neck tighten their hold and hide his face on the crook of his neck.

“I’m a klutz.” spats Jimin angrily on his shoulder. His voice sounded creaky, on the verge of tears, and Jungkook knows that Jimin will be crying his eyes out the whole weekend for missing such important competition.

“Don’t say that.” Jungkook says softly, thinking how to make Jimin feel better; words have never been his forte. “Accidents happen, this was just a bit of bad luck, don’t be so hard on yourself hyung.”

“But we’ve worked so hard for this and-“

“There will be more competitions.” cuts Jungkook, feeling his throat constrict at Jimin’s sad tone. “You will have more opportunities to win, hyung, let others get a prize from time to time.”

Jimin chuckles, tightening even more his arms around the younger before leaving a soft peck at the base of his neck. Jungkook allows himself to smirk in satisfaction for making Jimin laugh a bit.

“Besides, that way we can spend more time together until you get better.” points out Jungkook, finally seeing Jimin’s apartment building. “I’m gonna give you massages, and cook for you. We can also watch that show you like so much that I never want to-“

Dancing with the stars?!“ 

Jungkook hums in response and Jimin laughs in disbelieve.

“Wow, you are spoiling me too much.” Jimin smiles, craning his head to the side to try to see Jungkook’s face.

“Well, aren’t I supposed to do that? I’m your boyfriend.” Jungkook looks at him from the corner of his eye, smile spreading on his lips at the sight of Jimin’s beautiful smile.

“You can’t backtrack now.” says Jimin, fishing out his keys from the pocket of the bag he’s carrying on his shoulders and handing it to Jungkook’s hand. For a second, Jimin marvels at the fact that Jungkook is holding him without much effort with one hand while using the other to open the door, but then remembers that Jungkook has always been strong and tough; like a superhero.

“I won’t, I promise.” says Jungkook determined. “I’m gonna spoil you so much this weekend. I will take good care of you.”

You always do.” says Jimin softly, and presses another kiss on his neck. “I love you, Jungkookie.”

Jungkook smiles wide, his nose scrunching up adorably and eyes crinkling in happiness.

“I love you too, Jiminnie-hyung.”

Everyone’s Favorite Fighting Superhero (Chapter 1)

Pairing: Lafayette x reader

TW: Mentions of possible injury or death, mentions of murder.

Word Count:1285


Being a reporter was awful, and wonderful, at the same time.

Wonderful, because you had a talent, and love for it.

Awful, because there was often blatant sexism in the old media.

It was hard to be taken seriously, if ever. Often times, you were slapped with the article on how ‘Spring was in the Air’ or ‘Local teen wins spelling bee.’ And on top of that, you had to sit back and watch as Alexander Hamilton, a reporter two years your junior, and Gilbert du Motier, de Lafayette, his name alone made you hate him despite having never met, were handed the grittier, interesting cases that you would be willing to kill for. Strings of robberies, murders downtown, hell, you would be satisfied with anything BUT the new dog park.

Once, just once, you wanted a front page story. You wanted to see something you wrote, staring back at you from every stand in New York City, rather than be condemned to the pages that only the elderly even bother with.

That was when you saw it.

When you saw him.

You’d been catching the tram home from working, lamenting another day lost, writing about the absence of squirrels in Central Park this summer, when the train lost it’s brakes. You could feel the rattle as the conductor desperately attempted to brake, the train only accelerating.

You were nearing a bend in the track. Approach it too quickly, and your car wouldn’t be staying vertical. You were in the front car, too. Able to see the conductor in a panic, and the grey of the street below the monorail. The grey you would crash into if something didn’t change, and fast. You covered your eyes as the others around you pushed and shoved, trying to escape what seemed inevitable.

Only to slam into the ground as the center of momentum shifted. You were slowing? More so, you were stopping! You picked your head up, eyes growing wide at the sight of a man in front of the train. His hands were pressed against the plexi-glass, spider-webbing cracks from growing where his fingers were digging in for traction.

Was that even possible?

No, no, of course it wasn’t…your rational thought must have been skewed…

But figment of your imagination or no, you stopped a moment to stare at him. He had waves of curly hair, pulled back from his face, that also lead into a sheer beard, clean and well cared for. His skin was sun kissed, and dark, starkly contrasted by the blue of the suit he wore, and the red of the accents and his cape. Also, a cape…?

He caught you staring, and smiled as he met your gaze, a brilliant, sincere smile that made your heart skip a beat or three. He’d saved your life…all of the lives on this train! You were picking yourself up as you heard the cries of the others on the tram. Most of them were lost on you, but one word stuck with you.



The next day, you were practically pushing your way into your work. You’d be damned before you allowed someone else to take this story from you! You’d been there, dammit! You’d seen it all first hand. There was no way any sexist editor could deny you this time.

On the elevator up, you were shifting from foot to foot, and trying, to get your thoughts in order. You’d have to really make your point clear that you deserved this, or he wouldn’t be listening. And you hated that you had to be so insistent for such a stupid reason, but at this point, there was no point in throwing away this stepping stone to higher places, because of one sexist asshole.

“Sir,” You gave your boss no warning this time, pushing open the door into his office. “I need to talk to you, if I could have a moment of your time.” You watched as he looked up from where he was writing, a man standing in front of his desk, only turning when you made your presence known.

He wore thick rimmed black glasses, ones that were a bit loose, with how they slipped down the bridge of his nose. His curly hair created an atmosphere all his own around his face, that made his eyes pop even more than they did already. You knew him from pictures, and local talk around the building. This was Gilbert du Motier, de Lafayette. You felt your anger boiling under your skin. He’d no doubt already requested this case. Which meant you wouldn’t get it, which meant you would be stuck with nothing. Again.

“Ah, (Y/N), I was just about to call you in.”

Wait, had your boss really just said that?

“I uh, yes, sir?” You smiled, crying to appear your most charming. Maybe you still had a chance!! Wait, if that was the case, why was Lafayette here?

“I assume you heard all about the train derailing yesterday? And the man people are calling ‘Superman’ who stopped it?”

‘Of course I do. I almost died.’ You kept these thoughts to yourself and only nodded your head. No sense in messing this up for yourself now.

“Well, I was going to had the duty of reporting on him off to Gilbert here,” You just about started screaming. This was ridiculous. You had been the one to almost die!! “But,” But? “He said that the recent militarization patterns in Gotham interested him more. He suggested…you, instead.”

The words almost seemed to pain him, and you’d never felt more proud.

“I’ll be more than happy to take the case, sir!” You nearly jumped, looking to Lafayette with a wide grin. You realized he probably had an angle. Probably had something he wanted to say in return, but all the same, you could deal with that later. For now, this was what you needed, and it had all but been dropped into your lap.

The last of it was finalized, and you were given the proper press clearance before the two of you were dismissed from the office. Before he could get away, you grabbed onto Lafayette’s arm, and dragged him to one of the branching hallways. Before he really even knew what happened, you had him cornered, arms crossed.

“What the hell was that?” You hissed, glancing over your shoulder to see if anyone was around to hear. They weren’t. “What’s your angle, handing me what could be the biggest breakthrough of the year?”

“There is no angle, mon ami!” He gave a kind laugh, patting your shoulder. “I simply have something else I have to write on…and, I do not feel…eh…er…oh!! Comfortable, focusing on the Superman case…for personal reasons.” You gave him a side eyed look. Something smelled here. He gave you an easy smile, no signs of a break, but you didn’t want to give in, just yet…

But you had an article to write. The one that could jumpstart your career, and get you writing more articles like this.

“Fine…I owe you ONE favor. One. Okay? You’re free to call it in whenever, but…” You shook your head a bit, and sighed. “Thank you.”

“No problem, mon ami. You will do magnifique! I look forward to your series!” You wondered how he did that. How all of the rage that you’d been harboring was just…gone, and instead, you were left with only the excitement of your case as he slipped from the little barricade you’d made against him. “Give Superman my love!”

You scoffed a bit, but smiled.

You could see why he was so popular around here, now…


I originally wanted to title this ‘Because I’m superman’ but then it ended up being about Laf and so I lost that title.

This is a collaboration, by the way!! @ma-belle-agneau Is doing the marvel side of things, so go check her out when her chapter is up!! I am so excited about this!!!

Love, Rosalie

I really want the other kwamis to not be in Paris. Because it would be kinda weird if they could choose a guardian anywhere in the world and they all choose a person i Paris. 

I just really want episodes where we’re introduced to another pair of superheroes that work together like ladybug and chat noir but in another country. Like if the class was to go on a field trip to England or Belgium or Germany and the come across not the same but something similar to what they fight in Paris. And of course Marinette and Adrien would never let people be hurt just because they’re out of their comfort zone (and they think its supper weird that the other ones there because what? why? how’d you get her? 

and then they’re fighting what ever this is and they come across another superhero team and everybody just stop and stare at each other because this is really weird. but they have a fight to win so questions must be answered later. but while they're 

so after the fight (because of course they win, they were four people with superpowers) everybody wants answers, but of course thats when the miraculous starts to bib and everybody takes off. but they promise to meat the next day because chat AND ladybug just happens to be in town for a small week, what a strange coincidence (YOU GUYS ARE INFURIATING!!!) 

Chat and Ladybug show up first at the meeting and while they’re flirting chatting the other team shows up and they have their talk about being heroes and what not and are there more out there and sure you should definitely see if you could take a tripe to Paris some time it would be great (depending on where you are it can take you a couple of hours to travel between countries in Europe.) And then one from the other team just can’t help them self and just have to say that Chat and Ladybug are just so adorable together and how long have they been a couple? Are they dating behind the mask too? And ladybug just don’t know what to say she’s speechless, and chat has the biggest grin EVER just looking at her like “see its not just me” because really everybody can se that they’re definitely attracted to each other and they’re constantly flirting OF COURSE PEOPLE THINK THEY’RE DATING! WHY AREN’T THEY DATING! 

I really need that. No love triangle to make the other jealous. No I just want a other superhero duo to point out how obviously made for each other they are. and you know another superhero duo because SUPERHERO DUO!


Pairing: Luke/Reader

Request : Could you do an imagine that you are a fan and you bump into luke hemmings while you are crying at 2 A.M in the morning, and he comforts you.

Rating : PG-13

Song inspo : Superheros x The Scripts


External image

It was 2 a.m and you were mindlessly walking the aisles of your local 7-11 gas station. You were in the frozen section as you were reaching for the ice cream.

“Great.” You mumbled to yourself as you failed to reach the last container of your favorite flavor.

You groaned, giving up, walking away.

“Um, excuse me?” This giant man stopped you.

“Were you reaching for this?” He asked you, his Australian accent thick. 

You nodded and he proceeded to grab the item.

“Thanks.” You said, half smiling and taking the ice cream.

“No problem.” He smiled at you, revealing his deep dimples.

You were too sad to even fan girl about how attractive he was so you continued to sulk and grab various sweet snacks on your way to the front check-out lane.

Once you checked out, you went to your car and slid in the driver’s seat.

You just sat there for a minute, with sad songs blaring through your radio.

All of a sudden, there was a small tap on your window and when you looked up it was the tall man again.

“Can I help you?” You asked, depression seeping through your words.

“Hi, I couldn’t help but notice you look like you’ve been crying. I know it’s none of my business and I’m a complete stranger but if you would just talk to me for a few minutes.” He said, hopeful.

You thought about it for a minute and decided it couldn’t hurt to say yes, so you did.

“Thanks. I promise I’m not a serial killer.” He laughed.

You didn't laugh back, you just opened your ice cream and began eating.

“Can I ask what’s wrong?” He questioned.

You and the man started talking about your problem which was exams. It may not seem important enough to cry and be depressed over, but grades were everything to you. Your family was in debt from paying back student loans so if you failed, all the money would’ve been a waste. Not to mention you have severe anxiety.

“Well, if you need to study my friends and I could help.” He said.

“You don’t have to do that, I’m just, j-” You started crying.

“Oh no! No, don’t cry. Look, I’m gonna help you study. You’re going to pass your exams okay?” He asked.

“I promise.” He hugged you and rubbed your back.

“Why are you doing this? You don’t even know me?” You asked, wiping your puffy eyes.

“Because I’d hate myself if I didn’t find out why such a beautiful girl was crying her eyes out.” He said.

“Standing all alone it a gas station, being too short to reach the ice cream.” He added.

You smiled, for the first time in days.

“There it is. I knew you’d have a pretty smile.” He told you.

“Thank you.” You said.

“Oh, I’m Luke by the way.” He said, holding out his hand awkwardly.

“Y/N.” You said, shaking it.

“I know who you are, I love your music.” You told him.

“Oh, thank you.” He smiled.

“Well c’mon we’re losing time when we could be studying!” He said, enthusiastically.

“Okay!” You laughed, trying to match his level of enthusiasm.

“Let’s go!” He said, getting out of the car.

You did the same and he offered his hand for you to take. You took Luke’s hand and boarded the bus.

Who knew you’d meet Luke Hemmings at a gas station at 2 a.m all because you couldnt reach the ice cream?


A/N : Sorry, the ending is shit. Im shit. Lol, but I hope you guys liked it! Please give me feedback and keep requesting !

Superhero Uncle

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Pairing: DeanxReader, Colton (OC)
Word count: 702

Static masterlist

Over the next couple years, you continued to send updates to Bobby and Dean. You never mentioned Sam by name, almost afraid to.

Before you knew it, Colton was getting ready for school. He had two weeks, and you were nervous. Finally, you broke down and sent Dean a pleading note.


I know we agreed it’s safer that you don’t know where I am, but I need you. Colton starts school in 2 weeks. It’s a special day. If he can’t spend it with his father, I want him to spend it with his favorite superhero. If you can get away, and see us for a couple days, please come. I’m including my cell number. Call me to tell me, and then burn it.



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#16: Hero

(A/N: This is set in the premise that Tsukki and Yamaguchi are in elementary school and it is a Superhero AU.)

Pairing: TsukkiYama

“So, what’s your superpower? You do have one right?” the taller boy sneered down at the shorter one.

“I-It’s…” Yamaguchi stuttered, staring at a pebble on the ground.

“You don’t have one do you? Even though you’re a purebred?” the burly boy snickered, pushing the younger boy to the ground. “Can you guess what mine is? I’m only a halfie and I got one of the big three!” he taunted.

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Can’t sleep with you on my mind

((AN I finally bit the bullet and wrote Miraculous Ladybug fanfiction. This is it, this is where I know I’m in for the long haul. This one-shot is based on a scene from episode. If you haven’t seen, then there be spoilers here!))

She turns off the light, slips under the covers, and stares up at the ceiling. She takes a deep breath, begins the process of slowing her breathing, and slowly closes her eyes. After five minutes she tries to think of sheep, because sheep help right? Just think of some sheep, maybe even count them, and she’ll be fine and off to sleep.
After she’s counted up to a hundred, even changing up the colors after twenty, she’s starting to contemplate the farm that would have twenty white sheep, ten black sheep, fifteen golden sheep, ten more black sheep, and then leave the rest of them all the colors of a rainbow. What a strange farm indeed-
“Marinette?” says the small voice coming from pillow to her right.
She turns to her little companion, cooing softly, “Yes, Tikki? Are you okay? Are you thirsty? Do you need some water?”
She’s already sitting up by the end, ready to sneak down there for some water for Tikki and maybe a glass of tea for herself, or maybe some water too since she did just brush her teeth and her mother is always saying-
Tikki makes a soft sound, the one she does when she’s both exasperated and sad for her. “No, Marinette. How come you’re not sleeping?”
Marinette’s breath catches, “Oh but I was trying to, you see, I was counting some sheep-”
“Did you get stuck on one hundred again?” Tikki asks, then yawns softly that Marinette can almost see the little darling’s eyes droop.
She sighs herself, raising a hand to where she just knows her little Kwami is. She feels something warm press against her fingers and she smiles in the darkness, wishing she could hold her.
“Go to sleep, Tikki.” Marinette says.
“Not before you,” Tikki replies back sleeply.
Marinette hesitates but lays her head back on the pillow, closing her eyes.
“Good night, Tikki.”
“Good night, Marinette…”


Everything’s moving too fast and too slow. Timebreaker was over there, and now she’s here, arm reaching out, and for instance Marinette’s sure she will die. To freeze in horror as she slowly fades in existence….it’s right before her eyes and she’s either unable to move or too slow to do anything.
She feels a warmth engulf her and she’s sure she’s been touched, breath caught in her throat and she wonders if she’ll suffocate before fading. Except the world keeps moving around her and Timebreaker leans back to look down, eyes wide behind her mask in fascination.
Marinette looks down and can do nothing but take in Chat Noir, holding her tightly, eyes shut, grim-faced and growing pale. She feels her body go cold and she holds on to him, wishing he would quip, wishing he would say something! Say anything! She holds him and watches as he fades away like Alya, like all her classmates-
“Chat Noir!”


Marinette wakes abruptly, heart pounding and a horrible ringing sound in her ears. She sits up and with an unsettling numbness, she assesses what’s happening to her.
1) She’s shaking. (But that might have something to do with the shivering.)
2) She’s sweating hard enough that the back of her shirt is clinging to her. (which is probably the biggest reason for the shivering.)
3) She’s crying. Not a lot, but enough to where the room is blurring with tears.
She begins to move her hands, maybe to wipe of the tears or blindly search for packet of tissues on her dresser, when she hears a tiny sound of distress. Warmth is pressed to her fingers and she feels more tears come to her eyes as she cups the little warmth in her hands.
“Oh T-t-tikki,” She whispers, voice wavering as she tries to swallow, “Oh Tikki it’s-it’s okay. I’m sorry, it’s just–I’m just shaken up by the last–you know I just need a few days before they go away-”
Tikki makes another sound, the sort of sound she makes right before she begins to cry and Marinette brings her close to her heart.
The minute she feels a little wetness on her chest, she gives a few more tears of her own.


Her mother sees it, the minute Marinette wakes up, she’s already trying to push her daughter back into bed.
Marinette pushes the covers back off, “Momma, I have to go to school.”
Her mother’s frown seems deeper in a second, brows coming together and Marinette can see where this is going.
“Nightmares again?” Her mother says, her eyes going dark like rain clouds. Marinette wishes she could at the very least lie for her mother but she looks away and nods, leaning in when he mother hugs her again.
“I need to give you more green tea again, you should have a cup every night before you go to bed.” Her mother says, almost stern.
Marinette groans, “Not the liver talk again.”
“Or apples! We could try the apples again! You liked when Papa gave you sliced apples, didn’t you?”
We can do it again, in fact, for breakfast-”
“Ma Ma.”
Her mother looks to down at her, frown set deep into her mouth, and Marinette sighs and wraps her arms her mother to hug her tight.
“My liver isn’t giving me bad dreams,” she says, giving a small smile, “just….a lot of things on my mind. Can’t rest when your mind doesn’t, right?”
Her mother is quiet for a moment, petting her bed hair in the same way she would do whenever Marinette was sick. She gives into the petting, if only because it’s nice and she feels horrible already.
Finally, her mother pats her pack and nods, “….Alright. But your snack is apples with tea today.”
Marinette snorts but nods too, “No complaints here.”

Alya knows the minute she gets to school, ten minutes early for class, and her friend runs over to cup her cheeks gently.
“Oh my poor girl,” she coos, rubbing an thumb under some dark circles, “oh man, we may need to cancel trips to the cafe for a while.”
Marinette gasps and shakes her head in Alya’s hands, “but I love our cafe talks! Oh come on, you’re not taking a page out of my mom’s book are you?”
Alya giggles at that, dropping her hands only to take Marinette’s, “you know, it may be ancient medicine but it’s good, ancient medicine.”
Marinetter must make quite the face because Alya laughs again, letting go of one hand to gently tug the other to their seats.
For the rest of the class, Marinette takes great comfort in the fact that she can stare at the back of Adrien’s head for the majority of it and that Alya lets her copy her notes right after it’s over.


Marinette stares at her bed, Tikki sitting on her shoulder, and they’re both silent as they just stare at it.
“I really don’t want to go to bed,” Marinette says.
Tikki says nothing and Marinette knows she’s being ridiculous but she just got over the last batch of nightmares! She thought she was getting used to dealing with things as Ladybug! She’s doing a lot of good! The city loves her, which is better than some other bug themed Superheroes that she’s read about, and she-
“Why don’t we get some air?”
Marinette blinks and watches Tikki float in front of her face, big blue eyes blinking at her with a big, old smile on her face. Marinette blinks again, tilting her head before they widen and she can’t help smiling herself.
“We’ll be quick,” she promises, nearly bouncing on the balls of her feet.
Tikki giggles happily and Marinette feels that familiar burst of warmth and light in her chest.
“Change! Ladybug! Yeah!”


The night air is fantastic, just the way she likes it, warm and breezy, as the lights of the city create a night sky all around her. She jumps from roof to roof, fast and free, graceful and giddy, and she feels much better than she did in her room a few minutes ago.
But she’s still has a knotted feeling in her stomach.
She lands with a roll and decides to park it here, watching the Paris move and dance and glow. She’s sure she’s memorized every knock and cranny this city has to offer but now more than ever she wants it imprinted on her eyes, just the colors and shapes and everything about her home that makes it so. Then she could fill her dreams of Paris and its light and not of-
She looks up just in time to see Chat Noir bending forward, balanced at the edge on the building, smiling a Cheshire grin.
“Chat Noir…!” She says, blinking rapidly, and he smiles impossibly wider and bows, his dramatic flair kicking in.
“Bonjour, Lovely Ladybug,” he looks back up and winks, “how’s villain catching tonight?”
She snorts and shakes her head, “None out today, sorry, just out on a moonlit stroll.”
He steps off the edge and gets even closer, and she takes a step back after a moment, if only because less distance between them encourages his more affectionate side.
He smiles and walks even closer, saddling up to her side, “Then let me join the beautiful lady on her stroll.”
She shakes her head, sighing as he smiles to her, looking every bit cheeky as he always does.
His face grim and pale, eyes shut, with an expression of a boy ready for the firing squad-
She looks to him then, twinkling green eyes, boyish smile, and looking every bit alive and happy as he could. She must look too long because his expression changes, eyes glittering as he tilts his head, mouth forming as though he wants to ask. She opens her own, wanting to say something, wanting to tell him something, wanting to-
“Don’t…..don’t be so reckless….please? Don’t just…..don’t be so ready to jump head first into trouble…”
Her heart is hammering against her chest and she feel her cheeks grow warm. What a thing to say! Oh no, she sounds like one of those girls in the movies! Telling the hero he shouldn’t be so rash because she cares about him deeply! This would be the part in those books that her mother didn’t want her to read, and she really hasn’t technically read them if she’s only skipping to the good parts, where they say that right before they jump to said good parts!
And without fail, he’s jumped to the same thought she has. His eyes go lidded and that smile is back, as every bit flirty and mischievous as ever.
“Oh~! Has my Lady been worried about me~?” He says, eyebrows bouncing in place and she imagines pulling hair. Whether it’s her own or his is left up to her frazzled mind, which can’t seem to figure out which one would be a more plausible action. She can feel the headache coming and pinches the bridge of her nose. She feels his hand take her other hand and her head springs up to glare at him before she’s stopped.
She knows his faces, just like she knows the faces and sounds and thoughts of everyone she cares about, but he’s looking at her with a face she’s never seen. His eyes are warm, sparkling with something that leaves the blush on her cheeks crimson, and his entire expression is something she’s dreamed of on Adrien’s face but never actually seen in person.
He squeezes her hand, “I can’t promise anything, but….I’ll try. Anything for My Lady.”
She sucks in a breath and for a minute feels like Marinette, the meek, shy, and hopeless romantic, before she remembers that Ladybug is anything but.
Still…..she squeezes his hand back before dropping it to tweak his nose gently.
“I’m saying this for your benefit, you reckless kitty cat.” She says, smiling at his shocked expression.
He scrunches up his nose before laughing, leaning in again as he had a hundred times before, flirtatious smirk and all, “Why don’t we makes this easier on ourselves and just admit we’re helplessly in love with each other~?”
She scoffs and pushes him back playfully, laughing as he smiles back at her. As they banter back and forth, dancing around each other as he flirts and she rebukes each one playfully, the knot in her stomach slowly fades away.


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Your touch gives me strength and courage, your head on my heart thrills and nourishes my soul.