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Pairing: Peter Parker x reader (Tony Stark friendship with reader and Peter as well)

Summary: Peter and Ned are keeping something from Y/N, and she is determined to find out what. But, can she without letting her secret slip through too?


Requested: Yes (anonymous)

Here’s another imagine for y'all! Hope you like it! It’s a little long lol. Some of y'all were asking about a masterlist and yes! Below:



It had been exactly six days, four hours, and forty-two minutes since you had spoken to Peter or Ned. You didn’t really know how to act like a normal human being without their obnoxious tactics ringing in your ears of every second of every day. Especially since your small crush on Peter was slightly creeping up on you as the days passed on. They were your best friends, always had been. But, this time, it wasn’t a delicate topic, apparently.

You had walked up to them at lunch almost a week ago, clutching your lunch tray with both hands, a smile plastered on your face  as you were excited as all to tell them your news about the algebra test getting pushed back to Thursday. All three of you stayed up so late the night before studying for that test, and by the end of the night, none of you had any idea what was going on, which was odd. You usually nailed math within three seconds. But not this time. So, your excitement was very evident on your face.

You approached them, Peter’s back slightly turned around as Ned followed the position, their eyes fixate don something clearly much more important than lunch. Your eyebrows furrowed on confusion as you set down your backpack next to you and your lunch tray in front of you, taking a seat at the gray lunch. Your stare becomes more intent, neither of the boys turning around to notice presence.

“Uh, hello?” you questioned, knocking your knuckles against the hard surface. All of the sudden, their ears perk at the the sudden noise, both heads turning around completely.

Eyebrows raised, you make direct eye contact with Peter, his brown orbs widening at the sight of your presence, “Oh! H-Hey, Y/N.”

Ned’s hair falls in front of his eyes, a guilty yet seemingly confused smile rolls over his lips, shoulders slouching a little, “Heyyyy,” he said, rolling out the ‘y’.

Your arms fold across your chest, suspiciously giving them a stare down, eyes narrowing as they slide from Peter to Ned, and back to Peter, “What are doing back there?” Your tone serious yet skeptical.

Peter shot you a weak smile, “Nothing!” he blurted out suddenly, eyes still widen at your suspicious glare. “We were just checking our work from Mrs. Smith’s lab yesterday.”

“Uh, no,” you interjected, shaking your head, looking at them as if they thought you were stupid, “We turned in our labs yesterday. They’re already graded, Peter.”

His mouth popped open and closed numerous times, looking like a gaping fish out of water, knowing he’d been caught so easily. You scooted up further on the sat, placing your folded arms on the table, “What were you really doing, Peter?” you questioned, your tension rising for the last time.

Ned shot up, belting out before Peter could say anything, “It’s nothing! We can’t tell you, Y/N. Like we really, can’t tell you.”

Peter looked from you to Ned multiple times before shaking his head up and down, signalling his agreement with Ned, “We just can’t.”

What was he hiding?

You felt your tension rise, ruining your previous thoughts, “I would never keep a secret from you two, ever,” you let out sternly, cracking your knuckles.

Lies. You’re such a liar.

Peter and Ned both looked at each other quickly before shooting you a guilty look for what felt like the thousandth time in a matter of five minutes. Your Y/E/C eyes pierced through Ned’s quickly, then shooting toward Peter’s gaze. Y/E/C pierced into his sparkling brown gaze and you felt disconnected with your best friend for the first time in your life. You share everything with each other, why not this.

You felt excluded and betrayed. Picking up your backpack, you roll your eyes in their direction once more before muttering, “Whatever. Guess we’re not as close as I had thought,” the words dripped like venom off your lips, anger bubbling deep inside you. You whisk away quickly, not looking back at what you had thought, your best friends faces.

The next few days, you felt the build up of tension between you and Peter. Every time he would see you in the hallway, he would give you a stern look before slamming his locker shut, ignoring your distant presence, and go to class. You began to realize your slight crush on him was fading, fast. You couldn’t believe how your two friends could keep anything from you, and Peter couldn’t believe you would be mad at him for something as little as an untold secret. He knew you would never keep anything from him, but this was just too big of a matter.

Or so he thought.

“Call Mr. Stark, Jane” you told your suit, yanking your mask off, revealing your sweaty face in the mirror gazing back at you.

“Calling Tony Stark..” Jane, as you liked to call her, initiated the call to Mr. Stark. You slumped down onto your bed, lying back on your pillow in complete exhaustion from this weeks past events.

“Miss Y/N, what can I do for you today?” Tony’s voice now evident in your ear.

You sat up immediately, wrapping your arm around your bedpost, “Yes, Mr. Stark, I was wondering if you had anything for me to possibly do? I’m very… bored,“ you said hesitantly but confidently, yearning for Tony to give you something to do to take your mind off everything going on around in your ‘normal’ life.

Tony’s breath was steady in the earpiece for a few moments before sighing heavily, "Okay, Miss Y/L/N, I have something, well someone I want you to meet. I’ve been wanting to do this for a while, but haven’t gotten around to it. Another… project.”

Your eyes lit up and your heart quickened at the thought of another superhero, “Yes, Mr. Stark! I would love to! Anything I need to know about this other… project?” you questioned, arms bending down to take off your blue and yellow suit, preparing for the mission.

“Yes, actually. They’re around your age, kind of annoying. Rather… talkative,” he said with slight annoyance in his voice.

You chuckled lightly, “Bye, Mr. Stark see you soon!” you yelled a little too excitedly before ending the call as you quickly shoved your suit into your bag. As soon as your foot hit the door mat, your mind instantly began to wonder into thoughts of this other super-human.

What were they like? Were their powers similar to yours? Not many people can teleport and or telepathically communicate with one another. Were they a guy? Oh god, what if he’s hot? Well, may be nice to have some eye candy your age on missions. What if I know them? Oh, c'mon, that’s almost impossible.Th chances of that happening are like a billion to one.

When you arrived at Stark Tower, Tony leading you to your so called 'mission’, your excitement ran up and down your veins. Your stomach did somersaults ever second as your feet kept a steady pace behind Tony.

Interrupting your thoughts, Tony, turned around to speak to you, still walking, “So, Miss Y/L/N, I have had this in mind for quite some time now. I just thought with being the only two teenagers on the team, if you met someone similar to you, you’d feel more comfortable,” he continued, typing in a pass-code on a tablet as you approached a huge gray door.

“But, you know of Spider-Man, right?” he questioned, eyebrows raised at your nervous gaze. Your eyes widened as the name rolled off his tongue.

“O-Of course, I mean he’s a new legend here,” you attempted to let out calmly as Tony still looked at you. “I had no idea he was so young.”

“Oh yes, he’s your age. That’s who I wanted you to meet today, but not 'Spider-Man’. The character behind the mask.”

Your stomach’s somersaults picked up. Oh my god, Spider-Man is a legend. You were a new trainee, so you looked in awe at this young yet legendary person behind the red mask.

Tony opened one last door, turning to you and stopping once you were inside, “Okay, I’ll send him out here. You stay here,” he smiled slightly at you as your head nodded vigorously in his direction. He walked behind yet another large door to retrieve your new colleague.

Okay, act cool. He’s just someone who’s just like you. Tony may even send you on missions with these boy, so you got this. When he walks in, just stick your hand out politely and say to him, “Hello, I’m-”


Your ears instantly heard the familiar sounding voice echo into your ears like something so delicate it would hurt if you didn’t understand what was standing right in front of you. The scratchiness of the tone hit you like a bus, interrupting your thoughts. Slowly yet threateningly, you turned around, glistening brown was what hit you first as your best friend Peter Parker stood in front of you, holding the unrecognizable blue and red suit by his side.

“Oh my god. You’re a superhero?,” you let out, eyes widening at the boy standing in front of you.

Peter blinked rapidly, his mouth barely able to let out any words at your figure holding the blue and yellow suit, “I-I don’t even know what to say.”

You nodded your head in agreement, slowly walking towards him. Your heart rate sped up and your face turned a bright red, due to the fact Peter knew your secret and you know knew his. Your eyes captivated his in a gaze for what felt like years, your breaths now mingling at your close proximity.

You were surprised by your next set of actions. Lifting a hand towards his face, you set it on his face softly, your hands laying on top of his muscular jaw bone, your voice in awe, “I just can’t believe it’s you.”

He smiled softly at your actions, his eyes scanning your face, looking for some kind of explanation. You then realized you now knew what kept you two from talking for a week. Your lips curled into a sly smile, “So, this must have been one big lab Mrs. Smith had to grade.”

His expression switched to a joyful one, reaching forward to wrap his arms around you. You followed him, your arms enveloping him in a bone crushing hug as he muttered in your ear, “You have no idea.”

Non-Human Prompt Meme

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Author: kpopfanfictrash

Pairing: You / Sehun

Rating: 18+ (Explicit sex, violence)

Word Count: 5,179

Summary:  Sehun is the youngest cop on the force. By night though, he’s someone else entirely. When both his worlds threaten to overlap, what will he do to keep the woman he loves safe? [HAPPY BIRTHDAY, @igot7bangtanbaes ! ] + Superhero!AU

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You’re a Superhero?!

Originally posted by space1boy

Pairing: Peter Parker x Reader

Warnings: None

Request: Pete finding out that Reader (his schoolmate/neighbor? U decide) lives in Stark Tower and is secretly part of the crew when he walks in, catching her do her superpower thing (maybe training w one of them?).

“Harder! You need to put your whole weight behind your punches.”

You paused for a moment, panting. You were training with Rhodey, trying to master basic fighting. Even though you could create fire out of thin air with your superhero powers, Tony still thought you should know how to handle yourself if your powers ever suddenly failed.

“Do I really need to learn this stuff? My powers have never failed before,” you said, wiping a drop of sweat from your brow.

“It’s better to be safe than sorry,” Rhodey said. You rolled your eyes, swinging your arm around for another punch at the punching bag swinging in front of you. This time, you drew on the power within you until your fist was surrounded in a glove of flame. The punching bag exploded in a ball of fire, flying halfway across the room. You blinked when sand blew in your eyes from the broken bag.

“Really?” Rhodey said, exasperated.

You shrugged. “Sorry, I got a little frustrated.”

“I can see that.” Rhodey strode forward, picking up a new punching bag from the wall. You turned to get a drink from your water bottle when you paused. Someone was standing in the doorway, staring at you with an open mouth.


“Peter?” You recognized your classmate immediately. What was he doing at the tower?

“You’re an Avenger?” Peter said, stepping into the training room.

“Sort of.” You frowned, setting down your bottle. “What are you doing here?”

“I’m uh… I’m Spider-Man.”

“Really?” you stared at him incredulously. The cute boy you had stared at in science class and watched walking down the halls was a superhero? He was like you?

“Yeah. That’s quite the superhero power you have.”

You glanced over at the burst punching bag, wincing at the pile of sand. You would be cleaning that up later. “I need to learn how to control it.”

“I think it looks cool,” Peter said.

You smiled, shrugging. You didn’t know what to say.

“Besides, we can work on the control thing together, Avenger,” Peter grinned.

You swallowed nervously, meeting Peter’s eyes. “Yeah, we can.”


Lol someone said what if damian and raven has three kids and i’m so gonna draw them. Imagine all of them family patroling the city. Actually i wanted to name their team as Batling since it means the bat kids lol but i put batlink haha. We have Red Corax, Bat rave and Black Bat-ON. All of them inherited their mother’s ability but red corax shown more usage of his power. Bat rave develop a utility BatBrace where it be able to launch attack such as air guns and super strength. Also has Bat-lasso. Wew. While Black Bat-ON use her self engineered baton that can turn into sword and taser rifle lol. She has the prolonged bat like athenna where she can scan place and added in her map bank. Their mother developed a psychic infused radio called Batlink where she, Damian and their children communicate each other without can be traced by hacking lol. You guys are welcome to color the lineart and please do tag me too!! 👍👍😆

Of Visions and Superheroes

Pairing: Dean Winchester x Reader
Summary: Reader has a vision while Dean and Sam are on a case.
Warnings: Mentions of sex and roleplaying.
Word Count: 1.008

“Castiel, get me the hell out of here!” You screamed while pounding your fist on the panic room door “When I get out, you’re gonna wish you were a mortal because I’ll make you wish you were dead-”

“He ain’t here.” You heard Bobby’s voice and frowned, trying to catch your breath.

“He’s- he’s not?”

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anonymous asked:

Hey. Sorry to bother you. Virgil is an anti villain (like deadpool) and the others try to convince him to take more of a moral approach by becoming a superhero. Virgil's roommate Roman complains to him about the villain, neither one realising the other is the opposing force(?) sorry if this is confusing. Thank you! I love your writing!

Wow I love this??  I hope this is what you were looking for, thanks for the great prompt!

A Super Pain in the Ass

Fandom: Sanders Sides (superhero!au, college!au)
Pairings: Prinxiety (roommates and nemeses of sorts)
Warnings: Slight violence

Summary: Roman can fly and Virgil can teleport, but these heroes can’t even figure out that they’re a lot closer than they think.

Tagged: @existental-crises @jordisama @here-to-vent @irish-newzealand-idian-dutch @novagalaxy4real @thomas-must-get-to-sleep @emo-space-trash @evanisonfire @lollingtothemax @all-the-fand0mz

Roman was getting really sick of dealing with this guy.  He’d heard over the police scanners that there was a heist in progress and had flown over immediately only to find all of the bad guys strung upsidedown hanging from the bank’s lavish chandelier.  By the time he’d gotten there, the rope that was holding them up was nearly as thin as twine and ready to snap at any moment.  He’d hurriedly gotten them down and placed them safely on the floor.  Once he’d made sure that their bindings were fastened, he headed out, giving the police officers a polite nod as he took to the skies.

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anonymous asked:

Do you have anything for a vigilante/supervillian pining after a civilian?

  • “I know you happened to mention how much you hate that Starbucks, but really, I had nothing to do with its destruction. Really, I didn’t. I’m a super-villain but I’m not that much of a super-villain.” AU
  • Character A is an online blogger who works to uncover the secret identities of all the superheros/super-villains in their city. Character B is a super-villain who has been working to discover the identity of Character C (a superhero) so they figure that by getting closer to Character A…they can get closer to discovering who Character C really is, and then be able to destroy them.
  • Character A is a super-villain who is constantly capturing Character B and hiding them away in secret lairs…but it’s actually because Character A is terrified that Character B will be harmed in the fighting between Character A and Character C (the hero).
  • “I’ve been trying to ask you out for weeks, but all of my free time is spent plotting world domination and stuff, and I can’t work up the nerve to ask you out when I’m not wearing my super-villain costume.” AU
  • While picking up scones and coffee, Character A tries to chat up the person standing next to them (Character B). Later, Character A sees the city’s major villain fighting with the city’s major superhero, and Character A recognizes Character B from the coffee shop as the super-villain.
  • “You took my invitation for a fancy date as a threatening note and I am so sorry for the mixed signals. Can we try again? Please?” AU
Misdialed Call Series

Originally posted by ohevansmycaptain

Summary: After an overall bad day, you call your best friend to rant and to vent. But when you accidentally misdial, you end up talking to a complete stranger. What you don’t know is that this stranger may not be a stranger at all. He may even be the world’s first superhero. (Drabble Series)

Pairing: Steve Rogers x Reader

Words: 3990

Part One

Part Two

Part Three

Part Four

Part Five (Final)

The Favorite Superhero

*Queue an “in over his head” superhero.*

Pairing: Pietro x Reader

Warnings: Fluffy fluffiness, minor swearing, it’s dialogue heavy

Words: 2,116

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midnightstarlightwrites  asked:

7. “I almost lost you.”

Ever since they had accidentally revealed their identities to each other in the midst of a particularly nasty akuma fight, Marinette and Adrien’s relationship had changed a lot.

And that was an epic understatement.

From that specific day forward, their classmates had been beyond amazed to notice how the young designer was out of nowhere no more struggling with her words when she was talking to her blond famous crush. Both of them went from 0 to 100 overnight somehow, and it was now a common sight for the pair to be bantering quietly among themselves, for Adrien to carry Marinette’s bag through the college’s courtyard, for Marinette to call him out mercilessly on his lame and apparently neverending puns. With no one being the wisest as to how exactly this came to be, the pair had shifted seamlessly from being barely mere acquaintances to being the very best friends in the world, and as time passed their classmates stopped paying attention to them altogether.

Even Alya and Nino eventually came to terms with the fact that Marinette now meant Marinette and Adrien, and that wherever the blond model was, their pigtailed friend could be expected to be found not too far away.

In about the same time span, Ladybug and Chat Noir had grown considerably closer to each other, sparking anew the dating rumors about the superheroic pair. No amount of denying could convince their fans otherwise, and it was generally assumed that they were Paris’ new power couple. True, the blushing fest happening on both their faces whenever the topic was brushed did nothing to help them.

Adrien prided himself into knowing even the littlest things about his partner, and even Ladybug had had to admit that the new level their relationship had reached was showing (positively) in battle. He and Marinette had spent the past few weeks talking, joking, and getting to know each other more than they ever had. They were more in sync than ever, words were becoming less and less necessary between them as they fought, and akumas were dealt with quicker and quicker, with less and less damages. He was able without any struggle to predict her next move, and act accordingly.

The last akuma attack hadn’t been any different. Chat Noir had seen his lady run toward the akuma, a crazed one that ran around with a flame-thrower. He had known right this instant that she would get caught in the crossfire, and leapt to push her out of the way. He felt the flames licking his magic suit, but didn’t think twice about it. She was safe, that was all that mattered.

As expected, Ladybug tumbled out the way, managed to snatch the akumatized item, swiftly breaking it and purifying the butterfly. As he was expecting, as soon as she released her cleansing spell, Chat Noir began breathing more easily, the stinging feeling of the burn on his exposed skin subsiding.

Was what unexpected though, was Ladybug’s reaction.

No, he got no warning about how the girl would latch herself around his neck, shivering uncontrollably against his shoulder blade, clutching to him like a lifeline.

And he definitely got no warning about how soft her lips would feel despite how hard she crashed them on his. His brain froze, and it took him a few seconds to fully register what was happening. Out of their own accord, his arms wrapped themselves around her and he held her close to his chest, answering her kiss eagerly. He faintly registered cameras going off around them and bystanders’ exclamations, but he ignored them. He was too painfully conscious of the woman in his arms - his partner, his best friend, Marinette - to let anything else distract him.

She broke the kiss all too soon, resting her head against his shoulder, eyes still closed.

“I almost lost you.”

It then dawned all at once on Chat Noir. Countless times before he had taken the blow for her, still dead set on it being his job. He couldn’t bear seeing her hurt in any way, but it never occurred to him that it could be the same for her. And with their identities known, and the new direction their relationship had recently begun to take…

“I love you.”

It was barely whispered, words falling from his lips for her ears only. But as she raised glistening blue eyes toward him, he could read her answer in them as clearly as if she had painted it in bold letters.

So, ignoring the world losing their mind around them, ignoring the fact that they would probably be all over the evening news, Chat Noir softly held her chin up with a gloved finger and kissed her again.

Find A New One

Originally requested and posted on my Wattpad account!

Fandom : DC Superheroes

Pairing: Jason Todd x Reader

“Timmy!” you yelled after the ravenhead boy who was walking down the hall.

“Y/n, how many times have I told you not to call me that!” he caught you just in time as you draped yourself on his back.

“Ugh, but I like it! Unless you want to be Timbo! I can work with that too!” you smile lightly poking his cheek.

By now everyone in the school was used to your outbursts with your best friend Tim.
He was a shy guy and not that social but he was a good friend.
And you had the vigilant life in common. Both of you quickly figured out the others secret identity and proceeded to go on patrols together. With Bruce’s approval of course.

“No thanks, I’m good.” Tim huffed setting you down and going for his locker.

“What’s the matter BFF? Not enough coffee in the morning?” you tease him again leaning against other lockers.

He peered behind the locker door giving you a glare.

“My brother’s back in town..” he mumbled slamming the door with force making you wince.

“So, Dick usually drops by this time of month..” you quickly follow Tim when he starts walking again.

“Not Dick, Jason. He’s so annoying!” Tim sighed and you chuckled.

“On the bright side, you have me now so I’ll join in on tonight’s patrol.” you wink showing off a bright smile making Tim smile as well.

“Thanks Y/n.” he gives you a quick hug before you separate going to class.


Tim sent you a message on when and where to meet up, so you got in your suit and out in to the night.
It wasn’t long before you found him crouching down on some dirty old roof.

“Timmy I’m not sure Alfred would approve of your mud stains.” you could already see him smile as he turns around.

“Took you long enough and don’t worry me and Al are good. C'mon everyone’s waiting for you.” he says tugging your arm and you follow.

Three blocks away is where you find the rest of the bats alongside an unknown guy with a red helmet.

“Who’s the tin can?” you whisper to Tim and he chuckles.

“That’s Jason.” he whispers back shoving you ahead. You turn around sending him a glare before you hear Bruce clear his throat.

“Jason meet y/v/n, y/v/n meet Jason.” you shake the guys hand and notice quite a few guns on him.

“How come she gets to know mine name and I only get to know her superhero name?” Jay questions taking of his mask.

The air got stuck in your lungs when you saw the face behind the heavy helmet.

“Uh..” you tried to say something but nothing came out.

“Because she’s my best friend Jay, hands off!” Tim warns the older brother.

“Yeah? I think you’re going to have to find a new one.” he smirks and you almost faint all the blood rushing to your cheeks.

“Let’s go Timmy..” you mumble tugging Tim by his hand.

“We just got here-”

“Now!” you hiss and he complies walking beside you.

“Call me!” Jason yells after you.

“Do not call him!” Tim whispers and half yells at you.

“It’s your damn fault! Why didn’t you tell me he was so hot?!”

Hope you liked it!
Like, comment and let me know! 😘
Thank you for reading! ❤
~MadRedQueen000 💋

Fluff Month Day 9 - "It's You"

- CONTINUATION FROM DAY 4, “Please Stay,” and “Sober” & “Falling” from Ladynoir July.
- I’m gonna name this series, I promise😂
- this is probably the last in this series

Ladybug blushed, realizing her mistake.

“Oh y-yeah. Right.”

Chat’s grip on her hand tightened as the pair continued to wind through the streets of Paris, which at this hour were slightly more deserted, allowing the two heroes to slip through without much notice. The sun had just about set, so when Chat suddenly pulled Ladybug into an unlit, side alleyway she had to blink a few times to adjust her vision. She cursed, not for the first time, that Chat got night vision powers and she didn’t. Then again, Ladybug was the one with the ability to purify akumas so…

Chat let go of Ladybug’s hand as he turned to face her. Her eyes were still adjusting, so it was difficult for her to see the expression on Chat’s face, but she could feel him looking around and making sure no one was watching them in the dark alley. Finally he let out a puff of air and scratched the back of his neck nervously.

“Okay, um…I always pictured this being more…climactic? But…Ladybug are you sure you’re okay with this? Really I don’t have to-”

Ladybug cut Chat off by poking his shoulder, which she could now see thanks to her finally adjusted eyesight, and playfully scowling at him.

“I’m positive, Chat.”

Ladybug saw Chat’s grin before she even had a chance to register her words.

“I think you mean you’re PAWsitive, my lady.”

“Do you WANT me to change my mind?”

Chat frowned and shook his head quickly, his hair bouncing back and forth. Ladybug grinned at how much he looked like a cat in that moment, but stopped as soon as she saw the actual fear in his eyes.

“I’m joking! I won’t change my mind, kitty. I want to know who you are,” she quickly assured him.

Chat’s shoulders visibly relaxed, but he continued to fidget nervously on his feet.

“Ladybug, I- I um…” Chat trailed off as he reached out and pulled Ladybug into a hug. She buried her face in his shoulder, soaking in his warmth as they stood together in the darkened alleyway. Chat rested his chin on her head, and for a second they stayed there—unknown to the civilians of Paris, and about to reveal their identities. Then Chat moved his head, gripping Ladybug tighter as he mumbled, “Plagg, claws in.”

There was a blinding flash of green, so bright that it lit up the entire alleyway for approximately five seconds, before it was gone, and the pair of superheroes were plunged back into darkness.

Ladybug blinked quickly, her eyes refocusing yet again, but she stopped when she felt a pair of warm hands on her cheeks. Chat’s head was still hidden above her, his breathing quickened out of anxiousness, but as soon as his hands found her cheeks he melted. His whole body relaxed as Ladybug brought her hands up to place them over his and slowly pull them away from her face. Chat took a small step back as Ladybug pulled him away, interlocking their fingers slowly.

Then she gasped.


Adrien grinned sheepishly down at Ladybug, wanting to rub the back of his neck from force of habit, but not wanting to pull his hands away from Ladybug’s.

“Hi LB.”

Ladybug stood there a moment, face flushed and almost one hundred percent sure she was about to pass out, before flinging herself at Adrien and burying herself in his chest. Adrien stumbled back, but quickly found his balance again as he wrapped his arms around Ladybug yet again. A grin spread over his face as Ladybug laughed, the sounds muffled against his shirt but heard nonetheless.

“I’m assuming we know each other then?” Adrien asked, unable to hide his amusement.

Ladybug nodded into his chest before releasing her transformation in another flash of light, this time bright pink. And then there was Marinette, Adrien’s classmate, staring back up at him and smiling widely.


Marinette’s smile faded slightly, her eyes losing their light as she looked down, biting her lip.

“S-sorry. I’m probably not what you expected,” she said, shuffling her feet nervously.

Adrien’s eyes softened, gently taking one of Marinette’s hands and raising it up to his face. He kissed it lightly, something that was practically apart of his normal routine as Chat Noir, and Marinette looked up. Her eyes were wide with shock as Adrien smiled down at her, keeping her hand in his as he lowered it.

“You’re more than what I expected,” Adrien replied, “I can’t believe we were right in front of each other this whole time.”

He laughed and Marinette relaxed, giggling with her partner. Their laughter trickled off after a few minutes, Marinette leaning into Adrien’s arms as he held her there.

“Of course it’s you,” he said after a minute, “who else would it be?”

Marinette sighed, smiling into Adrien’s shirt before a though occurred to her, and she pulled away.

“Oh Adrien, I’m so sorry about your dad.”

Adrien’s eyes darkened slightly, and he looked down. His hair blocked Marinette’s view of his face, but he lifted his head back up a moment later, smiling sadly.

“It’s okay. Like I said, I kind of knew before, I just didn’t want to believe it. I’ll be fine.”

Marinette gave him a doubtful look, but Adrien shook his head.

“We can talk about it later. Right now I believe we have a villain to catch.”

Marinette’s eyes softened, and she reached up to touch Adrien’s cheek, forcing him to look down at her.

“Kitty, please don’t just ignore this,” she pleaded, “I can catch Hawkmoth myself if it’s too much for you.”

Adrien jumped back, shaking his head profusely.

“No way Lady- Marinette. You’re not fighting him alone.” Adrien’s eyes softened, and he squeezed Marinette’s hand reassuringly. “He’s my dad,” he whispered, “this is my fight, and I intend to win it.”

Marinette stared at him a second longer, her face still doubtful, but she sighed after a minute and nodded her head. She called for her transformation, and Adrien’s eyes widened as he watched her transform for the first time. It was a lot to wrap his head around, that his sweet, shy classmate was the brave, slightly bossy Ladybug.

“Okay then, Kitty. You ready to go catch ourselves a villain?” Ladybug asked, blushing furiously when she realized Adrien was staring.

Adrien blinked quickly, snapping himself out of it and calling for his own transformation. Plagg quickly transformed him, coming out from the corner of the alleyway where he and Tikki had previously been watching the pair from. In a flash of bright green light, Adrien became Chat Noir, and he grinned slyly at his partner across from him as she turned away and began walking out of the alleyway.

“Definitely,” he grinned as he caught up to her, “let’s go catch ourselves a moth, LB.”

This user is going on the record. Call me an optimist fool, I don’t care. But the Prince of Daxam storyline is not going to destroy Karamel. And he’s not going to die. It will get rocky for a couple episodes but in the end it’s going to bring them together even more because it will be the crescendo of his becoming a hero arc. By the end he will have earned his suit and the name Valor, and next season we’ll have a pair of Superheros facing even greater threats and hopefully we get Mon-El developing more powers and some fun storylines around that.

My Favorite Superhero (½)

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Prompt: In which surprise Bucky by dressing up as your favorite superhero for Halloween, which is himself.

A/N: Part two is comming soon. Tag list is open, all you gotta do is ask. Also, the art is not mine. If you know the author send me the link so I can link their work here.

Part 2

You went down the elevator straight to find Tony. “I need your help” You stated as soon as you found him.

“Shoot” he said looking up from where he was fixing Bucky’s arm.

“Yeah. About that… Buck, would you do me the favour of bringing me the USB I left on the coffee table?” You asked with a smile. He rolled his eyes but nodded and left the lab.

“You do know I could just ask Friday to get the info in it instead?” he stated.

“I need him out” You said and he gave you a puzzled look. Bucky was the person that you trusted the most on the tower and it was weird for you not wanting him to know something.

“I’m intrigued now. Speak”

“So I’ve been working on my Halloween costume” you said and he gave you the look you would have expected from someone who knows nothing of costume making “I know… but I’m working on a metallic arm prototype”

“For Barnes” he completed.

“For me.” You corrected.

“You made his new arm. Even if you need one. Which I don’t see how you would. As both of your flesh arms are active and perfect. You could make it yourself. You have a masters degree on robotics for fucks sake why would you need my help?”

“Because I’m trying to make an armour. One that fits my arm and looks as identical at his as possible. But I’m having a little trouble with it and thought you might be of good help. As you made the iron-man suit and stuff”

“Because you want to be Barnes for Halloween” he finished correctly this time “Sure, you have a basic model?”

“I’ve already sent it to your mail” you said with a smile.

He nodded and turned back to his desk. “I’ll see what I can do” you smiled and went to the entrance when you collided with Bucky.

“I couldn’t find any…” he started but was interrupted by you.

“Yeah. Turned out to be on my pocket but I’ve taken care of it now. Wanna go for some icecream?” I asked “I have some on my mini fridge”

“But what about my revision?” He asked.

“Can I hijack Bucky now Tony? Or do you still need him?”

“Oh, take him if you want. I have what I need anyways” he stated and you pulled Buck to the elevator.

“So why did you come here?” He asked as the lift moved towards your flor.

“I needed some help with a robotics problem. Plus I needed to find someone to eat ice cream and I was sure there would be someone there that I could take with me afterwards”

Once you arrived you went to your mini fridge and opened it revealing a bunch of different flavoured ice-creams. “Are you kidding me?” He asked from close behind when he saw all the boxes and little cones and stuff.

“I sometimes get cravings on late binge watching nights” you said as you grabbed a small container of (Y/F/I/F) ice-cream and motioned him to grab one.

He grabbed a blueberry ice-cream and followed you to the couch.

“Why do you have your own floor and a better TV system that me and Steve who share a floor?” He asked when he saw you turning on the gigantic TV that had been hidden on the wall.

“Well. First off I’m part of the science Bros, I’m like Tony’s little sister and I’m amazing at my job”

“Or maybe you manipulated Tony’s mind into it”

You played offended “How dare you to accuse me of something like that. I’ve never manipulated the mind of someone in the team, besides yours when you were about to kill me back on Berlin after Zemo forced you onto attacking everyone, but that one doesn’t count”.

“Lets not go back there” he stated as he opened his ice-cream “Anyway… What are we watching?”

“The nightmare before Christmas, its a Halloween classic and you have to whatch it before the party” You stated as you looked through the list of movies on Netflix.

“Talking about the party. What will you dress as?” He asked.

“Oh… I’ll be my favourite superhero” you said giving him a smile and shoving a spoon of icecream to your mouth.

“Oh. Hell. NO. I’ve already asked Steve to borrow me his suit” he said to which you laughed.

“Captain America is not my favourite superhero” you stated “I mean, I like him and his amazing but not my kind of superhero”

“Will you be Nat then?” He asked afterwards.

“I said superhero not the most badass woman on earth. Anyway, shut up I found the movie”

We started watching the movie and as the intro song started he turned to you.

“Will you really make me watch a musical?” He asked.

“Shush and watch!” You stated as you mumbled the lyrics of the song you knew a little to well. But he noticed.

“Are you serious?”

“Pay attention is a piece of art.” You said and he finally seemed to do as you said.

“The toons look off” he said about half way trough the movie.

“It’s because they’re not drawn. It’s stop-motion” you said.

He shoot you a look.

“It means they’re this little like dough dolls that they move and take a picture and repeat that until they get a scene”

“What? That must have been a tuff job”

“It’s why it’s so epic”

“Anyway. Is it Clint? Will you be hawkeye?” He asked.

“James” you complained “Watch the movie”


“No, it’s not Barton, now shut up and enjoy”

By then Jack had entered the Christmas land and you were singing along that song as well.

But you were interrupted by Steve calling your name from the elevator.

“Now what?” You asked rather done. You were about to pause the movie but you knew Buck would probably follow you and never finish it. “You stay here and watch the movie. I’ll see what your boyfriend wants”

“We’re not dating” he said as you walked towards Steve.

“What’s up Stevie?” You asked when he entered your floor.

“Is Bucky here?” He asked.

“Yeah, he’s been kidnapped by me and he’s watching the nightmare before Christmas, and there is absolutely no way you interrupt him before it ends”

“Uhh, I see. Did you ever say that to anyone when you forced me to the marathon of the most important movies of the last years?”

“There’s a chance. Anyway, why’d you want him?”

“He wanted to try my suit on for tomorrow’s party”

“I’d totally fit. And if not I’ll adjust it” you said as you extended your arms to receive it. He rolled his eyes and handed it to you. You sent him a smile and waved him as he left.

“What did he want?” Asked Buck as you got back to the living room.

“He brought his suit for you to try on”

“Then I hav…”

“Nope. You’ll finish the movie and we’ll see if it needs adjusting later”

He rolled his eyes but ended up finishing the movie.

“Did you like it?” You asked as soon as the credits showed up.

“It was quite epic” he stated and stood up, “That Jack fella is really nice”

“I know, anyway, let’s go to my sewing studio to adjust that. Put it on and meet me there”

“You have a sewing studio?” He asked then.

“Well I didn’t buy my supersuit on eBay” you said as if it made sense “Spider-man did his first suit too, and DeadPool. We didn’t just get it handed in by Mr. Stark or the government like most of you”

He rolled his eyes “Imma go put this on”

“I’ll be waiting. It’s the door in front of my studio”

Once he headed to the bathroom you ran to your sewing studio and grabbed your copy of the winter soldier’s clothes on a bag that you later on threw in a little ‘Costume closet’ as you called it.

He arrived after a while with Cap’s suit on and he couldn’t look cutter.

“So after all you ARE thinner than Steve. Nat owes me 50”

“Did you really bet on that?”

You shugged as you motioned him to get closer.

You stated pinning the suit so it would fit him better.

“Will you sew this?” He asks rather worried.

“I’ll make it easy to turn back to normal” you said and kept pinning.

“How?” He asked.

“Stop making so much questions or I will end up pinning your flesh along with the fabric” you stated and proceeded to Pin.

When you were done you looked at how it would look and nodded to yourself.

“The pants seem to fit you well so I’ll be only adjusting the top, so if you don’t mind… take it off” you said extending your hands to grab it.

He rolled his eyes at your typical attitude and unzipped the top to hand it to you, once he had, you forced yourself to continue your job before staring at his perfect torso for too long.

“Wait” he said as you were about to start sewing “Wasn’t Steve’s suit super strong not even knives could go through it?”

You chuckled a bit and started your job, “And you think mine isn’t? Of course I have a special needle you smartass”

“No need to get all angry doll” he said before looking around. “What’s this?” He asked when he saw the giant wardoarobe.

“It won’t take you to Narnia that’s for sure” you stated.

“What?” He asked confused.

“Sorry, movie reference” you said “I have to get you to watch Narnia” you mumbled to yourself, then you turned your volume up again “I call it a costume closet, I’m quite a geek and I have a bunch of random shit I’ve done through the years in there” You said entirely forgetting about the bag with your copy of his suit.

Part 2

ruubiix  asked:

For the twins au what do you think the Citizens think of having a pair of superheroes that switch genders is? Because I could totally see Alya making some crazy theory about genderfluid shapeshifting alien superheroes or something. That actually sounds just about right for the comic book world after all.

Haha, that is exactly what I figured too! Alya would have a hundered and ten different theories about why suddenly their heroes are the opposite gender, ranging anywhere from clones to twins to gender-changing shapershifters to 4000 year old deities take take the form of humans, and poor Marin and Marinette would have to sit through her talk about it whenever they switched. They eventually become tempted to just tell her the truth if it meant she’d stop theorizing about them being from outer space. 

As for the citizens, I think they might have some theories too but they’re not as obsessed with finding out the truth as Alya. 


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Fandom: DC Superheroes

Pairing: Jason Todd x Reader

Jason had to move. He had to get away from Bruce and the manor so he asked Roy to help him find an apartment.


“This looks promising.. ” Roy chuckled staring at the front door.

“It looks like it came from a horror movie.” Jason rolled his eyes but the real-estate lady kept on her smile and unlocked the door.

The inside of the apartment was in a good state and Jason seemed to be satisfied with the space.

“What do you think Mr.Todd? ” the lady gave him the overtly stretched smile which Jason ignored.

“I’ll take it…” he snatched the keys from her hand and quickly signed the paper rushing her out.

“Now that she’s gone, let’s get my stuff!” Jason clasped his hands together and Roy groaned, he hated moving the furniture and boxes.


After they got the apartment all set up they collapsed on the couch.

“You need a heater Jay, it’s freaking cold in here.. "Roy said gazing around.

” Yeah, yeah.. Tomorrow.. “ Jason didn’t seem bothered with the cold and only handed Roy another bottle of bear. Roy smirked but took the bottle clinking them together before downing the liquid down.
It was going to be a long night.

You watched the two drunk men lying on the sofa sleep. They weren’t the first ones to come and they won’t be the last to leave.
As the ghost of the apartment you had trouble communicating with the attendance of the building. All of them seem to brush things off, your little signs of existence either scaring them or making them not care.
But you never gave up, always willing to give it a shot.

Using what little power you had you wrote on the wall, moved the beer bottles and even opened the kitchen cabinets hopping they would notice.

First thing Jason saw when he woke up was the bloody red writing on the wall being his TV.

"Roy! On the wall?! ” he was pissed pushing the ginger on the floor.
Roy quickly got up scanning the room.

“Why did you open all the cabinets Jay?” Roy yawned.

“I didn’t! Why did you write on the wall?” Jason stood up looking towards the kitchen and sure enough it was a mess.

“I didn’t! Does that look like something I would write? ” Roy glanced at the wall. The red paint spelled out the word, hello.

“Don’t you have a dude who you know, gets this ghost things?” Roy asked already knowing it had to be some sort of a supernatural thing. Both of them encountered enough creatures to see and know the signs.

“Constantine? ” Jason asked scrambling for his cell phone. Roy was right that was the man to call.

Meanwhile you were sitting on the kitchen counter observing the situation. A smile found it’s way onto your face. Finally you’ll be able to talk to someone.

When Constantine arrived it was already past midnight, Roy had to go to Ollie’s so Jason was left alone to keep an eye out for the supposed ghost.
A knock on his door and John was in the apartment examining the walls and furniture.

“Oh yeah mate, got yourself a ghost.. ” John said leaning next to you on the counter.

“ Aaand? ” Jason asked.

“ Lucky for you she’s a nice young lady who wants to talk, don’t you love? ” he averted his gaze towards you gently smiling you smiled back eagerly nodding your head.

“What’s her name?” Jason asked curious.

“Her names Y/n and she’s been here for quite a time, but I’ll let you two work it out.. ” Jason seemed confused until John put something in his hand. A necklace.

“ Put it on, you’ll see her with it. Best of luck mate! "John said and disappeared.

Jason  did as told and sure enough there you were sitting on the counter.

"Hi..” you shyly waved and he sighed in relief.

“Hi.. So.. You’re my roommate.. ” Jason chuckled when  he saw you smile.

“Yeah, I guess I am.” your legs dangled in the air until you hoped down.
Jason extended his hand and you shook it giggling in the process.

“What’s funny? ” he asked clearly amused.

“Never had anyone alive to talk to..” you say shrugging.

“Well, I never talked to a ghost so that makes us even… ”

“I guess you’re right… Roommate…”

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Dynamic | pt. vii

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Scenario: Superhero AU
Pairing: Chen/Reader
Word Count: 5385 
Rating: T-ish (important: warning for mild language, violence/blood, mentions of rape)

Summary: You’re the leading superhero of the city, and you’ve fought Dynamo for years. It’s the way it should be - good vs. evil, hero vs. villain. But what happens when a bigger evil threatens everything?

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