superheroes inspired outfits

Evil does not sleep, Stephen just really wants this to end quickly so he can get back to the sleep he was rudely awaken from.

Friend called up and said ‘Congratulations!’ and my first thought was - did I get engaged without knowing it? - which would in turn be completely ridiculous and I don’t even know how I’d come to that conclusion - BUT ANYWAYS he said go check out and there it was. On the front page. It was like a dream.

I also find the discussion that follows (on the same page, just scroll down a little) regarding Sweater!Supergirl quite interesting. Of all the girls’ outfit, hers drew the most critical response due to her midriff baring sweater and bare thighs, because it defeats the purpose of warm outfits. My take on this would be this: Supergirl technically doesn’t need warm outfits to keep her warm - but she IS a teenager and sometimes, just sometimes, teenagers wants to dress up chic according to the season XD

That being said - with so many different versions of superhero costumes there’s a lot of room to play around with these outfits (Supergirl included) which also means there’s also room for improvement! I personally like the customization of Sweater!Supergirl by one half of the Dangerous Ladies in this cosplay picture - it’s cute and chic and functional - while still staying true to the essence that is Supergirl.