superheroes in sweater


Okay I’m sorry but I just wanted to share something because I’m kinda smitten and that something is this amazing pendant. Isn’t it precious?! I love it so much and it makes me happy and I can’t get over it. I ordered it from this shop in case anyone wants to check it out, they have a lot of some awesome goodies. Also yes, my sweater is Cap’s uniform and it’s my favourite. ❤

@buckysbackpackbuckle I thought you might appreciate this too!

“So, why a sweater?” 


 "Why date a sweater?” 

 A.A. sighed and set down their beer, rubbing their temples while Evan waited patiently. “Because it’s…easier. And safer.” 

 “It’s…easier?” Evan echoed. 

 They sighed again. 

“Humans are complicated creatures. You can never know exactly what they want or mean, even if they tell you. With Sweater, I already know what he wants and what he’s going to do. He’s simple.”  They took a swig of their drink before continuing. “You’re more likely to continue to get harassed if you turn down advances because you’re asexual than if you tell them you already have a partner. Humans can lie and cheat and break your heart. It’s safer to date Sweater.” 

 Evan was silent for a moment. “I guess I just always see you loving on people, I didn’t understand why you don’t date any of them.” 

 "Evan, I love you.” 

 The man gave an awkward giggle, sitting up a bit straighter. “Hahaha, what?” 

"I love you.” They repeated, quite serious. “I love you, and Jonathan, and Marcel, and Brock, and Tyler, and Craig, and everyone else. I love a lot of people Evan, and I’m not afraid to show that I love them. It doesn’t necessarily mean I want to date all of you.”

 "But if you did-” 

 "If I did, and they wanted to date me too; we would have to broach the topic of polyamory. That is more often than not a deal breaker for a lot of people, just because of the misconceptions circling polyamory. I love fully and freely without reservation. If the person I want to date can’t handle that, then there’s no reason to enter a romantic relationship." 

 "Then why date anyone if you love so many people?" 

 "There’s a difference between platonic and romantic love, Evan. And even in those two types of love, there are subcategories. You love your parents in a different way you love your friends. I love you differently than I would love my romantic partner.” They wrapped an arm over the man’s shoulders. “Or partners.”


 "Why are you asking? Interested in dating me, smol one?" 

 "No.” Evan laughed. “No offense.”

 "None taken, sweetie.“ A.A. leaned in to press a noisy kiss to the man’s cheek, pulling back and unwrapping their arm from his neck. 

"I was just curious is all." 

 "You know what they say about curiosity.” A.A. grinned, sipping from their drink. “It killed the cat." 

 "But satisfaction brought it back.”


This will be the first time I ever post pics of myself on social media (besides fb but I doubt that should count since I rarely do that anymore). I only found out about #Blackout around 11 at night that day, however, these pics are only on my mobile, so I was really debating whether to post them or not. Better late than never, I guess!

This is me in my “Superhero Sweater!” I would’ve posted these sooner when the, ahem, “Boob Windows Sweater” was popping up in my dash but I thought not XD. THE EXPOSED MIDRIFF SHOWS MY STRENGH!

And if you’re curious, I’m creole (LA) and the size of a twig XD. I have been mistaken for other ethnicities in my school years (it used to bother/confuse me but, thinking back, that’s pretty cool).

I’m merely posting these to share a bit of myself. It’s actually making me kinda nervous but we all have to step out of our comfort zone sometimes (I am never doing this again, lol).

So, apologizes for being late, this is just for fun. :)

(My little sister helped with the second pic (then proceeded to become my sidekick for the day so I used a blanket as my cape ^_^))