superheroes in sweater


This will be the first time I ever post pics of myself on social media (besides fb but I doubt that should count since I rarely do that anymore). I only found out about #Blackout around 11 at night that day, however, these pics are only on my mobile, so I was really debating whether to post them or not. Better late than never, I guess!

This is me in my “Superhero Sweater!” I would’ve posted these sooner when the, ahem, “Boob Windows Sweater” was popping up in my dash but I thought not XD. THE EXPOSED MIDRIFF SHOWS MY STRENGH!

And if you’re curious, I’m creole (LA) and the size of a twig XD. I have been mistaken for other ethnicities in my school years (it used to bother/confuse me but, thinking back, that’s pretty cool).

I’m merely posting these to share a bit of myself. It’s actually making me kinda nervous but we all have to step out of our comfort zone sometimes (I am never doing this again, lol).

So, apologizes for being late, this is just for fun. :)

(My little sister helped with the second pic (then proceeded to become my sidekick for the day so I used a blanket as my cape ^_^))