Pairing: Peter Parker x Reader

You were the youngest Avenger and you had a rather big age gap with the other Avengers so you felt as if you couldn’t talk to anyone. Although you treated them like your own family, you wanted someone who was around your age to hang out with.

One day, you were just sitting on the sofa in the living room, looking through your phone, when Tony came to you and said, “Alright, (Y/n), there’s a new kid coming in, he’s name is Peter, he’s around your age. Be his friend, okay?”

After hearing the part where Tony said Peter was around your age, you jumped up from your seat and nodded, “Of course!” Tony smiled at your reaction and walked away, maybe to welcome the new member.

“Who’s this Peter guy? Why haven’t I heard of him?” You asked yourself.

Suddenly, a voice replied, “He is Spider-Man.” You jumped from your seat once more, this time in shock. “Th… Thanks FRIDAY.” You stuttered. You had worked with Spider-Man a few times but you never knew his identity, nor did anyone tell you about his identity. But you didn’t expect him to be around your age.

You went back to your phone and after a short while, you heard some voices coming from behind you.

You turned around and Tony said, “Peter, meet (Y/n). (Y/n), please show him around.” You nodded as you jumped over the sofa and walked towards the male as Tony walked off.

“Hey. I’m-I’m-I’m Peter.” The male introduced, you smiled, “Hi, I’m (Y/n). Welcome to the compound.” You extended your hand for him to take which he hesitantly took.

“I have to say, I am a big fan of your work, Spider-Man.” You praised, earning a huge grin from Peter. He smiled, “Really? Thank you. I’m a huge fan of you too.” This time he wasn’t stuttering as much anymore. You really liked Peter, he seemed really friendly to be with, additionally, he’s cute too.

The both of you talked for a while, mostly consisting of quite boring topics like your interests, which school you attended, your favourite subjects and homework. However, with Peter’s adorable rambling and occasional lame jokes, you couldn’t help but find yourself enjoying the conversation.

“Maybe this is a good start to our friendship.” You thought to yourself.

Suddenly, you realised that Tony had instructed you to give Peter a tour around the Avengers compound. “Hey, Peter, would me to show you around the compound?” You offered.

“Yea… Yeah. I would love that.” Peter nodded. You smiled at the male as you started bringing Peter around and you were rather amused by his reaction to every single thing in the compound.

You were rather happy to have Peter around, maybe this time you wouldn’t need to be alone whenever the rest of the team had their game nights.

You couldn’t help but be excited to spend more time with Peter because he seemed like someone whom would be fun to hang out with. Since you have went on missions with Spider-Man before, you roughly knew Peter’s humour, which you enjoyed a lot.

“I’m glad to have you around Peter.” You said randomly as you were walking by the compound, scaring the male.

After processing what you had just said, Peter’s started to turn into a light shade of pink as he grinned, “I’m glad to have YOU around, (Y/n).” To that, you smiled.

You were going to enjoy your time with Peter.

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Instead of studying for finals, I did this because that new Captain Marvel poster is beeeeautiful.

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Rest in Peace, Stan.

We’re all human and are the same in that respect, but it’s our creativity that makes us unique and what helps our personality resonate. Creativity and imagination cannot be bought or taken - it’s there from the get go - we all have it. Most of us go about our lives suppressing our flair however, whether it’s on purpose, in fear of what others will think of it, or unintentionally, courtesy of being conditioned to be nothing more than mundane “9 to 5” drones from the cot to the grave.

Imagine people capable of such unparalleled imagination that it literally changes/shapes and influences the world, pioneering the majority of pop culture. Stan Lee, amongst the likes of Steve Ditko and Jack Kirby to name a few, didn’t allow their creativity to be suppressed, but sadly, every superhero’s story has a final page.

Stan Lee sadly passed today at the commendable age of 95. You’d think he’d be able to enjoy his final golden years relaxing, witnessing the millions of people’s lives he’d influenced, reflecting on all the amazing things he’d done… but life being as cruel as it is, pneumonia proved to be a difficult battle. Seemingly in the eventual clear, alleged claims of elder abuse were filed against the people closest to him, including greedy family members and ‘carers’ - the people he should’ve been able to trust the most. If that wasn’t enough, he had to file a lawsuit against one of his own companies… all whilst losing his wife the year before, having been married for an incredible 69 years. He deserved a better retirement than that, yet he STILL went to conventions for the sake of meeting fans and showing how much he cared, sitting for hours to say hello and sign things. Though most people will never reach such an age, let alone acomplish anything close to what he’s done, am I selfish to wish that he’d been given another 100 years? Regardless, his legacy lives on in the form of his creations, and you don’t have to be a genius to know that the superheroes and stories he left behind for us aren’t going anywhere anytime soon.

Most current creators are probably only doing what they’re doing now because of him, let alone all the up and coming ones that are yet to follow in Stan’s footsteps. Speaking for myself, the things I’ve done and the things I’m interested in are what they are because of him. I wouldn’t have written stories if it wasn’t for him. I wouldn’t have a Marvel blog consisting of 75,000 followers just like me if it wasn’t for him. I wouldn’t have a tiny bedroom ridiculously doused in Marvel collectibles, clothing, posters, comics, and movies if it wasn’t for him. Me and my younger sister wouldn’t have a common interest (that’s borderline religious) if it wasn’t for him. I remember being beyond obsessed with Spider-Man as kid, to the point where I used to pick up spiders in the hopes that they’d bite me so I could swing on webs and climb walls. I remember being 7 years old, literally praying to God that I could be Spider-Man, and I remember how dissapointed I was when nothing happened!

One of my favourite things he said in response to being asked why people love superheroes so much was (and I’m paraphrasing here), “I wanted to make stories that are magical and fantastical. Superheroes are a different take on fantasy,” and it’s exactly that. Life sucks, and I know I probably shouldn’t rely on a single entertainment company to provide me with my fix of escapism, but I’m too far gone, and I fear my younger sister is too, haha! You don’t hear us complaining though, and I wouldn’t change my interests in the slightest. “Escapism” wasn’t an overstatement either. I live and breathe this stuff, it’s ridiculous… and it probably annoys people around me that aren’t as fanatic, but I don’t care. These superheroes come in all shapes and sizes, come from all walks of life and have powers beyond belief - everyone has a favourite hero, and mine’s Stan Lee; his superpower being the ability to change my life among others, making weirdos like myself feel special. A true modern 'Marvel’ if there ever was one. I’ll never feel as though you’re no longer with us, because you and your imagination is here forever. You’ll live on in the hearts and minds of people like myself. I can never come close to explaining to anyone just how much Marvel has shaped me. Rest in peace Stan the Man, you’ve earnt it you legend. Excelsior!

Dec 28th 1922 - Nov 12th 2018

Say what you want about the new Venom film (and you should say good things because it was awesome) but Eddie’s high pitched scream and trip into the bathtub when he saw Venom was the most accurate real life reaction to ‘I have new superpowers/am possessed’ in history.

Like how many people would actually just roll with it? Be amazed and start jumping off buildings straight away? Nah, I’d panic and freak out.

Legends really out here and flipping off the television heterosexual agenda rules and has a lesbian couple as lead characters and made John Constantine canonically the bi-disaster warlock he is in the comics and gave him a whole ass boyfriend backstory??? Plus they have an awesome racially diverse cast??? And its fun??? And superheroes??? Like???? What a time to be alive???