Secrets (Part 1) - Peter Parker x Reader

Prompt: Best friends don’t keep secrets, but Peter’s secret sure is a big one. 

AN: A new series! I have the whole thing planned out and I’m so excited to share it with you all! Feedback would be much appreciated for this story, I really want to know what you guys think! Part 2 coming soon!

- Written by Brie - 

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At this moment, you weren’t sure what was prettier - the sun setting over the skyline of the city, or the brown-eyed boy sitting next to you. As you watch the perfect blend of purple and orange and yellow melt together behind the city, your eyes couldn’t help but wander to Peter.

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Writing Prompt #119

As a superhero, there were always occassions in civilian life where you ran into people who didn’t know you outside the persona. It wasn’t abnormal for your barista to be someone you saved, or to walk past some child who carried plastic figurines in your image. What was abnormal was having an old archnemesis ringing up your gas station purchase.

If there was a superhero who had dissoactive identity disorder what would be the best way to portray them:

I didn’t sleep well last night, but when I did sleep I had a dream about a boy who is one of the chosen to stop a Goliath creature from consuming mankind. 

The boy’s name is Becker and at first glance he seems stoic but underneath he has three other personalities, an older male named Zeke, a female around his age named Cora, and a young child named Dominic. When Becker is given this power he becomes a hero known as Mirrors (I’ll work on the name) and his power is not only superhuman strength and agility, around any reflective surface can make his attacks much more effective. His personalities gain their own specific look and appear in the reflections over Becker’s own. The personalities switch depending on which personality’s ability is likely more effective during battle as each one has their own specific ability. 

What do you think, I need opinions and possible corrections and an idea of how to properly portray this complex disorder.

Image: Cover of America #2, starring America Chavez, Marvel’s lesbian Latina superhero. (Marvel Comics)

NPR’s Glen Weldon is used to comics shop chatter that revolves around things like which new books are worth checking out, what storylines have gone way too long and which hero could kick which other hero’s butt. Generally speaking, the word “demographics” doesn’t crop up a lot; but it did last week, after a Marvel executive’s comments about diversity in comics unleashed an online firestorm.

Beyond The Pale (Male): Marvel, Diversity And A Changing Comics Readership


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