Tony: Hey, don’t tell Thor because he looks like he’s going to fall over, but that’s as much fun as I’ve had since I actually went to Dungeons and Dragons summer camp.
Steve: You were amazing up there.
Tony: I’m sorry about that elf lady.
Steve: I’m sorry about the things I said before this happened. It’s–it’s just so hard to put away all the things that happened between us.
Tony: All those things… All the things I said and did–I’m–I’m so, so sorry. I know that’s not enough, but I hope you will allow me the chance to earn your friendship back. I don’t deserve it… I just hope you let me. I’m not half as good at–at anything as I am when I’m doing it next to you. And that’s the truth.

– From Avengers Prime #5 by Brian Michael Bendis, art by Alan Davis.

All In the Golden Afternoon

(for @anakinkshamer)


Growing up together AU, friends to lovers, K+ rating


Superhero, supervillain, damsel in distress…it’s all game that a group of friends play together, as children.

Roxanne has been watching the other three kids for fifteen minutes, making notes in the notebook that she brought to the park with her. They’re playing some sort of superhero game, she’s pretty sure; the one in the white shirt has been running around, chasing the other two: a blue boy with an oversized head and a fish in a spindly robotic body.

She’d wanted to ask to play, too, but she’d known the answer she’d get: girls can’t play. Or even worse: you can’t play.

Other kids don’t like her very much, Roxanne knows. They get mad when she tells them they’ve got something wrong, tell her that she’s too bossy.

So she hadn’t asked to play with the three kids.

She’s playing anyway, though, sort of—she’s watched a lot of Superman; Lois Lane is the best. Roxanne is pretending to be a journalist, reporting on the superpowered battle. That way, it doesn’t matter if the other kids don’t pay attention to her. They won’t have to include her, this way. They don’t even need to know that she’s playing.

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I hate the whole erasure of James Olsen. Not only have they erased James and Karas love story completely but they didn’t even give him a line in the episode. You know what would have been cool Guardian throwing a daxamite to the side just before it attacked superman. Clark realising it was James and having them talk about superheroing. James hugging Clark after finding out he was ok after the silver kryptonite. James hanging around Catco and getting a little annoyed about Cat moving his stuff. Cat talking to James about him being Guardian. James and Winn hanging around the Deo and James laughing at Winns crush. James comforting Kara. Just James being there.

lmao tony tries so hard to act nonchalant and not like he is over invested in this kid’s life,, but i see through u……i know u boi, i know u already mentally adopted peter and are now coming up with 567 different to make him safer while superheroing….that was a hug no one opens the fucking door like that

“I thought I lost you”. 


I tried to make a wonderbat fanfic but… ugh… I’m such a lousy writer. So instead, I just doodled a scene that would’ve been included in the story. As you can see, Diana is relieved to see Bats alive (after a battle)… so a hug is a must. lol.

For those who are inspired by this scene, feel free to make a fanfic. And send me the link to your fanfic if you don’t mind ^_^

art © annaoi

characters © DC

anonymous asked:

(Preface: I elected to do an ask theme of things that remind me of you. I've seen this some on Tumblr, but I've not done it before, so I'm sorry if it seems odd.) Superheros, compassion, a gentle hug that makes you feel safe (your blog is safe and awesome), Lena Luthor, the moon on a clear night, smiling to make someone else feel better, a favorite mug, and respectfulnesss. Thank you for being you. You and your blog are wonderful. 💚❤

Hello! Seriously, you are so nice!!! Thank you so much!! ♥♥♥

It makes me so happy that me and my blog remind you of so many awesome things and that you like it and that it makes you feel safe. You’re the best! Everything you wrote it’s so sweet, you are amazing! Thank you for being you and taking your time to send me this and make me happy!

I hope you have a great day! ♥

That time Faiza’s parents were attacked and her father kidnapped by Dracula.

Faiza: We have to find him! I feel like I was…playing at soldiers…when–
Brian: This is the job. This is what we take on as “super heroes”. It’s not your fault. It’s Dracula’s fault. They were protected as well as anyone could have been. Someone must have had…well…access.

– From Captain Britain & MI-13 #11 by Paul Cornell, art by Leonard Kirk

I feel like Brian just probably gives really good hugs.