Tony: Hey, don’t tell Thor because he looks like he’s going to fall over, but that’s as much fun as I’ve had since I actually went to Dungeons and Dragons summer camp.
Steve: You were amazing up there.
Tony: I’m sorry about that elf lady.
Steve: I’m sorry about the things I said before this happened. It’s–it’s just so hard to put away all the things that happened between us.
Tony: All those things… All the things I said and did–I’m–I’m so, so sorry. I know that’s not enough, but I hope you will allow me the chance to earn your friendship back. I don’t deserve it… I just hope you let me. I’m not half as good at–at anything as I am when I’m doing it next to you. And that’s the truth.

– From Avengers Prime #5 by Brian Michael Bendis, art by Alan Davis.

All In the Golden Afternoon

(for @anakinkshamer)


Growing up together AU, friends to lovers, K+ rating


Superhero, supervillain, damsel in distress…it’s all game that a group of friends play together, as children.

Roxanne has been watching the other three kids for fifteen minutes, making notes in the notebook that she brought to the park with her. They’re playing some sort of superhero game, she’s pretty sure; the one in the white shirt has been running around, chasing the other two: a blue boy with an oversized head and a fish in a spindly robotic body.

She’d wanted to ask to play, too, but she’d known the answer she’d get: girls can’t play. Or even worse: you can’t play.

Other kids don’t like her very much, Roxanne knows. They get mad when she tells them they’ve got something wrong, tell her that she’s too bossy.

So she hadn’t asked to play with the three kids.

She’s playing anyway, though, sort of—she’s watched a lot of Superman; Lois Lane is the best. Roxanne is pretending to be a journalist, reporting on the superpowered battle. That way, it doesn’t matter if the other kids don’t pay attention to her. They won’t have to include her, this way. They don’t even need to know that she’s playing.

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HC: Peter was really worried about how accepting the avengers were going to be of him being trans and this was especially bad when Tony was figuring out his suit so when he gets a masculine and badass suit it's really emotional for him and he tells Tony about his anxieties and they have a bonding moment and it's beautiful

Peter feeling nervous because Tony said he’s gonna make him a new suit and he doesn’t know that Pete is trans so he worries he’ll have to adjust the suit by putting some sort of sports binder in it.

“Pete. It’s ready” Tony calls. Pete takes a deep breath and opens the door. In front of him is the same red, black and blue design. The actual suit however is different in many ways.

“It comes with 54 new web types you can use, with no training wheels protocol”  Tony smirks at Peter.

“The fabric is also stronger and more flexible and can withstand the blade of most knives. It’ll vary though.” he finishes. Peter walks up to it and feels the material. His hands run over the chest area and he notices that it’s harder than it was before. He looks over at Tony, confused.

“Ah, that. Well, your Aunt May and I had a chat since she found out about you being Spider-Man and, uh, some things were said and I thought you would like the suit better this way.” Tony says, blushing slightly. Peter steps backed, a bit shocked.

“Wait, so you know that I’m tra-”

“Transgender? Yes. I also know that you have fought in a binder on occasion which, by my research, is SUPER unsafe and so, I added in a design of mine, flexible and breathable enough for sports and such, but still to a design where it’ll hide your, um, you know, your chest.”  Tony looks at Peter, actually feeling bit nervous. He knows he’s meant to be an expert on some stuff but for him, this is all new. He just wants to make sure that Peter likes it. (And that it’s safe of course).

“Well, what do you think?” he asks. Peter takes a few steps forward, then jogs over to him and gives him a hug, trying to remember not to squeeze Tony to hard.

“It’s…it’s perfect. Thank you thank you thank you.” he whispers. Tony doesn’t really know what to do. It’s not every day a kid thanks you for building him an awesome superhero suit. But the hug does feel kinda nice. He pats Peter on the head and smiles.

“No problem kiddo”

lmao tony tries so hard to act nonchalant and not like he is over invested in this kid’s life,, but i see through u……i know u boi, i know u already mentally adopted peter and are now coming up with 567 different to make him safer while superheroing….that was a hug no one opens the fucking door like that

That time Faiza’s parents were attacked and her father kidnapped by Dracula.

Faiza: We have to find him! I feel like I was…playing at soldiers…when–
Brian: This is the job. This is what we take on as “super heroes”. It’s not your fault. It’s Dracula’s fault. They were protected as well as anyone could have been. Someone must have had…well…access.

– From Captain Britain & MI-13 #11 by Paul Cornell, art by Leonard Kirk

I feel like Brian just probably gives really good hugs.

‘Well done, my sidekicks! Thanks to your help, evil has been vanquished once more. Now people can walk on the streets safely, without having to fear of soiling their underpants.’ The captain exclaimed as he swooped up George and Harold to give them a big, superhero hug. The best kind of hug there is.

(I’m no writer, but I think Dav Pilkey would write something like this XD )

A little gift art for @jackie-sugarskull because thanks to her I was able to see Captain Underpants. She wanted a cute picture of the captain hugging his sidekicks. 

I love drawing platonic, adorable pictures like this. The CU tag seems to be filled with shippings nowadays and they are getting weirder by the minute. Rule 34 has struck once again I’m afraid. Sorry if that strikes anyone as offensive, but shippings are just not my thing.

Anyway, I hope you like the picture Jackie!

Miraculous Fluff Month Day 9 - It’s You

Summary: Adrien discovers what he can truly do with photo editing software, and Marinette’s just confused.



One of the lessons that Gabriel had forced Adrien to learn back when he was being home schooled was using photo editing software. Gabriel’s reasoning was so that Adrien knew all the ins and outs of the modelling business, from being photographed to the photographs being published.

Adrien actually liked using the computer software he had been taught to use; he particularly enjoyed manipulating photos of himself into his hero persona and in reverse (and always making sure never to save the progress – as much as he wanted to).

“I don’t see why you don’t just do that with a picture of Ladybug, if you want to know who she is so badly!” Plagg said offhandedly, from his perch on the boy’s head.

The blond went cross-eyed as he tried to look up at the god creature.

Instead of saying anything, Adrien found a front-facing image of his Lady he had already saved, and begun to edit the mask off her face. In seconds, the boy got a niggling feeling that he knew the girl behind the mask.

His suspicions were confirmed when he finished not long after, and the image of his Lady was transformed into an image of his classmate – and Princess – Marinette Dupain-Cheng.

After a quick search through his phone contacts, he discovered that he didn’t have his friend’s number, so he sent a text to Alya asking for it.

Instead of waiting for the number, though, Adrien transformed into Chat Noir and leapt from his window, making his way to the Dupain-Cheng Bakery. He was there in seconds and landed on the balcony of the girl who had captured his heart.

He tapped on the door hatch, and waited for the girl to answer. She did, and as soon as she opened the door, the cat-themed superhero pounced to hug her, exclaiming “It’s you!” while the girl just had a very confused look on her face.

I hate the whole erasure of James Olsen. Not only have they erased James and Karas love story completely but they didn’t even give him a line in the episode. You know what would have been cool Guardian throwing a daxamite to the side just before it attacked superman. Clark realising it was James and having them talk about superheroing. James hugging Clark after finding out he was ok after the silver kryptonite. James hanging around Catco and getting a little annoyed about Cat moving his stuff. Cat talking to James about him being Guardian. James and Winn hanging around the Deo and James laughing at Winns crush. James comforting Kara. Just James being there.

“I thought I lost you”. 


I tried to make a wonderbat fanfic but… ugh… I’m such a lousy writer. So instead, I just doodled a scene that would’ve been included in the story. As you can see, Diana is relieved to see Bats alive (after a battle)… so a hug is a must. lol.

For those who are inspired by this scene, feel free to make a fanfic. And send me the link to your fanfic if you don’t mind ^_^

art © annaoi

characters © DC

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Imagine whenever Clint is the one to pass out the Halloween candy, none of it ever seems to disappear to trick or treaters no matter how many show up at the door, and no one can ever figure out why.

Everyone knows that Clint loves candy and pretty much expect that he would go to any lengths to secure his portion of the Halloween candy stash for himself, so they’re not at all surprised when he announces at the end of the night that all the leftover candy from his bowl (which is practically all of it) is officially his. 

It’s just that no one can actually figure out how he accomplishes it.

After all, ever since Tony publicly announced that there would be an “unlimited supply” of candy for anyone who showed up at the front door to Avengers Tower in costume, they haven’t exactly been short on trick or treaters.  To the point that by year two they opened up five “candy stations” manned on rotating shifts by various superheroes (and friends of superheroes that got roped into it by superheroes).  (Clint mans his station all night.)

What no one ever realizes is that Clint is not the only common denominator every year that his candy stays in the bowl. 

He, too, has roped in a friend. 

“…and when we’re done, you get a third of what’s left.”

“a third?  for doing all the work?”

“Ok, ok, you can have half!  So what do you say?”

Bucky tries not to appear too eager.  “Isn’t it a little mean?”

“It’s Halloween.  People scare themselves for fun.  They’ll love it.”

He ponders a moment.  “Alright, but… 10 and up.  The Avengers handbook probably has a rule about not traumatizing small children.”

“…9 and up?”

Bucky just glowers at him.

“Ok, fine, 10 and up.”

Cut to Halloween night, and Clint dresses Bucky up as a ghost (utilizing some stage makeup skills he picked up in the circus), and every time a trick or treater 10 and up comes to the door, he is standing behind it with his scariest dead eye murder stare. 

And never once breaks. 

Sometimes, he’ll disappear when they look away and somehow end up behind them.

And they always run screaming.

The only time it ever fails is when two kids start crying and Bucky feels so bad about it that he immediately breaks and gives them about three handfuls of candy a piece and a lot of charming smiles and apologies.  Fortunately the kids figure out - quickly enough - that he isn’t actually scary and they give him big hugs.  And as they walk away Bucky hears them excitedly tell their parents that they got to hug a superhero and it pretty much makes his whole night.  (Clint overhears the whole thing and doesn’t care one bit that he lost out on some candy.)

At the end of the night, Steve and Tony come back from their booths to find Clint and Bucky (all costume evidence eliminated) laughing over a bowl of candy.

When the pair of them look suspiciously from Clint to Bucky, Clint just shrugs.  “He looked sad and hungry, I had to share.”

No one is ever the wiser until the first year that Natasha manages to convince Bucky to go trick or treating with her, and Clint’s bowl is empty by 9:00.