Luke Cage’s reaction to seeing Steve Rogers alive again.

Steve: Thanks, Lucas.
Luke: Is that–?! Are you–?!
Bucky: It’s him.
Steve:I’m back. Whoa!
Luke: Sorry. But I mean, what the hell?
Steve: It’s a story.
Luke: No @#$%
Steve: What were you doing here? It’s not safe here. You’re supposed to be at the safehouse with Jessica.

– From New Avengers v1, #62 by Brian Michael Bendis, art by Stuart Immonen

Steve is so awkward about how happy everyone is to see him alive again, it’s kind of adorable.

Also, Luke went back to Steve’s destroyed apartment for baby Dani’s favorite pacifier. ♥


Ellis: Mind control? I remember everything now. That man with the suit wanted to talk to us about you. He brought these people with him.
Jill: They looked into our eyes…and suddenly everything was different. We were different.
Cessily: Mom, dad…I just wanted you to accept me…
Jill: By forcing us to?
Ellis: And accept what? That our daughter isn’t human? That she travels with people who make us change our minds? It might be best if you stayed at that school next time you have a break.
Cessily: Is this true? Were they really–
Brian: Yeah after we turned Kingmaker in, I went through his Rolodex. I found some listings for a couple of low-level telepaths. I’m sorry, Cess.
Cessily: I should have known there was no way they’d just suddenly accept me. But I was so happy, I didn’t see it. I was so naive.
Brian: They’re the ones who did something wrong. You’re their daughter. It shouldn’t require mind control. 

Hellions #4

Koriand'r the alien who calls herself Starfire. Dick says she’s the most honest and optimistic woman he’s ever known. They nearly married. Now they say they’re just friends. Though I know better. Barbara knows better too. I know Bruce never really warmed up to her. Which is why I had a hard time. I tried to see what he saw. Instead…over the last few months – I only saw what Dick did.

Teen Titans v3 #20

Kory leaves the Teen Titans to join the Outsiders.