Luke Cage’s reaction to seeing Steve Rogers alive again.

Steve: Thanks, Lucas.
Luke: Is that–?! Are you–?!
Bucky: It’s him.
Steve:I’m back. Whoa!
Luke: Sorry. But I mean, what the hell?
Steve: It’s a story.
Luke: No @#$%
Steve: What were you doing here? It’s not safe here. You’re supposed to be at the safehouse with Jessica.

– From New Avengers v1, #62 by Brian Michael Bendis, art by Stuart Immonen

Steve is so awkward about how happy everyone is to see him alive again, it’s kind of adorable.

Also, Luke went back to Steve’s destroyed apartment for baby Dani’s favorite pacifier. ♥

That time Faiza’s parents were attacked and her father kidnapped by Dracula.

Faiza: We have to find him! I feel like I was…playing at soldiers…when–
Brian: This is the job. This is what we take on as “super heroes”. It’s not your fault. It’s Dracula’s fault. They were protected as well as anyone could have been. Someone must have had…well…access.

– From Captain Britain & MI-13 #11 by Paul Cornell, art by Leonard Kirk

I feel like Brian just probably gives really good hugs.

neverdiies  said: [ but………imagine…………the Girl telling kory n poison she wants to be JUST LIKE THEM !!!!! when she grows up……………………………..imagine ]

OKAY GOOD SIR. imagine the look kory throws him, IMAGINE the smile she feigns like “ thank u smol o ne “ but just the absolute HATE coursing through her. &&. the way she looks at party && just the blank face he’s pulling. BECAUSE THERE ARE TERRORS in their world &&. their past. he’s a square peg in a round hole ( damn straight ) &&. she’s one that got too big to fit. BUT THEY PLAY IT OFF, because she doesn’t know. but i just imagine them later, party sitting on the trans like “fuck all of this “ && kory like “ yes eff it all “ 

Girl Power! Melissa Benoist Gives Girl Scouts a Tour of the 'Supergirl' Set

Sometimes even superheroes need some help to save the world!

Melissa Benoist, the star of CBS’ much-anticipated Supergirl, led a set tour for a group of Girl Scouts on Friday.

WATCH: Melissa Benoist on Supergirl: ‘It Doesn’t Matter That She’s a Girl’

The scouts were even ready to help Supergirl, donning red capes atop their scout uniforms. Talk about being prepared!

The 26-year-old actress shared an adorable photo of the visit. “The Girls Scouts of Oklahoma dropped by National City today…” she captioned the Instagram post.

A follow-up snap showed Benoist’s new mini superhero squad smiling and hugging the leading lady. “… and I’m pretty sure we had a good time,” she shared, complete with a smiley face emoticon.

This fall, Benoist will soar onto TV screens as Superman’s cousin, Kara Zor-El, more commonly known as Supergirl, breaking up the superhero boys’ club that’s currently seen in Arrow, The Flash and Gotham

“I think everybody is ready for it,” Benoist told ET about having more female superheroes on TV. “It’s important to have femininity in this genre. It’s her point of view, living through her heroics, and balancing her day-to-day life with it. I think it is relatable.”

WATCH: Melissa Benoist Promises DC Comic Fans They Won’t Be Let Down

At ET’s Comic-Con suite last month, Benoist also explained why Supergirl will be an important role model for young women. “In a way, Kara is discovering herself right now when we meet her in the pilot,” she said, “and I’m glad that I get to show girls that you can do anything you want to do.”

Get a sneak peak of Supergirl in the video below.

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Tony: Hey, don’t tell Thor because he looks like he’s going to fall over, but that’s as much fun as I’ve had since I actually went to Dungeons and Dragons summer camp.
Steve: You were amazing up there.
Tony: I’m sorry about that elf lady.
Steve: I’m sorry about the things I said before this happened. It’s–it’s just so hard to put away all the things that happened between us.
Tony: All those things… All the things I said and did–I’m–I’m so, so sorry. I know that’s not enough, but I hope you will allow me the chance to earn your friendship back. I don’t deserve it… I just hope you let me. I’m not half as good at–at anything as I am when I’m doing it next to you. And that’s the truth.

– From Avengers Prime #5 by Brian Michael Bendis, art by Alan Davis.


Ellis: Mind control? I remember everything now. That man with the suit wanted to talk to us about you. He brought these people with him.
Jill: They looked into our eyes…and suddenly everything was different. We were different.
Cessily: Mom, dad…I just wanted you to accept me…
Jill: By forcing us to?
Ellis: And accept what? That our daughter isn’t human? That she travels with people who make us change our minds? It might be best if you stayed at that school next time you have a break.
Cessily: Is this true? Were they really–
Brian: Yeah after we turned Kingmaker in, I went through his Rolodex. I found some listings for a couple of low-level telepaths. I’m sorry, Cess.
Cessily: I should have known there was no way they’d just suddenly accept me. But I was so happy, I didn’t see it. I was so naive.
Brian: They’re the ones who did something wrong. You’re their daughter. It shouldn’t require mind control. 

Hellions #4