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Top 11 Favorite Comics featuring Younger Superheroes (Teen/Young Adult)

4. New Warriors

A great team that gets flak for starting the first Marvel Civil War, even though they actually did not. That aside, each team was great. It wasn’t always about fighting supervillains and was also a very funny series. It got very dark at times but not too gritty to lose its way. Please note I did not read the post-Civil War New Warriors series. But the original team and most recent one (with Scarlet Spider) was great, if cut short. One great aspect of the series was it featured a nice mix of different superheroes, from normal like Night Thrasher or Sun Girl, to empowered ones like Nova, Firestar and the newly created Haechi. Each character was likeable and received their own storylines. It also had one of my first experiences with a handicap and badass superhero, Silhouette. It also provided a platform for finished unresolved plotlines, like Aracely’s origin. In fact, the New Warriors series as whole is one of my favorites it just barely lost the rank to the next one.

Favorite Young Adult/Teen Heroes (links)
1. Nova (Richard Rider and Sam Alexander)
2. Avengers Academy
3. Champions
4. New Warriors
5. Blue Beetle (Jamie Reyes)
6. Super Sons (Jon Kent and Damian Wayne)
7. Titans (DC Rebirth)
8. Darkhawk
9. Ghost Rider (Robbie Reyes)
10. Runaways
11. Wolverine and the X-men/Nightcrawler (X-Students)
12. Honorable Mention #1 - Machine Teen
13. Honorable Mention #2 - Spider-Man
14. Honorable Mention #3 - Firebreather