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Hawkeye physics

Who wants a superhero physics lesson?
Of course you do.

I’m bored, so I did some calculations.

So. Hawkeye. Archer. Badass member of both The Avengers and the JLA (Sorry, Ollie).

His bow has a draw weight of 250 pounds. I got to thinking, how fast would an arrow from this bow go? And how hard would the futzing thing hit?

First, I had to figure out the weight of the actual arrows.

The International Bowhunting Organization’s standard for carbon arrow weight is 5 grains (0.065 grams) per pound of draw weight. Hawkeye’s bow is set to 250 pounds, so an arrow should weigh approx 1250 grains or 81 grams (2.85 ounces for you imperial users).
Now that we know the weight, we can start calculating speed.

If at 1 Newton of force, 1 kilogram can go 1 meter per second, how fast would .081 kilograms go? Using inverse proportionality, at 1 Newton, the arrow would go 12.3 meters per second.
Now 1 pound of draw weight equals about 4.45 Newtons, making Hawkeye’s draw force 1100 Newtons.

Using Newton’s Third Law (for every action, there is an opposite but equal reaction), if Hawkeye draws the full 1100 Newtons of force, how fast is the 81 gram arrow going to fly? At approx 13580.25 meters per second. For you imperial users, that’s 30378.15 miles per hour. For comparison, a commercial jet flies at about 550 mph. That’s about 55 times faster than a 747!

So, now that we know the weight of the arrow and the speed, we can calculate how hard that sucker is going to hit.
Kinetic energy, or knockdown power, is calculated as ½ mass in kilograms times velocity in meters per second squared. So ½(.081kg)•(13580.25m/s)² equals about 7,469,139.2 Joules of energy or about 5,508,954.37 foot-pounds of force. That’s 24 Meganewtons. It takes 35 Meganewtons to launch a Saturn V Rocket! For comparison, a 180 grain bullet fired from a .357 magnum hits with about 640 foot-pounds of force.

Still think Hawkeye is useless?

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