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robbie rotten is a freedom fighter who’s been ostracized and banished to the fringes of society for his fight against a totalitarian government and its pet superhero law enforcer

Today’s pet peeve: when people try to argue that super-power A is obviously better than super-power B by tacitly assuming that A comes with a vast array of secondary powers necessary to make optimal use of it, while B is exactly what it says on the tin.

(You know, like arguing that teleportation is obviously better than flight, then describing a hypothetical teleporter who’s also a clairvoyant with microsecond reflexes and superhuman faculties of spatial modelling, while at the same time insisting that our hypothetical flier would kill herself with her own acceleration because being able to fly doesn’t automatically suppose a body that’s capable of withstanding the stresses of flight.)

where a supervillain finds the pet of a superhero. they don’t know it belongs to the superhero. they become attached and post selfies. meanwhile, the superhero is worried to what horrors the villain will want holding their precious pet captive - surprisingly, the villain just really wants what is best for the pet and is open to sharing 

“they’ve kidnapped GINGERBEANS!”

“are you sure? your cat is probably just under the porch again.”

“NO! That vile curr has absconded with my sweet darling cat!”

“dude, you got to stop talking like that when you’re out of costume…”

All the Terrors of the Night

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In her dreams, he dies.

He fades away in her arms as Chronogirl touches him, crumbling into insubstantial mist moment by moment as she clutches at the threads of his existence, every moment they’d shared together, every glowing laugh he’d belted out, every warm touch and searing kiss he’d given her flaring into sudden light.  She clutches at the ashes of memory as they’re caught up in a sudden gale.

The dreams change.  Now it’s her sprinting after Chat as he walks blithely towards the Tyrannosaurus, reaching desperately for his tail, being just that fraction of a second too late, watching as the massive jaws close around him with the crunching of bone and the rending of flesh—

And now he’s the one being knocked from Rogercop’s car, falling terminally to the earth below—

And now she’s a fraction of a second too late with the truck, and Chat jerks once as the Inspector’s bullet hits him then lays still—


And now he’s walking away from her, black suit resplendent against a starless, moonless, black night sky, boots hissing through black sand as he walks towards black mountains in the distance, a tall, black-robed figure beside him—


She wakes, choking on a scream.  She feels arms, tight around her waist, and flails instinctively, nearly knocking her laptop to the floor; a familiar clawed hand shoots out and grabs it.  She grabs the hand, gripping it in desperate, seeking fingers, clutching at its shape in the predawn gloom.

“Hey, hey, Princess,” someone murmurs in her ear as the hand sets the computer more securely aside.  “It’s all right.  Breathe, Princess.”

Chat. It’s Chat, sitting behind her, cradling her gently, rubbing his thumb in soothing circles over the back of her hand. Chat, breathing, the rise and fall of his chest a tangible presence on her back, the warmth of his body a furnace against her clammy skin.

She whirls and pins him to her bed, kissing him desperately, clutching him to her, touching him, feeling the muscles shift beneath his suit, feeling the fever heat of him, feeling the life in him.  After a minute, her heart slows from its panicked tempo, and she lays her head down beside his, fighting to slow her breathing.

“Princess?” he murmurs with bruised lips, luminescent eyes searching her face.  “Are you all right?”

“Fine now,” she mumbles.


#superman and #wonderwoman

Halloween is coming! Who will you be? Why not be the Man of Steel and the Amazon Princess, the Ultimate Power Couple! 

an unnecessary list of marvel-related pet names
  • matthew murdog
  • deaddrool
  • captain ameripaw
  • black widog
  • doggy nelson
  • lokitty
  • tony bark
  • ducky barnes
  • pet parker
  • iron patricat
  • wilson fish
  • iron ham
  • scottie lang
  • hail fish
  • peggy catter
  • hogward stark
  • maria shark
  • clint barkton
  • luke inacage
  • black panter
  • peter barker
  • kitty pride
  • dog dog dugan
  • donnie gills
  • lick fury
  • the pugisher
  • scarlet bitch
  • iron paw
  • wolferine 
  • howard the duck