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The Adrien Diaries...

6 Mar 2017

You know how I said I was going to be killed by the muffin man, Diary? Turns out, I was wrong… pretty sure at this point he’d settle for having me neutered. Well, maybe not Adrien Agreste…

…just the leather-clad superhero he caught KISSING HIS DAUGHTER TONIGHT!

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Diana of Themyscira from the Dark Knight The Master Race. Book #8

“blessed be
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Taylor Rhodes


Happy Valentine’s Day :)


The second collection of the kiss-drawing-practice are all my own OCs. I’m having a lot of fun with this, especially because I’m drawing characters I haven’t used in a while. The two up top are completely new to me - an angel and the human she feels most drawn to, I suppose. Below them are two of the Windfall - an elite team of warriors who harness the power of wind and weather to fight. On the bottom there are Atlas and Channel, two very super superheroes.

So this is really late...

So everyone knows that kiss between Andrew Garfield and Ryan Reynolds? 

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Well it got me thinking about an au where all the superheroes and their identities are known and stuff like that and they have awards ceremonies for them. And nobody but the heroes know that Spideypool is a real thing so Wade and Peter are getting ready for the ceremony. Wade turns on his image inducer to look normal and hot and Peter seems really mad about that but they don’t say anything.

So they get there and Peter turns around and says if Wade wins funniest superhero he will kiss him. Wade agrees and wouldn’t you know it… Tony stark wins. Peter turns around and kisses him and while doing so turns the image inducer off and Wade starts to freak but then Peter stands up and the camera is on him and he starts to ramble. 

This is a Wade Wison otherwise known as Deadpool and he is my love of my life and the most beautiful man ever and did I mention I love him and he also is so cute I ne d to tell you about the time he cried because his daughter was happy yeah I love him and I love her, Wade can I marry you pretty please?! 

At the end Wade is sobbing and is so happy and he just hugs him and says oh my gawd yesssss please Spidey!

(Iron man is mad that the show was stolen from him but whatevs his son is happy.)