superhero kid

Black Superheroes of the DCU.
A couple commissioned me to do this piece as a gift of inspiration and empowerment for their daughter. Loved drawing it :)

*Una pareja me encargó esta imagen como un regalo de inspiración y empoderamiento para su hija. Disfruté mucho dibujándola :)

  • Hot Guy: Are you taken?
  • Tim: Yeah.
  • Tim: [glances at Jason]
  • Jason: [smiles]
  • Tim: For granted.
  • Jason: [whimpers]

I can honestly say without a shadow of a doubt, if it wasn’t for this show and the talents of this man there would have never been a Powerpuff Girls. 

Its iconic characters, its bold approach to color and design, its ability to simultaneously work as a serious superhero show for kids and a comedic farce for adults, and its unashamed silliness, made Batman one of biggest inspirations of my creative life. 

So thank you Adam West for being a literal hero to me as a kid and a creative hero to me as an adult.



Superhero Aesthetics // Teen Titans Pt.1

And that’s what we are– not just a team, but a family. One day we might be the Justice League– But for today, we’re Teen Titans.


Can we please talk about how precious Billy was in the reboot, and how everyone knew that he needed to be protected at all costs? First Jason, then Kim, and then everyone else. Then Rita drowns him and everyone balls 😭😭😭 The hand claps, the cute comments…..the dancing at the end…. blowing up his lunch box. Be still my fragile heart…..

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