superhero inspi sketches

Captain Marvel inspi sketch. I wanted to do an 80s-ish boyish look.

  • Jean jacket, jersey jacket, make sure it’s a little bigger so you can fit a hoodie under there.
  • A more fitted hoodie, preferably above the belt. Edit dat thang! If you don’t want the hoodie, a shirt would look great too (and it’d be a bit easier to make).
  • Jeans! I like the whole roll them up for the flood look hah.
  • Red belt.
  • Sneakers, booties. I decided to draw creepers because I just think they’re so cool haha.

Kid Loki inspi sketch because the new Young Avengers just came out this week.
I have to say in my opinion the writing is a little shaky for the first issue but I just love the Young Avengers characters and Kid Loki is in it so Ima stick to it. But so far that Marvel reboot I feel is pretty strong because mmhmm Avengers Arena. Me gusta.
You know what I also me gusta? The peplum shape, I know I’m kinda late on the trend but I think it is a very universal and flattering form for plenty different shaped bodies.