superhero inspi sketches

Her, her colors, and lingerie… yes. 

Very sketchy I know but it’s not over yet, I will def go back and refine it and put better detail. (And there will be more hehe).

Finals are almost done for me. It’s my last week, I can’t wait. So many exciting things this month! Good luck to everyone else who are also in the midst their finals as well as holiday what-have-yous. 
Keep chuggin’ and keep it nerdy.

Harley Quinn inspi sketch! 

I decided to do 3 designs since I’ve been getting a lot of request for Harley.
Putting these together will be a bit harder than the rest since her traditional design has a lot of cross diagnol-ing what nots hah. 

Design 1 (left): Easiest to find in your closet design. 

  • Red plaid button up. Changing the collar white is optional!
  • Waist high pencil skirt. Add her diamond logo with fabric or fabric paint. If you don’t like pencil skirts, opt for an A-Line or shorts even.
  • Red tights are optional. You can also get patterned red/black/white tights too if you like.
  • Black boots or sexy high heels! 
  • Accessorize!  

Design 2 (middle): Most difficult to find in your closet. I made this design based of rompers. Rompers seem to be really popular these days. I know Silly always looks super cute in them so I wanted to do a romperesk HQ design : )! 

  •  The best thing to do with the romper is to find a pattern of it and edit it to create the split black and red look. Or you can buy a white romper, unseam it, dye the seperate pieces, then sew it back together. With this design, it’s a little poofy at the legs and there is black lace at the bottom. You can make the poof by hemming the bottoms with elastic. Make sure the rompers have the diamond logo once again : )! 
  • Checkered bandana or scarf. 
  • Black and red hair ties. This design the hair ties/clips are the shapes of diamonds. 
  • Striped arm warmers (or knee high socks cut at the feet to put your hands through).
  • Black/red gloves. The loose fit at the wrist is optional. 
  • Any kind of tights. Red/black/white any combo. 
  • Black and/or red boots. This design has a cowboy boot cut at the top but more sleeker/hugs the leg more and has a higher heel than regular cowboy boots. Any kind of boots would do.
  • Accessorize! 

Design 3 (right): Kind of easy to find in your closet or to buy. 

  • Red hoodie. Hoodie being a crop kind is optional. Black fuzzies around the hood is also optional.  
  • Black fitted top. 
  • Red/black shorts. Or red/black pants. I’ve seen Hot Topic selling those types of pants in the recent past. 
  • Checkered tights are optional. Or any sort of red/black/white tights. Having them two different colors would be cool : ). 
  • Red/black shoes. Converses, boots, flats. Whichever you prefer. 
  • Accessorize!

 I hope this is helpful for all of you who asked me about Harley Quinn inspired outfits for Halloween and all that jazz >w<! 
Also this is my first villain inspi sketch. Yay!  

Wonder Woman inspi fashion sketch! Sweet and flirty.
Suggestions on how to achieve this look : )!

  • Golden colored elastic head band. Attach red star (applique, felt, or any sturdy fabric). Flowers op.
  • Long golden necklaces (lawls suppose to be lasso of truth)
  • Navy blue cardigan is optional.
  • There are two tone dresses available in stores and online that are like this dress. Red top color, blue skirt color. 
  • If there are no such dresses available, just any red top will do and an A-line skirt/blue mini skirt.
  • (Cant find blue skirt with star print?) Buy lots of iron on stars and iron iron iron onto the blue skirt.
  • Golden colored waist belt. Any style will do!
  • Silver bangles.
  • Gladiator shoes. I personally can’t pull off gladiator shoes so I’d probably op to wear red flats or red boots : )! 
  • Accessorize as pleased!

Robin inspi fashion sketch.

KF and Miss Martian up next. Message me with any superhero (and adjectives would help) and I’ll do my best to do an inspi fashion sketch.

Robin inspi fashion sketch.
I love fashion and clothes as well as superheros so why not?

You can achieve this look with everyday clothes >wOb!

  • Black crop jacket. Demin or leather. 
  • Fitted red tank top. Straps op. Either just draw on black or for a more authentic look, cut the top right up the front and then attach a black zipper. Then attach fabric rectangles, either sew, glue, velcro on. 
  • Any plain ol’ black demin shorts.
  • Any yellow belt. Or metal gold painted circular belt.
  • Any fingerless black gloves.
  • Black thigh high socks or none at all.
  • Low cut black boots, if you don’t like those boots any black boots will do :)!
  • Accessorize as pleased.

Captain Marvel inspi sketch. I wanted to do an 80s-ish boyish look.

  • Jean jacket, jersey jacket, make sure it’s a little bigger so you can fit a hoodie under there.
  • A more fitted hoodie, preferably above the belt. Edit dat thang! If you don’t want the hoodie, a shirt would look great too (and it’d be a bit easier to make).
  • Jeans! I like the whole roll them up for the flood look hah.
  • Red belt.
  • Sneakers, booties. I decided to draw creepers because I just think they’re so cool haha.

Loki inspi sketch. 

Avengers versionnn. Will upload a dress and skirt inspired by Lady Loki / Comic Loki latur.
I drew up the three designs when I did the Thor one but I haven’t had the time to color them till tonight. Preparing for Free Comic Book Day on top of working is killer >O<’.

It’ll need a bit to assemble but here’s the jist of it!

  • Black jacket or trench coat. Sleeves or no sleeve, the most important part would def have it lined in a darker / olive green,
  • Bandage-esk top. If anything a black low cut top.
  • The under shirt/bandeau would be scalloped shape or laced as long as it’s yellow.
  • Belts belts belts!
  • Fitted pants, preferably of the pleather sort. 
  • Any kind of shoes really as long as they’re black or darker green. I drew ones inspired by Jeffrey Cambell wedge boots. I thought spikes seem to go hand and hand with Loki since they kinda look like horns. Don’t think I could ever confidently wear those myself though hah.
  • Accessorize! I drew lots of arm wear, bracelets, and one of those collar necklaces : ). 

Hope you guys are gonna see the Avengers. Especially the premiere because I know I ammmm /sings. 

Earth 2 Robin

I was skeptical when I saw the sketches and heard about the new Earth 2 but I was interested none the less. 
So when we unboxed the new comics this week both my boss and I were like: OMGNEWEARTHTWOGOTTAREAD. Gotta say I like it so far. I like the art, pages are filled nicely, gets a little too wordy at points but I must read more to determine feelings and get a solid opinion. 
The new costumes are easy to work with tho… and a small excuse to rework Superman, WW, a new Robin, and do a Batman /cough cough.  

Suppose to be punk-girly-tinybitgoth. Doesn’t really make much sense/that sounds like a funny description haha. In my defense it’s really late and I should be asleep now XD.  
Will describe diy clothing later.  

Halloween is next month and I love Halloween. I’m going to try and make as many inspi sketches as I can till then. Comic stuff, anime stuff, fairy tale stuff, and all that goodness. I hope XD.

Simple Joker sweet look and a warm… sweater look (yeah i dunno). It’s sweater weather guys. Well where I’m at at least haha. Though the weather has been wacky and I’ve been sicky. Make up your mind temperature!

Kid Flash inspi fashion sketch. Sporty and playfully tough!
Suggestions on how to achieve this look~

  • Loose fitting, boat-neck yellow top with crop sleeves. The top isn’t suppose to be a midriff (unless you want it to be) but rather a shirt that stops right where the shorts start. A long shirt will also do, tuck in or just leave out is cool either way.
  • Paint a red lighting bolt on the front either using fabric paint, use a stencil and spray paint it, or if you can: screen print!
  • Red shorts.
  • Yellow belt, yellow studs op.
  • Red leggings is op.
  • Yellow high-top shoes.
  • Red knee highs folded down.
  • Sporty red sunglasses.
  • Red fingerless gloves is op. You can also put on red and/or yellow bracelets instead.
  • Accessorize!

Robin inspi.
Wonder Woman inspi.

Upcoming designs: Green Arrow, Black Canary, Raven, Impulse, Supergirl (pre-crisis/cute/comfort), Red Arrow, Spider-Girl, Braniac 5

Jason Todd / Red Hood inspi fashion sketch.
Suggestions on how to achieve this look!

  • Any style black bomber jacket.
  • Aviator sunglasses. Red or black lenses.
  • White tee for inside.
  • Dark gray booty shorts (because when I think of Jason, I think “Hot Damn” XD). If you don’t like shorts op for fitted pants or capris but be sure to tuck into boots.
  • Black knee length boots.
  • Black fingerless gloves.
  • Helmet is definitely op but suppose to be the red hood part XD.
  • Leg accessories is also op.
  • Accessorize!

Inspi list has been updated! Please look for upcoming designs and designs thus far>> Inspi Lineup.

1980’s Robin inspi sketch.
Cold weather and pants edition! Haha.

I’ve been getting request for pants (and it’s also getting really cold… especially where I live brrr!). Or advice on alternating the outfits with pants. My most simplest suggestion to the other outfits to just opt out the skirt/shorts for pants. I’m pretty sure they’ll still look nice. For example, use a pair of royal blue pants (or blue jeans even) for the Wonder Woman inspi sketch and wear a snazzy belt with stars on it, or even better decorate the belt with studded white stars. For the Robin one, use black fitted pants/jeans or leggings. For KF, go buy a pair of hot red jeans. It’s always useful to have one or two bold color jeans in your wardrobe, they’re super fun to wear : ). 

Wow it’s taking me forever to release these sketches! I got a new job and with Otakon coming up so soon it has been hectic lately ;U;! I wanted to release Supergirl and Superman together but I haven’t finished Superman (for guys) yet so Ima just release that separately.

EDIT: I released the jpeg file where I still had a lot of the black coloring still in the sketch. That’s what I get for uploading too late into the night XD. /changestoactualfile. Release release release is the word of the day today apparently. Ignore my word fails for this blog post!


Supergirl inspi sketch. Precrisis. Cute and comfortable!
I wanted to do precrisis details as much as I could like the V-neck line and no midriff haha though I could have done more XD. Anyway, I know Supergirl usually wears a skirt but skirts aren’t the first thing I think of when I think comfortable. I usually think pants or shorts.

Suggestions on how to achieve this look!

  • A Superman graphic tee or tank (any color would do but the usual blue with red symbol would be best). Cut to a V-neck is op. I don’t usually like incorporating obvious superhero symbols but I do love the Super symbol and it’s very iconic : )! 
  • Red shorts, pants, skirt, etc.
  • Yellow belt!
  • OP: For hot summery days wear a cute, red crochet vest/cardigan. Light, stylish, and will kinda act/represent as her “cape”. 
  • OP: For the rainy days or chillier days wear a cute red raincoat or a red hoodie. Kinda act/represent as her “cape” as well.
  • As for shoes, lots of options too! Red converses, combat styled boots, rain boots, and even flats! 
  • Accessorize as pleased! 

Check out more sketches here >> Click!

Miss Martian inspi fashion sketch. Cute and sassy(maybe?).
Suggestions on how to achieve this look!

  • Navy blue crop jacket. Be sure to button only the top so it give it that cape neck effect!
    • Yes it might be a little hard to find one with green lining so that’s a definite op. Secondly, yes it might be a little hard to find a crop jacket with short sleeves but possible!
  • Any plain ol white tee.
  • Red suspenders. It’s kinda funny because MM has the red X on the front of her costume but instead that’ll be on the back of this outfit. 
  • Navy blue shorts.
  • Green thigh highs. (Or you can use blue or two tone socks).
  • Navy blue heels. Or you can op for flats or boots!
  • Accessorize!

Be fashionable and let the nerd in you shine at the same time :D!
If anyone creates any of these designs IRL, I’d love to see pictures. I totally understand if you don’t wanna be in it because I don’t like getting pictures taken of me.

Robin inspi.

Wonder Woman inspi.
Kid Flash inspi.

Kid Loki inspi sketch because the new Young Avengers just came out this week.
I have to say in my opinion the writing is a little shaky for the first issue but I just love the Young Avengers characters and Kid Loki is in it so Ima stick to it. But so far that Marvel reboot I feel is pretty strong because mmhmm Avengers Arena. Me gusta.
You know what I also me gusta? The peplum shape, I know I’m kinda late on the trend but I think it is a very universal and flattering form for plenty different shaped bodies.

Wolverine inspi sketch. Not from the sketch I posted a couple days ago but yeah shhh it’s okay. 

Tis an easy make/attainable outfit : ). 

  • Make or get a yellow top. Add on blue sleeves and black stripes along the side. 
  • Red elastic belt or a red waist cincher. X-Men belt buckle is optional but would be really neat : ). 
  • Any very blue skirt. Can opt out for shorts or pants. 
  • Yellow tights!
  • Blue shoes. 
  • Accesorize! I think a black bow or bandana type bow would be cute. Bracelets. And those claw rings haha.