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If Bokuto in your superhero is a lab experiment does that mean he was born in a lab or did he escape (what im trying to say is how are the heroes paired together/meet their partners)

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I’ll answer the second part of your question some other time ;^) lets focus on Bokuto.

By now you would have probably realised that this ‘doomsday device’ is Bokuto. Bokuto was completely engineered from stem cells, a literal test-tube baby, designed to cause devastation to the highest degree. Every gene inside his body was hand-constructed. From when he was ‘born’ he was trained and isolated, his only human contact was with scientists. He didn’t have any comfort or anything except the necessities (food and water), he was constantly hooked to machines, everything regulated. Though it was when he was 12/13 when things started to take a turn for the worst. As his hormones fluctuated, so did his energy levels. Soon simple disciplining had no effect on Bokuto and his hostility grew and it became harder to control him. He was fitted with a shock collar which worked well until it didn’t. Soon they had to up the voltage every few weeks, then every week, then every day.

It was this and the torture they put him through that caused him to snap, the torture consisted of experiments to measure the intensity and level of power and how his powers were affected under stress. Stress being lack of oxygen, extreme hunger, poison, drastic injury, blood loss etc. etc.

This led him to break out of the lab in a fit of rage after an internal energy surge eventually taking over him and making him less conscious of his actions and just more intent on destroying everything. The breakout was basically a premature release because Bokuto wasn’t ready to be ‘used’ as a weapon yet.

Kuroo was less than ready to deal with him as well, even though he was recruited at 10 ish years old and is now 15. Despite this, Kuroo turned out to be the only person able to stop one of Bokuto’s attacks. He kept assuring everyone it was because Bokuto was weak already but Kuroo managed to subdue Bokuto totally and take him back to the ‘academy’. At this point Bokuto was sedated (they had to use very concentrated sedatives) and kept him locked in, I don’t know how to describe it but a chamber similar to this one, filled with liquid helium to keep him cold and slow down his body functions (to slow down the cells producing all his energy). Bokuto was kept contained and guarded night and day, which didn’t go down well with the enemy who immediately started working on a counter-weapon to get Bokuto back under their control.

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How did Kenma and Kuroo get paired off in the Superhero AU?

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The short story was that they were the first recruits of the ‘academy’ and they joined together.

Basically, in this au there’s a lot of occurrences of human experimentation. At times humans mutate and start displaying these abilities or “superpowers”. With some experiments who started displaying abilities, they were artificially inseminated to see if the ability could be transferred through genes and also if the child had one parent’s powers, no powers or an amalgamation of both parents’ powers. 

Both Kuroo and Kenma were offspring and had the ‘amalgamation’ of powers (mixed genes), they were detained with their parents for a few years but eventually separated for testing, their parents -knowing what was in store for them- lashed out at the “scientists” while Kuroo and Kenma, and a few other children tried to escape. While they escaped the other children weren’t so lucky. Some were caught and others were killed on sight.

So these two only had each other at a young age (9 and 8) and ended up living on the street, pickpocketing and stealing food and just generally using their abilities to survive. Until one day Kuroo pickpocketed a government official who gave him a good chase and after seeing Kuroo’s exceptional abilities immediately tried to recruit him with the offer of shelter, food and safety but Kuroo obviously was suspicious and wouldn’t accept unless Kenma came with him.

The whole point of their recruitment was that Kuroo showed exemplary traits that could be trained to be a good counter weapon to another (dubbed the “doomsday device”) made by an underground organisation to try and take over the city and if it’s as powerful as they expect, the country maybe even the world. I bet you can guess what the “device” was ;^)


Hello friends! I come to you with a new video. <3 Kevin actually vlogs some of it this time!! (But omg the scenes he records…) Please watch in HD!!

Tomorrowland/Disney adventures! Star Wars Launch Bay/Meeting Kylo Ren, Superhero HQ/Ironman Dancing, Hyperspace Mountain and just goofing around!

We finally got the chance to go to Disneyland (Anaheim) in casual cosplay to mess around and show you Season of the Force! If you’re not a Star Wars fan we apologize, there is a lot of it in this video since we love it so much.

It’s a bit long but we hope you find it enjoyable if you’re bored, hahaha! Just thought it would be nice to share this experience with those of you who live very far from Disney!

Thank you so much for all of your support and for being AMAZZZING!