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Hey so I've been noticing (and obviously you have been too) a lot of racist discourse in the Black Panther tags as well as a lot of potentially well meaning white folks trying to take over the discussion. So in the interest of trying not to talk over the black nerds who finally get their movie do you guys think it's better for me to confine my white girl screaming and gushing to the mcu tag rather than take up space in the Black Panther/Wakanda tags?

Maybe for the moment with everything that’s going on, but the problem, contrary to popular belief, is not white fans (period), IMO, it’s when white/nonblack/(and tbh some black fans too) feed into the racist patterns that elevate white characters above characters of color. Speaking for myself (Mod HQ), I don’t have a problem with white fans who don’t do that. There are white fans of Michonne, and Finn, and Iris, etc, and they’re real content-creating fans who aren’t doing it for cookies or “points” or attention. 

Black Panther is trickier, though, because unlike the others, it probably won’t feature any IR, so shipping IR in place of a Black couple will be a problem. I know that confuses the hell out of a lot of white fans, but the thing is, Black couples in non-niche (and BP isn’t niche, even with its Black cast) are rare, especially in genre. That, and erasing a canon Black person and fanon-ing in a white person is always bad. It’s bad whether the couple is IR or all Black. This, and the fact that I have no doubt the MCU fandom will find an all-white male ship to covet in BP, are two things I expect to be big issues when the movie comes out. 

It’s going to be a fandom dominated by blackness – and by that I mean not only fans but the characters. I personally don’t care if white fans participate as long as they respect that it’s Black dominated, and can be fans of those Black characters without making it about white characters one way or another. I’m sure that will sound police-y to some, but it would be really out of line for fandom to do that.

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Yamaguchi as his super hero form Crow! Part of a haikyuu superhero AU I have going on.

So basically, in the AU people with powers are common. So both heroes and villains are the norm. Yamaguchi isn’t the only hero and hopefully I’ll be able to post all the heroes and their costumes in one post!

So for now enjoy~~


Under the cut is #75+ small/medium hq gifs of superpowers and superhero. Most of these gifs are faceless or semi-faceless and could  easily pass as superpowers. I do not own these gifs and most are taken from films and TV shows such as Marvel cinematic universe, The Tomorrow people, The Vampire Diaries, Batman, ext. Feel free to ask where a certain gif is from. I do not own nor do I take credit in any gifs.  Please like  or reblog if this helped you in anyway.

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dUDE. SUPERHERO AU. WHAT SUPERPOWERS DO U THINK PEOPLE WOULD HAVE. (Pick ur faves for this. Like however many U want to do)

I am here for superhero AU!!

Kageyama Tobio: Universal irreversibility to pair with his kingly image. He used to be really reckless with his powers and that lead to him being disliked and even considered a villain by some. After learning the appropriate times to use them effectively and for the good of others, as opposed to just himself, he becomes a one of the most renowned and loved superheroes ever.

Yachi Hitoka: Yachi can totally see into the future! Like, always small things that never make sense to her at the time but once all the pieces start falling into place, she’ll be able to make decisions on whether to either change it or let it happen. Will only ever use her powers for good. She doesn’t know how to control her powers and they can be a little inconvenient at times.

Iwaizumi Hajime: Iwa has the power of electric manipulation. He’s by far, and always has been, one of the most responsible and well-controlled with his powers. Sure, he’ll give some people (namely Oikawa) little zaps every now and then but he would never use his powers arbitrarily. He’s a hero is every sense of the word, always trying to do what’s right.

Kuroo Tetsurou: The power of suggestion. Kuroo might not always use his powers in the most serious ways but he’s never irresponsible with them. He’s definitely not a villain but he’s not a straight-laced hero either. Likes to toe the line between the two and sometimes pisses off the other heroes when he doesn’t agree with their methods and does things his own way. The results are usually good though.



Ho ho ho~ Alright! Lets do this. 

Nishinoya Yu: Mentally generated weaponry/objects. Luckily he was in a confined area when this was discovered. The first time took so much concentration he passed out for 3 days.

Sugawara Koushi: Power of Healing! His heart is so open to the world around him. He draws his energy from organic life and it filters into life energy. It can be dangerous at times so he can’t go placing his hands on just anyone. The way it works is he cleanses his energy with raw organic matter and when he puts his hands on someone, he exchanges their energy with his clean one. Then disposes of it when he has time to cleanse. But if he runs out of that type of cleanser, it will exchange with his own and he will start to get physically sick. So he really needs to think before he acts.

Hinata Shoyou: Danger sense. When he found out what his power was, he literally yelled. THAT’S IT?! His danger sense can depict which direction the danger is coming from but he has yet to figure out how to pinpoint.

- Megumi


This is so much fun!

Michimiya Yui: Emotion manipulation; she is able to help her friends and teammates smile when hey are down, and can calm people down when they are angry. A negative side effect of this is if the other person’s feelings are particularly strong, she will end up carrying those feelings for a while until she can release them.

Tanaka Saeko: Super speed, she can easily breach the speed of sound while at a light jog, but she has yet to reach the speed of light. Along with this, she has a super high metabolism, she could probably eat a whole hog roast and still feel peckish.

Oikawa Tooru: Luminescence. He can literally dazzle people with his smile, leaving them blinded for a few minuets. He never needs to worry about being scared while going to the toilet at night, as he can shine bright enough to not have to turn on the light. He has to sleep with an eye mask on though, as he cannot sleep if it isn’t 100% dark.

- Loopyloo

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I desperately need to know how bokuto and akaashi met/got paired up. What's akaashi's story since he was orphaned and born with his powers? Did he try to lead a "normal" life and got caught with his powers or was he homeless pickpocketer until he got paired up?

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ohoho well Akaashi was homeless and desperate and eventually he was picked up by the same ‘scientists’ who’d made Bokuto after having got wind of his ability to leech power, they simply tried to amplify his power before giving him the mission to get Bokuto back, since losing their biggest weapon was a huge blow to their cause in return Akaashi got money. (I’ll stress that Akaashi knew nothing about Bokuto other than he was a dangerous, important weapon and his appearance and was simply using his powers to fulfill this job, he is also given a collar in case he goes rogue and sabotages the plan).

 However the biggest problem with amplifying Akaashi’s powers was that it was haphazard, they tried to do it quickly because they were impatient to get Bokuto back so a result is that while Akaashi became more powerful, his energy loss increased. So he always needs an energy source nearby.

Akaashi’s energy was used up with his fight with Kuroo, a lot of energy went into inducing a hallucination, in doing so Akaashi confused Kuroo and, as a result, Kenma couldn’t get through to him to snap him out of it. A spell messing with Kuroo’s mind and Kenma communicating by telepathy meant too much at once for Kuroo and would probably worsen the effects of the hallucination. The same tricks were used for Akaashi to get past the guards and his last amount of energy he had was used to break into Bokuto’s “casket” (in which he was sedated and chilled) thinking that if he just gets to Bokuto he can drain him of the energy and then break out easily. However, Bokuto being at his weakest meant that Akaashi couldn’t drain much power out of him and Bokuto was showing some resistance in this groggy state-

Akaashi being unable to drain any energy from Bokuto, he had little power and the hallucination spells would be wearing off soon so Akaashi started to panic. Soon he was surrounded by guards so with his head spinning he tried to summon up some energy to break out and escape somehow but it was beyond his limits and of course he collapsed from fatigue.

Skip to Akaashi waking up in a bed, he remembered what happened before and immediately expected to be locked in/tied down/ready to be tortured, he sat up to see Kuroo sitting opposite him like ‘hoho, finally awake? You were out for like three days, you really did do quite a number on the place. Pretty impressive-”

Akaashi was confused, he seemed to just be in an infirmary with little to no security around him, so immediately Akaashi started to question Kuroo “Weren’t you the one trying to kill me?” 

To which he replies “Nuh-uh uh darling, I was trying to forcibly subdue you, you were the one trying to kill me- Big difference!”

Of course Akaashi was heavily watched and given the choice to stay with them or go back, and of course - Being startled by Bokuto’s murmurings and convinced by the promise of safety and security, he decided to stay after a long while of contemplating the pros and cons. It took months of training and proof of trust for Akaashi to even be allowed anywhere near Bokuto again. Even so, Akaashi can still feel himself being judged and watched by Kuroo and especially Kenma yet Akaashi was their only chance of controlling Bokuto somehow, since Bokuto was kept locked up until there was a method of keeping him from rampaging again.