superhero fun run

Superhero AU

For @youstolemyhearthstone - I’m sorry you’re sick, I hope you’re feeling much better soon!! This AU isn’t quite what you asked for but I hope you enjoy it anyway.

Percy screamed in a way that was entirely emasculating, but he was too busy fearing for his life to care. The ground was rushing up to meet him, or he was plummeting down to meet it - either way, he was about to become a Percy pancake on a Manhattan sidewalk. What a way to go; dropped to his death by an ugly old bat lady flying her way over the New York skyline, too far from any rivers to do him any good.

Just as he was resigning himself to his fate, something hit him hard in the side and completely changed his trajectory. For a second he thought it was the creepy bat lady, playing with her prey, but as his senses slowly came back to him he realised whatever had caught him was much nicer than bat lady. He heard the flapping of powerful wings, felt the air parting around them as they beat. He could smell lemon shampoo, and the arms wrapped around him were both soft and toned. When he finally dared to look, he saw a pair of wide, grey eyes inches from his own.

“You!” he said, immediately twisting in the girl’s embrace.

Beneath her half-mask, her lips twisted into a scowl. “Would you stop moving? I’m trying to save your life.”

“I don’t need your help, Wise Girl, I had everything under control!”

She rolled her eyes. “Sure you did, Seaweed Brain, that’s why you were plummeting towards the sidewalk at terminal velocity.”

“I had it under control,” he ground out. And then, “And it’s not Seaweed Brain, it’s Earthshaker.”

“That sounds like a terrible innuendo, I can’t take it seriously.”

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