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@imafangirlforalways tagged me to name my ten favorite female characters from 10 different fandoms and tag ten people to do the same, so here goes…

1. Penelope Bunce in Carry On, because she was both extremely intelligent and caring in her own special way.

2. Barbara Gordon in literally any incarnation of her throughout DC history, because she did not let anything stop her from being a hero. 

3. Violet Baudelaire, from the Series of Unfortunate Events, because she’s been a huge inspiration to me ever since I was super young, in both her taking care of her family and her ingenuity.

4. Diana Prince, or Wonder Woman, because, as a female superhero fan, it was AMAZING to see a female superhero who kicks ass and gets stuff done get her own blockbuster movie. 

5. Pepper Potts, from the MCU, because she runs SI and is totally amazing at the whole business deal, which we need more of.

6. Princess Allura, from Voltron, because I’ll never get sick of seeing nice people in leadership positions and totally killing it on the battlefield too.

7. Mrs. Hudson, from Sherlock, because it’s Mrs. Hudson.

8. Silena Beauregard, from PJO, because even after she made mistakes (or was tricked into making them), she still eventually did her best to help the right side and became a hero- and because love can be pretty powerful, an amazing motivator. (I would have picked Piper, but Silena will always have a special place in my heart.)

9. The Night Nurse, whichever incarnation you can think of, particularly the Night Nurse 2015 comic series (and Claire Temple, but she’s her own paragon of awesomeness, but it might have been cheating cause I already said the MCU), because sometimes it’s more important to make sure everyone is okay than it is to save the world. (and isn’t that a way to save the world, in and of itself?)

10.  Hazel Levesque, from HoO, because… do I need a special reason? She is incredibly brave, caring, and powerful, like all the other women on this list. She also overcame her own set of problems, like racism and emotionally abusive environments.

This was fun, and it was really hard to chose, which is a good thing! :)

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Happy PRIDE Month from Midnighter Monday!  Check out my commission by Don Aguillo.  Don’t forget to check out Iceman #1 out THIS WEEK!  Support LGBT Superheroes!

That is literally me, Tom and I are literally same person, his love for Spiderman is so strong ! I need to meet this man ASAP to tell him how much I love him and I’m so proud he followed his dreams. He ain’t no idiot, he perfect. Love of my life right there!

I’m in love with the head cannon that Spidey is trans and it makes me feel very empowered being trans myself. I think I’ll cosplay as him for next Supanova. I watched the movie last night and I agree with most evidence people use to support the headcannon, plus it’s an awesome movie! Would recommend to anyone :)