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Dragoncon was amazing, as usual!  I took it easy this year and really enjoyed everything.  Friday I participated in an epic Avengers Vs X-Men shoot with the Superhero Costuming Forum.  Our P5 Emma dropped out at the absolute last minute, so I scrambled and put together a basic Phoenix Force costume with assistance from my friend Alys!  I loved that story- I was glad I got to help.

Saturday I represented my fellow pinkhaired antihero, Quentin Quire.  It was perfect for wearing in the crowds- I need to hunt down my pictures with Wolverine!  Huge thanks to Kenya for the pins.  Robin came out for late night festivities- sneakers + spandex + a short cape make the perfect dancing outfit! 

I pulled my Black Widow costume out on Sunday… it’s one of my favorites!  The fabric is so snuggly, I might as well be wearing PJs with my boots. 

The picture at the bottom features the commissions I worked on for friends for Dragoncon- I had a very eclectic summer!  I created an original genderbent Wonder Woman, Shield Agent Pat Loika, a genderbent Mami Tomoe, the Scarlet Witch jacket from the last scene of AoU, and Phoenix Force Colossus. Austin made that beautiful quiver, the sword and shield, and Mami’s gun. 

It was such a fun weekend!  Can’t wait to do it again.  Progress pics from these projects and more are located here on my instagram. <3


Distractotron’s DC cosplay video from this year’s Dragon*Con is up!



Today I’m sharing love from DragonCon 2011 at the SCF meet-up at the Pulse Loft on Thursday night. (I’d like to believe that this could have inspired Sharknado LOL)

This hobby should be about friendships and fun. I am inspired and awed by these guys daily, and I can’t imagine my life without them.

SCF Thursday Night Meet-Up, DragonCon 2011,
Marriott Pulse Loft (back when we could fit up there!)
Photos by Mark Schafer